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HUSV2970 Research Methods For Human Services

This particular course is supposed to offer an introduction to the social science research as such is considered to examine the theoretical as well as ethical foundations of social research methods. It also highlights the foundation knowledge as well as skills in the hypothesis testing as well as research design and along with such the sampling strategies as the measurement is supposed to be based on the techniques where the basic data analysis as well as interpretation is considered to be concentrated on. However, it also focuses on the program evaluation techniques which offer an opportunity to the students to link their social science research methods for directing the human service practices. This course specifically describes a certain position in the Human Services field where the obtainment or acquirement of the degree is supposed to be essential after graduation. Therefore, it is a postgraduate degree that is taught in the Northeastern University which is situated in the United States. The coursework is supposed to be inclusive of the title of the position along with the type of agency as well as the titles of the individuals that are supposed to be supervised as it would offer an overview of the general daily duties.

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The course moves on to explain on the two ethical standards as such are deemed to cause an effect on the management of the Human services professionals as the individuals would be citing the sources of ethics and codes to support their answer. Therefore, the learning outcomes of the course would be inclusive of the discussion of three ways that teach employees about the ethical standards as these are supposed to cite the scholarly sources through research literature as such would be supporting the answers. This course also tries to identify a minimum of three concerns as such are considered to regard the ethical management perspective for proposing the ideas by addressing the concerns. Therefore, using five resources from the professional literature would help the individuals in creating a response as such would be followed by the Human Services field. Thus, the course is considered to help the students gain a different perspective. Human services are considered to be one of the few careers that offer certain kind of opportunities to serve the individuals and the society with some assistance in times of distress.

Subsequently, a student can apply for this course after completing their graduation if they wish to serve the people. A career as a probation officer would also make them a part of the human services program. However, for instance, through the option of opting for this type of career the individual would be able to serve the people who have been involved in certain criminal activities. The primary role of a probation officer is considered to be in connection with the planning and implementation of proper rehabilitation due to them being criminal offenders. Therefore, it can be understood that the criminal offenders would be inclusive of both minors as well as adults. Hence, in order to serve the society in a manner that would be better the planning of effective rehabilitation is necessary as the programs and initiatives are conducted for the perpetrators or the offenders. Thus, there might be several students who would want to work under the federal as well as state government. This could be in the form of a probation officer in case the student needs any supervision from the social assistants as well as counsellors.

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The course also discusses the daily activities of a probation officer in the human services program as they are supposed to be inclusive of managing both high as well as low risk offenders. These are also supposed to be through the pre-sentence reports as the criminal offenders are considered to be sent to the court. The probation officer is also supposed to be in charge of protecting the common people as the collaboration would be based on the governmental entities along with the police as well as the courts and the health services as and when required. Thus, this example can help in explaining the perks of the coursework as the course would be discussing and deliberating on the two most important ethical standards as such are supposed to be kept in mind while serving as a probation officer. This is also considered to be recognized through the system as a symbol of public faith as it tries to maintain the objectivity while performing the duties that are necessary.

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Therefore, it is considered to be acting as a system and symbol of justice as the office is supposed to regard it as a place of utmost faith as well as trust. As a result, the course is supposed to carry a lot of weightage as the first-year students are intended to be introduced to the liberal arts and they are also supposed to be familiarized with the major where the development of academic skills are necessary for the course as it helps in succeeding. The course also offers analytical ability as well as critical thinking and it offers grounding through the culture and values of the University community. This helps in development of the interpersonal skills as such helps in familiarizing the students with the skills that are needed for becoming a successful university student. This particular course also offers several opportunities in order to acquire a foundation for comprehending social inequality as such are created and practiced for the human services field. Therefore, due to such the introduction of the students are dependent on a range of specializations which are supposed to be in areas of human services and these are through lectures as well as service-learning or group work which would be helping the students learn as they would be assessed on the basis of projects, papers, deliberations or debates and along with such presentations. As a result, the analysis and application of the ethical frames are supposed to be based on case studies as such are expected to develop a distinct understanding which would cater to the interests of the students in the long-run.

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