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Looking for HUCL1101 Assignment Answers?


HUCL1101 Assessment Answers

The course code HUCL1101 assessment answers i.e. role concepts in health care talks about the importance of cultural values and the beliefs and how they are essential for the modern day workplace. The organisational behaviour possess their own cultural understanding that can aid the firm for carrying out work in effective manner.


HUCL1101 assessment discusses about the fact that health beliefs, family patterns, communication style and death practices are crucial for the formation of health belief practices in the modern times. The health beliefs that are practised within the workplaces are that there should not be practising of preventing care in the arena of health. It brings out that the hospitals can make use of cultural competency training programs to nurses alongside with the general practitioners that can ensure enrichment of their work. The good training can be of value for transforming behaviour of staff and it can ensure effective interaction in between patient and the staff.

Unit Details of HUCL1101 Assignment Answers

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Study Level: Under-graduate

Unit Code: HUCL 1101

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Briefs of HUCL1101 Assessment Answers

HUCL1101 assessment answers discusses that the health care units make use of religious leaders for providing guidance to the medical care. The clinicians can aid to co-ordinate care with the healers that can be useful for upturning compliance. HUCL1101 assessment answers elaborates on the fact that members of the minority communities can be used for reaching out and it can be instrumental in offering direct amenities and the health education. The communities have been found to act as the liaisons and it can help to bring the patients in for the care and it can offer the cultural connection. It can aid in the assimilation of cultural philosophies into the well-being care practices that can help to improve the mental condition of the patients. The cultures are aspects which are learned by individuals and family should have sub-system that can be understood and managed on the basis of values which they would build. There has to be inter-hospital communications in between two hospital units that can ensure exchange of ideas and the information among the hospitals. The distant consultation with the aid of tele-medical services like the video-conferencing can prove to be capable for supporting problem of the dissemination of the proficiency. The preventable medical investigation is found to be concentrated on the interfaces among the hospitals and few efforts have been made for the comprehension of in-house communication.


HUCL1101 task answers bring out that hospitals are the multifaceted institute and virtuous communication procedures can be crucial for the operations in the present times. There has to be acute inspection of the characteristic of the clinic as place of the work for the classification of vibrant extents that acts as impending for the development. HUCL1101 solutions delve into death and the dying which are held to be universal human experience across the world. The feelings and practices of human beings which is in regard to the experience are found to vary in an extensive manner among the dissimilar cultures and the religions. The brilliance of the care has to be provided to patients coming from different cultures and it can be instrumental in providing ethically suitable care for the patient. The process of dying can be problematic and people have to undergo the excess stress during the time of their dying. The death ceremonies can be stated to be formed by the culture and amount of the information which are shared with the patients have to be careful that can help to ensure well-being of the patient. There has to be regulation regarding controlling admission to the body and how a body can move forward towards their death. The importance of the spiritual principles have to be deliberated regarding importance of the demise that can prove to be of benefit for the patient.


HUCL1101 Assessment Answers is associated with Bow Valley College which is a public and board-governed college which is instrumental in operating as the comprehensive community institution. The college has been instrumental in offering year-round career programs which creates the way for certificates and the post-diploma certificates. They are instrumental in offering career services and the specialised courses for offering help to the newcomers within Canada. The college is instrumental in offering the academic programs in various areas which includes career training, adult upgrading and the university transfer courses.


Bow Valley College refers to innovative and world-class college and it has more than that of 600 faculty and the staff speaking in more than 50 languages. It has been located within heart of the downtown Calgary which is young and vibrant metropolitan centre. The college has been able to prepare more than that of 250,000 people for the purpose of work or the further study and it lays emphasis on small classes, high-quality instruction and applied learning. Bow Valley College has been instrumental in following national and the international trends in regard to business, human services and the health care.


Bow Valley College has been able to earn the pride as being the student-focussed community college which has been found to be immensely diverse. The diversity has been reflected across breadth and the depth of the programming scope which is inclusive of Foundational Skills Development and the English language learning. It has been founded as Alberta Vocational Centre in the year 1965 and it has been located within 3rd street and the 6th Avenue Southeast of the Calgary. It has continued for expanding foot print in between Calgary and East Village of the city. It has been found that in 1998, the college has been able to transition itself from the government- administered model to the autonomous and the board governed public college. It has adopted name of the Bow Valley College which helps to reflect region in which it serves the people. The college has been instrumental in operating the smaller campuses within communities of Airdrie and Banff and it is instrumental in offering academic education to indigenous nations of the region.

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What is the Weightage of this HUCL1101 Course Code in their Semester?

The weightage of HUCL1101 solutions within the semester is found to be 60 % and students have to attend and answer the course carefully that can help them to get high marks in the semester.

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