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HC405 Assessment Answers

This course provides the healthcare perspective and the education of the dynamic field. This course is going to help the students in the education of the practice of academic as well as reflective actions if the healthcare. The main concepts that discourse is the historical, political as well as the social impact on the health and well-being of people. The importance of both contemporary and traditional healthcare knowledges as well as experiments and practises in relation to the well-being and health of the people is studied alongside Western researches as well as practises. This course will also present the students with proper opportunity to enhance and increase their knowledge as well as skills it which is related to cultural security and safety when they are working with differences in identity and diversity with people.


The course will help the students understand the different problems related to the health and well-being of people and people. It will also help the students understand the context technologies and negotiate in understanding is related to the health and will being. It will also help the students understand the proper demographics and health profile of people. The students will explore ideas of contradictory knowledges as well as understanding is which are in relation to different perspectives on health and well-being. It will also outline the different health priorities of people and continue to examine the ideas of health to related to a position and the people. The proper statistics of ill-health will be documented and taught in this course and this will include the different rates of death and the life expectancy. These courses also teach the proper examination of complete concepts on the impact of the ever changing patterns of health and well-being services in different ccommunities in both rural and urban areas.

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HC405 Assessment Assignments

This course will also help us students understand the present crisis with health and well-being and how systematic racism deprives them of proper health checkup services. This will help the students become better world leaders and researchers who will be able to help the health and well-being services in the future so that the community does not suffer like they have suffered for many decades. It will also help them form their own theories and their own structural models which will help other people increase their further research. The course is going to help the students understand the different aspects of healthcare services in the present era and understand the risks along with the positive aspects of healthcare.


The main outcomes of the unit will be to describe the proper impact of social, political as well as historical processes and laws on the health and well-being of people. It will also help the students recognise the continuous impact of healthy as well as research assimilation on the modern determinants of the social structure which underline the well-being and health. Thirdly the students will have to consider a solution into a straight people and their ways of tradition and culture as well as their ways of knowing and their actions in relation to health and well-being. It will also help the students reflect on how an individual is on tradition and culture experiences as well as the dominant cultural structures influence the stereotypes and biases about health and well-being.


Lastly the students will also be able to demonstrate a proper understanding and knowledge for a two-way model of health as well as strength-based approaches for a petition on  people and understand the health and well-being and the needs of the proper health and well-being. This unit is going to examine the interlinking between concepts of health, treatment of illnesses as well as access to services. This unit will teach the students about the culture and the aspects of colonisation that the people have gone through and how it affects their home and they will being. It will show the students the outline of the health needs as well as different perspectives and discuss the relationship between authority, power and racism. It will showcase and explore the different links between identity, health as well as discrimination.


The unit is going to deal with different perspectives and ideas about health and well-being. It will also make the students understand the public health of indigenous health. This unit will provide the students with the understanding of the importance of endemic knowledge and the practises in both welfare and health in the western and the traditional structures of learning. The students will be given a chance to reinforce their own self reflection as well as skills which will be associated with identity and distinction as well as variety. The students will also learn about the different challenges that are being faced by scholars and researchers while their handling aspects which are related to indigenous health and well-being. It will also enable the students to understand what kind of help the community needs in order to improve the aspects of healthcare services. This course is going to give the best quality solution with well researched and stepwise solutions that will enhance the course and the student’s knowledge about the course. This course is also going to teach the students about the racial discrimination in healthcare industry and how to eradicate them.

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Unit Detail of HC405 Assessment Answers

Location: Herzing University

Study Level: The level of study is in higher education and related to health science.

Course Code: The course code is HC405

Brief of HC405 Assessment

The unit will have three internal and two external semesters. The assessments will have literature reviews of 1500 words along with an online quiz of one hour and tutorial exercises. The assessments will also include homework and weekly exams which will help the students understand every step and every part of the course. The course is very Important for healthcare workers who are going to understand the different public policies and the societal needs of health.

What is the Weightage of this HC405 Course Code in Their Semester?

The literature review of 1500 words will have a weightage of 40% the online quiz will have a weightage of 30% and the tutorial exercises will have a weightage of 30% Respectively.

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