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HSM497 Homeland Security And Emergency Management Capstone

This is supposed to be a course where the students would be exploring the mastery of program implications in the Homeland Security as well as Emergency Management context as this would be creating original research as well as analysis report for the usage of draft along with research that would be developed through the Research and Analysis Course. There are certain prerequisites of this particular course as successful completion would be fulfilling the General Education Capstone course. The course is taught at the Ashford University which is in United States and the course offers a broad and extensive overview of the homeland security safety within the country of the United States of America. The areas are also researched and this is supposed to create an embrace of the organizational construction of the Department of Homeland Security. Furthermore, it also discusses the principles as well as foundations and doctrines regarding the homeland security. Therefore, the students would be able to read about the historic as well as present points as such are necessary for the creation of the Department and they would also be learning about the present insurance policies for the Department as this would be a potential profession that would help them in deciding their paths by dividing and segregating it through specialization. This course is supposed to be a postgraduate program where the students would be enrolling for obtaining specialization as such would heighten their career opportunities in the long-run.

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HSM497 Assessment Answers

The course also investigates and examines the core missions of the Department of Homeland security and it offers reasoning behind the Department as there are certain threats to America where the current points would be used as such are revolving around the Homeland safety. Furthermore, college students are also considered to look through their assorted professional alternatives and this gives them a chance to learn about the Department of Homeland Security. The course also provides an extensive overview on the emergence of homeland safety as it had commenced from the 9/11 attacks. Therefore, the areas of research are supposed to be embraced through the rise of the recent terrorist activities as well as the activities that are prevailing such as cyberterrorism along with Homeland security group and methods as well as applications and rules as these would be a part of the emergency administration of the media as well as the problems of the civil liberties. Thus, the course is supposed to give a basis for the classical moral theories as it is considered to explore the moral outcomes of the battle and terrorism within the twenty first century. The students might also be challenged in order to investigate the contentious difficulties and challenges as these are supposed to be applied on torture as well as bombing of the civilians along with the assassination that would be focusing itself on killing for humanitarian intervention.

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HSM497 Assignment Answers

Therefore, the Civil Liberties along with the Patriot Act would also be assessed and evaluated in this course. In addition to this, the individuals would also be concentrating on the case research as such would be supplying the college students a chance to perceive an ethical stance through the chosen points. This would require thorough and extensive research and usage of reading materials provide to the students in this course as the students would have to research the normal as well as moral guidelines along with practices for the battle as it would be creating an opportunity for participation through the worldwide terrorist teams.

Subsequently, after such, the course would be delving deeper into the emergency planning perspective where the course would be presented to the college students who would be having certain abilities as well as guidelines that would assist them into developing a complete plan for threat assessment along with menace evaluation as well as the staffing of an emergency operations in the middle of coordinating the supporting businesses. This would also create or formulate a unbroken testing program where the actual case research would be based on the easy methods of research as the college students would have to plan for pure and complete disasters as terrorism hampers the individuals at a state, federal and native level. In addition to this, the course would also offer the college students with certain specific abilities which would be used to develop a complete plan for evaluating the threats because the course is designed to provide the college students with certain amount of power to gauge through an emergency incident as this would help in deciding the scope for perceiving the operation of the primary responders as such was relating to the study of communication procedures as these were essential for alerting the individuals about the suitable business practices.

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Thus, this course is supposed to carry a significant amount of weightage as it helps the students in examining the methods of revolution as terrorism is considered to be something that is created through an inter-disciplinary perspective in the twenty first century. This is supposed to be drawing the historical past as well as the philosophy along with sociology and the students are given emphasis on the concepts regarding the socio-historical forces as such are supposed to produce revolutions. Therefore, the students through this course would be able to develop the abilities by conducting an analysis through the chosen matters which would be in connection with the homeland safety as this would be part of the emergency administration as it is part of the catastrophic preparedness that helps the individuals in utilizing the authorities through the websites along with the internet sources as well as library databases among other things. This is supposed to be different and distinct from the pertinent repositories of knowledge as well as information as the students are supposed to be having the ability of creating and formulating an analysis through the matters of the supporting sources as these are considered to be made from the ultimate report that is supposed to be due from the Capstone course. Thus, the course is deemed to help the students achieve greater success as it opens up several doors in their careers.

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