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Explain HLT490 Discussion 3

The capstone project is the culmination of all of the written research-based projects done during the semester. The final Evidenced-Based Proposal paper is influenced by each written assignment. This is the second time you've been given a written assignment. Find at least 15 peer-reviewed publications that outline the problem or issue and provide evidence for the suggested remedy. Eight of the fifteen papers must be based on research (i.e., a study which is qualitative, quantitative, descriptive, or longitudinal). You may use the "Table of Evidence" sheet to arrange information from the study papers you've chosen for your literature review. Use this tool as a checklist to make sure you've included all of the important details in your literature review narrative.

Utilize the databases at the GCU Library to begin your literature search. Additional researching ideas and keyword recommendations can be obtained from your lecturer, librarian, or library staff. Read the article abstracts and summaries for each of the 15 articles you've selected. Abstracts and summaries of articles give a quick overview of the topic, study findings, and implications.

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Analysis and Appraisal

Write a 1,500-2,000 word analysis and appraisal: In the reader's opinion, this part should construct and support your case for why your problem, purpose, and suggested solution are justified. Remember, you're constructing an argument to support your decision to do this assignment; this isn't just a review of an article. Analyze and evaluate the articles you've chosen to support your problem, goal, and solution. Answer the following questions about each article (one to two sentences are adequate for each question):

What is the nature of the problem, difficulty, or shortcoming you've found as described in the article?

Is there any statistical data in the piece to indicate the seriousness of the issue, problem, or deficit?
In the general population, what are some instances of morbidity, mortality, and rate of incidence or rate of occurrence?

Is your suggested modification supported by the article?

Group the analyses according to the articles' substance and the amount of help they give for your project.

Including a Theorem

In addition to the literature review and theory paper, create a 250-500 word paper in which you:

Look for a theory that will help you apply or support your problem-solving solution.

Explain this hypothesis in layman's words.

Explain why this idea is beneficial to your project.

Describe how you plan to use this idea.

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Requirements in general:

Prepare this work in accordance with the APA Style Guide, which may be found in the Student Success Center. It is not necessary to submit an abstract.

A rubric is used in this task. Please study the rubric before beginning the project to ensure that you understand the requirements for a successful completion.

You must use Turnitin to submit this assignment. Please go to the Student Success Center for instructions. Your paper needs be proofread. However, do not rely only on your computer's spell-checker and grammar-checker; doing so suggests a lack of effort on your side, and your grade will suffer as a result. Misspelled words and grammatical errors will result in a grade deduction. Before turning in your paper, read it through in quiet and then aloud, making any required adjustments. Having a buddy check your paper for obvious faults is often beneficial. Uncorrected errors are better to handwritten corrections.

Use a typeface with a size of 10 to 12 points (10 to 12 characters per inch). It's difficult to read smaller or compressed type, as well as sheets with narrow margins or single-spacing. It is preferable to allow your essay to extend above the prescribed number of pages rather than attempting to condense it into fewer pages.

The paper must be neatly formatted, double-spaced with a one-inch margin on the top, bottom, and sides of each page. When submitting hard copy, be sure to use white paper and print out using dark ink. If it is hard to read your essay, it will also be hard to follow your argument.

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Discussion Questions (DQ)

  • Initial DQ submissions should cover all aspects of the questions, contain at least one academic source, and be at least 250 words long.

  • Substantive comments (i.e., bring something new to the conversation, involve others in the discussion, well-developed concept) and at least one scholarly source are required.

  • Answers of one or two sentences, simple affirmations of agreement or "excellent post," and off-topic responses will not be considered significant. Responses should be at least 150 words long.

  • I invite you to include (where appropriate) the readings from the week in your comments.

Weekly Participation

  • Your initial replies to the obligatory DQ are scored individually and do not count toward participation.

  • In addition to the DQ responses, you must respond to at least one peer (or myself) on three different days for a total of three responses.

  • Unless you mention someone else's work, participation postings do not require an academic source/citation.

  • Viewing the weekly announcement and attesting to watching it in the comments is part of your weekly involvement. These announcements are given to ensure that you are aware of all of the tasks that must be completed during the week.

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APA Format and Writing Quality

  • Become familiar with the APA format and try using it effectively. It is utilised for the majority of your degree-related writing projects. For APA paper templates, citation examples, advice, and more, go to the Writing Center in the Student Success Center, which may be found under the Resources option in LoudCloud. Poor usage of APA format or the lack of APA format will result in a deduction of points (if required).

  • Cite all information sources! Cite the source whenever possible. A citation is also required when paraphrasing.

  • I strongly advise you to use the 6th version of the APA Publication Manual.

Utilization of Direct Quotes

In Master's level DQs and assignments, I discourage the usage of direct quotes and deduct points accordingly. It is crucial for you to be able to critically assess and comprehend material from journal articles and other sources as Masters' level students. Simply repeating someone else's words does not indicate comprehension or critical examination of the material.

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