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The University of Illinois is a public land-grant university which is located in the twin cities of the Urbana and Champaign, Illinois. The university was founded in the year 1867 and is the flagship university of the University of Illinois System. The university experiences a yearly enrollment of over 56 thousand students in both its undergraduate and post graduate courses. The University is considered to be one of the largest public universities terms of enrollment in all of Illinois. The university is also classified as being an R1: Doctoral Universities, having a high level of research activity, this makes the university one of the more attractive institutions for students international as well as domestic.HIM317 assessment answers The university also prides itself for having the second largest on campus library, being second only to Harvard University. The university has a number of departments and offers educational degrees of PhD, master’s, bachelor’s and even associate degree which makes an ideal university for students to apply for different courses and progress with their academic career and higher education.

 Healthcare Process of HIM317 Assessments

Health Information Management is the course that primarily deals with the nature and means of organization, overseeing and management of the health information data of patients and individuals, this includes information by the likes of symptoms, diagnoses, test results, medical histories, and medical and healthcare procedures. Health Information Management in layman’s terms, it is the analysis and overseeing and management of the health information of the patient and assessing the applicability of the information in the provision of better and more effective healthcare services. It is the ensuring that traditional and digital medical data is maintained in terms of quality, accuracy, security and accessibility. The primary aim of health information managers is acting as s link between the physicians, patients and any third-parry payer in order to facilitate the medical and healthcare processes.

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Unit Details of HIM317 Assessment Answers

Location: - Online, Urbana and Champaign, Illinois

Study Level: -Under Graduate

Unit Code: - HIM317

Brief of HIM317 Assessment Assignments

The main learning outcome of the course is to be able to establish the skill for critical analysis of research regarding healthcare information management. Through the following of the course, the students will be able to learn the data elements that make up the entirety of the medical records of patients. By completing the course, the students will learn the different application of the patient medical information in the delivering effective and efficient medica services and information. The HIM317 solutions will also present the students with the skillset to establish themselves as effective and seamless channels of communication between the physician, patient and third-party payers to provide an effective and responsive systems for contact and communication.


Throughout the HIM317, the student will be taught the necessary managerial skill like that of analysis, evaluation, interpretation communicating of the patient information to the respective departments for the provision of timely and quick medical services. Students will also take part in the learning of data collection, information processing and records management through both lab work and field work. Similarly, the students will be taught the means and importance to identify the details of quantitative and qualitative medical information and how both aspects play a crucial role in the development and curation of the medical reports of patients.


Through the following of the course the students will also gain an introductory understanding to the important of the role of a healthcare information manager and how this role offers aid to both patient deathcare providers in a medical institute. Students shall be taught the skills for critically and efficiently evaluating medical reports and patient information and communicate the necessary procedures. By the end of the course, the students shall be expected to be well versed in the qualities and the responsibilities that a healthcare information manager possess. The students are also expected to exhibit the learning outcomes of the HIM317 task answers like the possessing of the ability to collect data, process information optimal and efficiency and evaluated data point, the students are also expected to be familiarized with the ethical and moral practiced that need to be implemented as healthcare information managers as well as take accountably for the maintaining and upholding patient privacy.

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What is the Weightage of this HIM317 Course Code in their semester?

With the global pandemic still have a major effect on the world and in the way, people approach public places, the university has placed greater importance to the implementation of online classes. The entirety of the course shall be held through online classes and online forums. The total duration of the course is of 4 hours where the student shall focus I the principles of healthcare information management, upon completion of the course, the students shall be tested in the learning material and learning outcome of the course. The course has to total weightage 100 per cent which is divided between lab work, field work and course examination the Lab work consists of 30 per cent of the total weightage of the course. similarly, the field work which the students shall participate in also comprises of 30 per cent of the total weightage. The final curse examination consists of the remaining 40 per cent of the total weightage.


Despite the course being an online course strict adherence to guidelines and responsibility shall be expected on behalf of the student. Similarly, the students are encouraged to show active participation in the group and assessment discussions throughout the course. A daily grade will be assigned to the students based on their daily performance. this daily grade, although not included in the total weightage of the course, will have an influencing factor in the overall grade that will be assigned to the students upon completion of the course. the course shall take place over the duration of the 8 weeks of the semester. Students are expected to keep a schedule of the class. Similarly, the students must enroll in a minimum of one lab discussion and one lecture discussion in order to gain a passing grade to the course. details regarding lab work and field work will be disclosed to the students upon successful enrollments in the course.

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