HCS475 Leadership and Performance Development Assessment Answers

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HCS475 Assessment Answers

The foremost aim of the HCS475 assessment answers is to provide students with the ability to be presented with an overview wherein they are led to discuss about theories relevant to the subject of leadership in order for them to be assisted in the course of developing effective skills of leadership. In that aspect, students will be led to analyze as well as contemplate on the course of change in that of a workplace and thereupon be able to comprehend the role of a leader in the process of change. In consequence, it will examine as well as be led to analyze the effective performance indicators that relates with staff as well as that of stated goals of an organization.


While entailing the role of a leadership in the framework of an organization, the students will be able to understand the influence of a leader in regards to managing performance of the organization as well as that of employees while indicate the correlation that seems to be existing between that of a leader, employees and that of an organization. On that basis, following the completion of the course, students will be able to understand the existing theories as well as literatures surrounding leadership wherein they will be led to be aware of the considerable notions that has been devised surrounding the definition of leadership and its contextual relevance in the framework of an organization. As much as the course will seem to entail the role of a leader in the track of its course, it will seem to mention about the challenges that are being led to encounter by a leader in regards to fulfilling organizational objectives as well as maintaining the efficiency of employees in terms of productivity. The HCS475 assignments intends to contemplate on the theories for students to be endowed with the ability of differentiating between leadership and that of management. Based on that premise, the framework will see to examine the relationship between effectiveness in leadership and personal characteristics. 

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Framework of HCS475 Assessments

The overall framework comprises four set of modules that initiates with understanding the theories of leadership that enables students to differentiate the concept of leadership from that of management. It further incorporates the relativity existing between leadership effectiveness and personal characteristics for students to be able to identify the attributes that can deem a leader as effective. Consecutively, in the following module, students will be led to examine the differing styles of leadership wherein they will be able to analyze and thereupon determine the roles and responsibilities of leader relevant to any framework of an organization.


In that regards, the course seems to identify the tools that can be utilized for motivating as well as empowering staff wherein led to explain the significance of accountability for determining the role of a leader. The consecutive phase of the module sees to explain the challenges that are being encountered in regards to leadership that tends to explain the role of a leader in being able to create an effective workgroup. Upon the completion of the module, students will be able to explain the role of a leader in regards to conflict management as well as in formulation of a change management plan. In the fourth module of the unit, the students will be led to analyze the responsibility of a leader when it comes to the process of delegation and thereupon evaluate the process relevant to the aspect of problem-solving. On completing the course that goes on for a week, students will be able to determine the elements in regards to decision making for managers as well as leaders in healthcare organizations alongside analyze ethical considerations in leadership within an organizational framework.    

Unit Details of HCS475 Assessments

Location: University of Phoenix, Arizona

Study Level: Undergraduate course or Bachelor’s Degree

Unit Code: HCS745

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Brief of HCS475 Assessment Assignments

As much as the considerate aim of the HCS475 solutions is to provide students with the ability to understand the associated roles and responsibilities of a leader while managing effectiveness in performance, the assessment underlines the criteria of analyzing positive mentorship as well as modelling along with analyzing philosophy of personal leadership. In that regards, the assessment will be conducted through performance of students during lectures as well as assignments that are to be deemed as mandatory for being able to determine how well the role of leadership has been comprehended by that of the students. The performance of the students will be assessed with their ability to supervise when it comes to resolving challenges which in the context of this course will only relate with management of conflict. Furthermore, the evaluation will be based on whether students have been able to develop critical insight when it comes to defining the various styles associated with that of leadership. Based on that aspect, the HCS475 task answers identifies how students are being able to utilize the designated tools and further utilize it for motivating and empowering staff.     

What is the Weightage of this HCS745 Course Code in Their Semester?

HCS745 Leadership and Performance Development is a full-time degree course wherein it will actually demand from the students to score more than fifty percent of the overall marks in order for them to be deemed as eligible to proceed towards the further module. Each module carries a certain weightage wherein it requires students to score more than half the percentage for them to be able to continue on to the next module. As such, each module is conducted on the basis of a semester wherein the overall weightage of each is constituted with lectures, presentation and written assignment. The written assignments itself carry a weightage of fifty percent with presentation and performance during lectures representing the remaining half weightage. As much as it is mandatory for the students to attend each lecture, it is equally important that they secure more than 50 percent for each activities included within each module. Furthermore, the course demand its students to submit their mandatory written assignments within the designated time as failing to submit the task in the given deadline results in penalty of score diminishing.  

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