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Explain HIMT310 Health Care Systems

What this course code is

 A formal structure for a defined population, whose finance, management, scope, and content are defined by law and regulations. It provides for services to be delivered to people to contribute to their health…delivered in defined settings, such as homes, educational institutions, workplaces, public places, communities, hospitals, and clinics. A health system consists of all organizations, people, and actions whose primary intent is to promote, restore, or maintain health. This includes efforts to influence determinants of health as well as more direct health-improving activities. It is, therefore, more than the pyramid of publicly owned facilities that deliver personal health services. It includes, for example, a mother caring for a sick child at home; private providers; behavior change programs; vector-control campaigns; health insurance organizations; and occupational health and safety legislation. It includes inter-sectoral action by health staff, for example, encouraging the ministry of education to promote female education, a well-known determinant of better health.


It is important to have a good steady health care system so that not only the patients get the best treatment but also the accurate treatment with maximum efficiency and by following the ethics. The students are taught and trained in such a way that they are aware of what are the significance and consequences of having a health care system in mint condition and operational at maximized efficiency.

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University the HIMT310 Code is Associated With

 This healthcare course is taught at the University of Wisconsin and they have by far the best faculty and labs to provide all their students the exact and the best knowledge and skills training to make them job-ready in this field.


Unit details:

Location – US

Study level – Post graduation or certification

Unit code – HIMT310

Brief of HIMT310 Assessment

When it comes to delivery of the course HIMT310 assessment answers the university has offline as well as online methods. The university has a student portal that students can access from anywhere at any time for various kinds of tasks. All student material will be available online once the respected faculty members upload it online on the portal and students can access it all the time. There are discussion forums where students can discuss relevant matters for growth and development by sharing each other’s views and knowledge as peer support is important and peer learning is effective. There will be plenty of practice examinations and case studies available on the portal for the students to follow or to practice at any given point in time so that they can improve find their flaws and work on development. Also, the students can raise a request for extra classes or remedial classes that will be later reviewed by the university, and later a class will be scheduled for the student.

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The students are expected to be able to perform various tasks that are upon completion of the course HIMT310 task answers the students will be expected to deliver certain things these are the refereed as the learning outcomes of the course HIMT310 Solutions. The learning outcomes for this course are as follows:

  • The students must be able to describe the history of the healthcare system and also the public health in the US.
  • The students should be able to define the current organizational level in healthcare and public health in the US.
  • The students are expected to be able to compare and contrast the different professional roles in the healthcare systems and public health.
  • The students must be able to explain the various models of US healthcare and public health service delivery.
  • They should be able to identify the major various elements of the different public policies on health care reforms.

The university not only focuses on theory and knowledge gaining but practicals and real-life scenario study as well. The university will put in case studies based on real situations hence the situation analysis will Assignment help in making the students understand and give a rough idea of what to expect from a real-life job. They will also make the students go through scenario builder exercises where they will be put in scenarios where they have to recommend solutions and take effective measures to handle the situation properly. The course HIMT310 assignment answers has the perfect blend of subjects and chapters to support the students in the best way possible. The contents of the module are as follows:

  • Major characteristics of US Healthcare delivery
  • Foundations of US health care delivery
  • Historical overview of the US healthcare system
  • Healthcare professionals and providers
  • Technology and its effects in the industry
  • Financing and reimbursement methods
  • Outpatient services and primary care
  • Hospitals
  • Managed care and integrated systems
  • Long term care services
  • Populations with special health requirements
  • Cost and access
  • Health policies
  • The future of healthcare services delivery

The Weightage of the HIMT310 Courses

 The assignments are given weightage to distribute throughout the course. The first is the discussion participation where 40% weightage is given here the students is required to participate in various discussions relevant to the subject. This might happen online in the discussion forums where they have to post or offline in the classes with the faculty as a moderator depending on the situation at hand. There will be 9 sessions meaning every student has to participate in 9 sessions. Then there is brochure development which is another separate training after training they will have to develop a brochure on their own and this will 10% weightage.


Then there is the issue paper which is completely based on knowledge and everything they have learned in the module. This will have 40% weightage and they will be graded based on relevancy and knowledge shown. The topic or more details will be given by the faculty members who will act as a mentor and guide the students throughout. There will be a total of 3 issues papers that every student has to produce.  Then there is a quiz which will have 10% weightage. All chapters taught will be included and there will be a given time limit within which the students have to complete the quiz assignment.

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