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Explain HI6007 Statistics For Business Decision Assignment 

HI6007 solutions is the unit that covers the procedure of accounting especially for Business Decision. The unit belongs to the Holmes institution of the United Kingdom. The learning outcomes of the unit includes understanding appropriate methodologies of business research. Through this, students will be able to apply different business research methodology within the decision-making procedure. It also includes understanding both the qualitative and quantitative techniques as well as methodologies. The entire unit belongs to the discipline statistics. Students will be able to acquire knowledge both from the statistical and graphical information with proper computer knowledge. Finally, students will be able to interpret the analytical as well as statistical information associated with business solution.


The entire  HI6007 assessment answers unit is designed to provide the students a proper knowledge to understand the relationship between statistics and business research. Researchers have mentioned that business can be understood as the future of developmental strategies. Statistics helps business organisation to determine their requirements within the future world. Various business organisations needs to pay different modes of income tax through the government based statistical program. It helps to enhance both the nonparametric as well as parametric methodologies associated with statistics. The aids of statistical development as well as learning should never be underestimated.

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Researchers have mentioned that the conventional model of business along cannot rectify the issue of the business. Currently the statistical business model utilises the statistical method of business that help business organisation to enhance the financial support of the organisation. The next section will be helpful in understanding the requirement of statistics in business management. The meaning of statistics will be clarified both in singular and plural forms. Along with this the study will define the objectives of statistics and its implication in the entire course of learning. Finally, the study will define the assessment procedure of the course along with its weightage.

Unit Details

First of all, the course HI6007 assignment answers includes understanding of the objectives of statistics in the procedure of business research methodologies. The objectives are –

  • Facilitating a comparison through a comparison between the core tendency of various companies and their profits.
  • Understanding as well as enhancing the statistical tools of correlation for the managers to take decisions about different allies.
  • Understanding and analysing the correlation of estimated cost, different variables and sales price depended on the ground of different series.
  • Developing the cause and effect of the relation through maintaining a correlation within the area of demand sales within business.
  • Finally, understanding the highlights and importance of time in calculating the relationship between different products and prediction of product values.
  • Students will be able to learn the procedure of securing company turnover through the product and the demands of the products.

The HI6007 answers course also introduces the implications of statistics within the procedure of research methodology. It includes sources of information, sampling procedure understanding the framework of analysis and business. According to study, sources of information and data can be categorised in two types. First, the sources researchers collect in raw form are known as primary sources. Researchers collect the primary sources through conducting face to face interviews, surveys and collective interviews. On the other hand, the secondary sources researchers collected through analysing different form of published papers and collecting information through websites.

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HI6007 solutions also defines the procedure of sampling procedure. In this process the business require the statistical understanding. According to study, there are two basic types of sampling procedure including random sampling and collective sampling. Framework analysis is the procedure of collecting information through secondary sources using different examples. Calculations within the procedure of statistics can be categorised through four models including mean, correlation, median and mode. The practitioners also use different time series to utilise the practices of statistics within the business work.


The HI6007 task answers course helps to understand that statistics in business helps to understand the business transactions and business loss or profits. Researchers have mentioned that statistics play an imperative role within business. A successful business person need to be very quick as well as accurate in taking all the decisions in an accurate form depending on the situations. Statistics also assist the businessman to plan and produce according to the taste and preferences of the consumers. Hence, proper quality of the business requires effective use of the statistical models and tools.


Finally, English Assignment Help researchers have mentioned that there are different models of statistical tool. These methods include different research works. The business methods include evaluating the central tendency. Central tendency includes calculating and understanding a single and average value of the business. It uses analysing the value of the behaviour of all the information. The central measures can be evaluated through three different techniques including mean, median and mode. The course defines the procedure of each and every procedure of mean, median and mode. Business organisations utilise the techniques to calculate their profit and loss.

Brief Assessment

The entire HI6007 assessment answers course is assessed through the procedure of formative assessment. Formative Assignment Writers Online helps the teachers to assess the merit as well as scoring of the students. At the end all students are also assessed through summative assessment. Summative assessment is a form where the professors assess the students by sharing their own experiences. Students share their experiences to make the teachers understand the progress of the students. Finally, the assessment also help the teachers to guide the students in enhancing their understanding with proper knowledge, skills and experiences.


The entire HI6007 assignment answers assignment contains a 100 score points and students need to score at least 50% to get the pass marks. Students also need to use the entire course material and implement the notion of statistics and use different statistical tools. Along with this, the students need to make the assignment in the form of report writing. A coursework help need to include the proper format. The margins should be there with a proper executive summary. There will be a proper introduction and conclusion. Students are allowed to use the course materials only. Any use of external source will bring negative impact on their assignment.

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