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Explain HOS203A Food And Beverage Management

The Unit HOS203A food and beverage management applies to a way in which students are able to develop knowledge on food and beverage management. On successful completion, students will be able to act with authentic scenario typical to that of those faced by managers within the industry. By completing this assessment, allowing on a sense of information will help in coming up with the decision and create a positive impact on the organization. This assessment also addresses onto the developing knowledge on food and beverage management.

On successful completion of the study, students will be able to:

  • Develop an analysis of proposed service styles and potential effect on the café that links onto service style change in customer service.

  • Present financial composition of the options utilizing food and beverage ratios for initiating appropriate levels of comparisons.

  • Recommendation on how the proposed concept aligns with current and future trends with food and beverage industry.

Being able to think conceptually as well as operationally is significant for presenting ideas in a strategic manner. Upon being able to present ideas strategically and analysing develops a sense of identity for presenting the business ideas and concepts to the stakeholders. The prospectus is to highlight the perceived success through examination of trends in food and beverage industry for proposed concepts aligning with this trend.

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HOS203A Unit details: -

The Unit applies to utilizing food and beverage concept to be presented to investors in an effort to gain financial support in which this concept is realized. This group is required to develop a prospectus that needs to contain information on how the menu aligns to the target market, service style and profitability in the establishment. Further the prospectus through examination of concepts that aligns with the trends. In order to do so, demonstration of awareness on conceptual and operational influences can lead to consistent analysis in conceptual influences with minimum standard levels. The key concepts systems in extended reading. This discriminates operations for understanding of the key principles and disciplines in personal opinion and information substantiated from evidence.

Location: -

The assignment Unit HOS203A food and beverage management is applicable in Laureate International Universities for United Kingdom.

Study level: -

Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit code: -

Unit HOS203A food and beverage management

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Brief of HOS203A Assessment:

The use of social enterprises applies to new idea that students need to adapt to for customers to have potential impact on service style change. Looking into the case ensured by consultants, it is likely that professional experience is needed for a long time for people engaged with in serving awareness for a particular cause. The research will highlight onto the factors that are essential in the delivery of dining experience to quality for beverage and food consumers. It will also generate calculations based on the beverage and food costings that are utilized by the operations in monitoring and optimization of profitability levels.

By completion of this assignment, students will be able to develop their knowledge and act through in a suitable way for addressing onto the situation that allows them to make sense of the decision. Utilizing these concepts ensures particular emphasis on highlighting perceived success that contains examination of how they align to the particular target market and investigate the communication skill on how the menu aligns with the target market and its service style. The assessment explores on how trends are applicable to identify interplay with one another in order to present the concept to the stakeholders.

Using the food and beverage developed in Assignment 2, students are required to present their concept to investors and gain financial support to allow the concept to realized. The extensions need not be granted for denoting significant regulations governing onto this application, but it is significant that these circumstances need to be known and such requests is known in nature. The key components of the assignment are such that it offers substantiation of information that demonstrates capacity to explain the relevant concepts. It is through knowledge that a highly developed understanding is substantiated by robust evidence from course materials and extended reading.

The course will develop an understanding on the management skills that applies to knowledge in marketing, financial as operational management emphasized on work-based learning to apply to theory and practice. It covers onto entrepreneurship and setting up new business that is ideal to set up to ambition. The course is applicable for the purpose of marketing followed by the fundamentals of business meeting tasks. The course will apply to knowledge and business management to have understood evaluation of markets and opportunities. The course explains the nature and role of the buyer information and customer orientation.

The course offers introduction to marketing principles in order to evaluate the markets on how to make effective market orientation for evaluation of the markets and targeting the market related opportunities. Therefore, this assignment is applicable to how it can integrate the product and services to pricing and determination of authentic scenario by the management. By successful completion of the assessment, students will have knowledge in making decisions to ensure its positive impact on the management. Students will develop their knowledge in food and beverage to have covered to have positively impacted the organization. This assessment lies in how this situation is applicable to make decisions that can positively impact food and beverage context for an appropriate scenario.

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