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Need IHP510 Milestone One Template By Professionals


IHP510 Assessment Answers

For IHP510 assessment answers Milestone One, the students will analyze Bellevue Hospital, along with its vision, mission, and strategic goals. For milestone one, the students would provide introduction of health organization, that, is, Bellevue Hospital which is basis for the final healthcare marketing as well as communication plan. The students would describe all current services of the organization, explain how mission, goals, and vision of the organization serve all stakeholders along with identify current target market.

Unit Details of IHP510 Assessment

Location: - United Kingdom
Study level: - Post graduate
Unit code: - IHP 510 Milestone One
Southern New Hampshire University

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Brief of IHP510 Assessment Assignments

This IHP510assignment Milestone One explores the mission, strategic goals, along with vision of Bellevue Hospital. The hospital is operational still along with most successful hospitals. Bellevue Hospital is famous for providing several innovative contributions to the public health, education, and medical science, while providing several services to huge target audience. This IHP510 solutions will evaluate how alignment of strategic goals, vision, and mission of Bellevue Hospital has aided in the success of this organization while providing also quality care to the patients.


As Bellevue Hospital’s establishment is quite old, mission of the organization is providing highest quality care along with delivering healthcare to all patients with compassion, cultural sensitivity, and dignity, regardless of the ability of payment. This organization provides safe and appropriate services, treatment, and care to the patients at all encounters. The vision of Bellevue Hospital is becoming one of safest hospital within the country. As the prestigious facility of healthcare, the goals of Bellevue Hospital targe helping the patients in living their safest as well as healthiest lives possible. The performance improvement is systematic and planned method that is utilized by this hospital for achieving goals for improving safety as well as patient outcomes. Performance improvement embraces an approach of team-based problem solving with the strategic goals called Ture North Metrics.

Health Information of IHP510 Assignments

This IHP510 task answers will evaluate overview healthcare marketing which is the multidisciplinary area of practice of public health. The approach draws from the traditional practices and theories of marketing, adding strategies based on evidence that are focused upon intervention, prevention, along with health promotion. This includes communication, creation, along with delivery of the health information to diverse the populations. As the healthcare professional, the students would be asked in participating in marketing process, along with the students would learn throughout this course, there exist several elements of marketing plan for healthcare. The overall course is divided into three milestones that would be submitted at several points throughout this course for scaffolding learning along with ensuring quality final submission. Such milestones would be submitted in the modules three, five, and seven. Final product would be submitted in the module nine.


In this assessment, the students would demonstrate the mastery of several course outcomes. Vision statement of Bellevue Hospital is being fully integrated health system which enables people in living healthiest lives. In conjunction with such statements, this organization has incorporated into strategic goals ICARE standards for every member of the staff. This breakdowns as integrity for keeping all safe, compassion for keeping well-being of the patients, respect for working together along with respecting each other, and excellence for pursuing excellence along with for continuing learning. The services offered by this organization is catered to potential of every age, to those insured through Medicaid plans, or not insured, or employer funded healthcare plans. This organization promotes through the services through several ways. Such are through sites of social media, such as twitter, Facebook, along with through own personal websites also.

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Marketing Factors of IHP510 Assessments 

The IHP510 assessment will analyze all external as well as internal market factors which impact marketing strategies along with decisions within healthcare setting. Milestone one of this course will evaluate how current strategies of marketing are used by this organization adhere to the industry criteria. For milestone one, the students would provide introduction to this healthcare organization which is basis of the marketing as well as communication plan. The students would describe current services of the organization, along with how goals, vision, and mission of the organization serve all stakeholders, and also identify the current target market. Bellevue Hospital is one of leading health facilities which offer some competitive care along with offers broad range of health as well as mental programs for the people. Mission of Bellevue Hospital is offering highest level of care to all people.


The mission of this organization is extended to all patients, regardless of the ability to pay. Hence, lack of money or medical insurance would not restrict patient from being seen as well as properly treated. Additionally, the mission of Bellevue Hospital includes promoting along with protecting, and be advance for health, safety, and welfare of all people. SWOT analysis will be used for completing situational analysis of the milestone. Bellevue Hospital: Community Health Needs Assessment could be referred back also for conducting the analysis. Situational analysis could be conducted for analyzing internal as well as external factors which impact this organization. Additionally, the students could propose model to market for this organization along with develop the marketing goals for the proposed service. This paper must explain how proposed goals of marketing align with strategic goals, vision, and mission of this organization.

What is the Weightage of This IHP510 Course Code in Their Semester?

The students should collect all study materials before beginning of this module. This course is worth 50% of total marks of the module. It includes individual along with group assessments for the students. It would help them in completing the assessments on their own, along with they would learn to work as a group for completing these assessments. The students need at least 50% marks for passing the course. The students should answer maximum number of questions possible to achieve highest marks. The students answering least number of questions would be graded with minimum marks. The marks would be provided by the lecturers on the mentioned date for publishing the results. All students must follow the blackboard quite carefully for the instruction, along with must get all the doubts cleared from the lecturers before commencement of the assessments. 

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