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HIST406 Assessment Answers

HIST406 assessment answers are studied under the American Public University System which falls in the department of History and military studies. It is important note that it is a three credit course which is studied for eight weeks in total and as a pre-requisite of the course it is important that the students cover the HIST 300 courses as well. HIST406 assessment answers are designed in a way to help the students unpack the complex problems that occurred during the era as well as it will also help the students trace the consequences of the war and the other post war efforts.


HIST406 assignment answers also include a great deal of primary and secondary literature which will help in the understanding of the war and its impact on the individual and on the societal level. Having said that the course will also help the students to look into the different kinds of reasons which actually lead to the war occurring.  Thus, the aims of the HIST406 solutions are to ensure that the students develop a critical lens which will help them to respond to some of the issues occurring now as well.

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Unit Details of HIST406 Assignment

The unit in HIST406 assignment answers is designed in the way to ensure that the students are informed and they can critically assess the process of the Civil War and the reconstruction period and how it changed and impacted the politics, economy, as well as the life and society of the people in the United States of America. The United States of America was less than eighty years old when it was faced with the onslaught of the Civil war and it ended up creating some devastating causalities as well which had all kinds of impact on the lives and the wellbeing of the American citizens.


With this the unit in HIST406 assessment answers very well opens up to the students the different kinds of societal change that the country saw and how the unit will also focus on the changes in the country before and after the war as well. However, it is also very important to note the fact that the event has been measured by four standards. The unit will introduce the students to this standard as well as will help them to focus on the intersection of these four measures as well.


HIST406 assignment answers will help the students to determine the development of the Reconstruction period. The four measures are the reconstruction plan of Abraham Lincoln as well as Andrew Johnson, Wade and Davis as well as the Reconstruction plan of the Radical Republicans all of which the students have to learn in the unit.

Location: American Public University System, United States of America

Study Level: Bachelor’s or Under graduate degree

Course Code:  HIST 406

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Brief of HIST406 Assessment

Through the different kinds of assessments designed for the students it is very important that they are able to develop a critical reflect and explain to the assessors the role and influence of the civil war and how it affected the civilian life of the people living in the North as well as on the South. Along with this they are also expected to assemble evidence through their research in order to reflect on the evolving political and military leadership on both the sides during war. With this it is also important that the students in HIST406 task answers are able to demonstrate their ability to evaluate the influence and involvement of the revolutionary experience of the civil war on the lives of those people for fought for it. Followed by this the students also have to explain how the civil war has altered the military and political landscape of the country and they also have to compare the difference between public perception and historical reality of the civil war period.


The students also have to describe the different kinds of influence on the military as well as economic and social and political forces which contributed to the beginning of the American civil war in the first place. They will also have to interpret the American civil war and how it has shaped the lives of those people who in anyway were involved in the process, through the assignments the students will also have to explore their emotions as well.


Followed by this through the other series the students also have to evaluate the historical development of the nation from the secession of South Carolina from the Union, through the assignment they will also have to describe the major foreign policy goals of the nation and interpret the economic of the war and the changes it brought forth. And finally, the students will also have to demonstrate their understanding of the important socio-cultural reform and the societal changes that the war had brought in the society and how it shaped the politics of the nation.  

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What is The Weightage of HIST406 Coursecode in Their Semester?

With regards to the weightage of HIST406 assessment answers, it is very important to note the fact that the course has many assignments which covers the credit points. The credit point of HIST406 assessement answers is three in total. And in order for the students to complete the course it is very important that they are able to pass in all the assignments. Another important factor with the university is the fact that it highly stresses on ensuring that the students are able to maintain academic integrity throughout. The first assignment that the student is involved with is the research paper proposal which is of five percent of the total grade.


Followed by this the other important assignment that the students have to write is the research paper which carries a total of fifteen percent and then they also have to participate in a threaded discussion post which is of thirty percent of the total grade. And then the students have to participate in two enabling activities which is of five percent each and have to write an extra credit as well. Along with this it is mandatory that the students write a midterm exam which is fifteen percent and a final exam that covers twenty five percent of the total credit point completing a hundred percent.

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