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HSC230 Cultural Safety In Healthcare

The overall purpose of this specific assessment is to assess the students in developing understanding regarding the significance of cultural safety in their own Health care workforce and also allowing them to demonstrate overall understanding regarding the role of consultants safety in contributing to the improvement of health related outcomes. Overall target and position statement for this course is to address the target audience of the organisation in ensuring health and wellbeing as well as connection to cultural safety in healthcare regime. You can connect with College English Homework Help writers for help. 


This course prepares cultural safety position statement for organisations where students are expected to work and be familiar by outlining the significance of the provision of effective health communication as well as health literacy as the part of the overall strategy of organisation towards the delivery of culturally safe Health care approach. The overall significance is to choose actual Health care organisation and to work for it with an interested or admiration. The purpose of the overall assessment position statement can be defined as the range of organisations for healthy connections in the state and country which is supported by the best possible system of healthcare.

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The course is inclusive of written document outlining the rational underpinning position statement of cultural safety rules and the following points.

  • Importance of culturally safe and safety statements for the provision of healthcare environment that is culturally safe.
  • Significance of effective communication towards the provision of environment
  • Explanation of relationship among effective communication and health literacy
  • External influence like historical as well as contemporary factors like media of contributing to or detracting from culturally safe practice under the health care environment.
  • Contribution towards improvement of health outcome regarding the targeted clients of organisation
  • Barriers regarding the implementation of position statement existing with an organisation and overcoming techniques of the various.


Cultural safety position statement in the context of nursing can be considered from the most acclaimed Darwin’s nursing approach that remains to be accredited of the provision of excellent Home support care as well as community care for the acknowledgement of cultural diversity as well as the requirements of aboriginal people and Torres strait islander populations with the target of delivering safe and healthy lifestyle requirements with the premises of home. The overall organisation implements cultural safety within all the nursing practice is supporting development as well as acknowledging the historical and political and economic and ideological scenario prevailing within the territory.

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Cultural safety is majorly related to practice bits philosophy that focus on health professionals in act within the job not on what they do but also regarding the systematic issues in social health determinants which are focused upon in the delivery of care services to their respective cultural differences that are centred upon the unique challenges and requirements.


Cultural safety in regards of other practice model consists of communication as well as negotiation and power sharing together with acknowledgement of uniform privilege in the challenge of racism for instigating trust in healthcare. That is why HSC230 assignment answers help is important in completing your assignment The overall target can be achieved by the increment in the workforce by the employment of staff developing leadership into play and also increasing accessibility and participation of people. The capacity of non-indigenous workforce also need to be adress din strategies for the delivery of culturally safe nursing practices.


Structural as well as relational power can be considered through impact over the diverse values and leaves of work practices together with challenges that are made in the cross cultural what environment and the way how communication is done in the health literacy platform affecting the health outcomes. These are in consideration of how individual cultural background fits into the health what place and also on the power and privilege in context of culture which are significant questions in consideration. As discussed in the models of the there are some significant questions in consideration regarding the manifestation of several ways in the the cultural context at Health care setting which is inclusive of respect and dignity as well as provision of factors combining with the cultural differences and contributing to outcomes of procedure in healthcare accessibility.


The system of government in majority of the countries as well as the health care approach that is funded a fourth significant advantages will measure it of the country people enjoy universal Health services irrespective of their financial status and also about the medical treatment without including any financial cost for acute treatments.


The course highlights the way how healthcare sector is currently organised and also needs revision for influencing the way people respond to it. The expert assignment writers of Finance Assignment Writing Services are very helpful. Role of doctors and nurses as well as the approach that are taken by them while communicating with the clients and patience is perhaps the central point in the improvement of cultural safety by the consideration of individual priorities and identity and assuming individuals right to age respect as the fundamental right.


Research studies also described approach causing social constructionism with the idea that is arguably a type of postmodernism serving mainly to explain and analyse the historical and social basis of contemporary healthcare relationship. This course to encourage students in reflecting their own values and beliefs that might influence their overall behaviour. This is because a healthcare professionals require to be aware regarding their own cultural identity and how it my impact the quantity of healthcare that is being provided. Healthcare professional require to be aware of some of the barriers and challenges which might negatively affect some people while using primary Health care services. Construction of mind map is a significant factor that viscose highlights under visual representation illustrating student’s personal values beliefs and behaviours which contributes to students’ personal cultural identity and journey for the achievement of cultural safety under Health care environment. This overall course henceforth focuses on the values and beliefs that needs to be specific and related to students personally and also the behaviours describing the forecast with the target for the student to write personal reflection examining how their personal cultural values and behaviours might contribute or detract from a culturally safe professional environment in a multicultural Health care setting.

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