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Overview of IMAT5211 Assessment Answers

IMAT5211 assessment answers are for the course E-Commerce Systems which can be defined as the process of performing transactions and business operations through internet. Execution of business through developing digital and technological advancement in the evolving world is reflected through this course and accordingly being taught to the students in terms of helping them learn the practices and the principles.

IMAT5211 is associated with the De Montfort University where the students can enrol in this course to learn and implement the opportunities through a detailed understanding of E-commerce systems. In order to their attainment of knowledge in terms of technology and business commerce, integration of a relationship between them to develop a detailed relevance of security, business transaction as well as websites is taught in this course.

IMAT5211 assignment answers not only teaches students to provide quality services in the form of internet and technology implementation but also contributes to the integration of advancement through information system, computing, communication technology and others. These aspects of E-commerce exhibit a practical implication in terms of the students commanding a diverse number of services provided through internet in terms of business and transactions.

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Unit Details of IMAT5211 Task Answers

The unit has been designed in terms of providing a detailed understanding of the theoretical representation of the E-commerce process and practices leading to implementation of resources that are detailed in terms of practical execution. The basic of E-commerce is taught to the students as well as they are being shown the different models of E-commerce The concept of business operations through internet helps in providing a detailed range of services in relevance to providing profitable growth as well as expand the reach of people globally due to the internet.

IMAT5211 task answers acts as a tool that helps students to understand the suitability of the programs in terms of opportunities as well as the unique features that can be identified in the E-commerce systems. The unit helps the students to analyse websites in current practices where the business transactions are performed and then they are asked to create prototype of these websites. This not only helps the students to get a clearer idea of the communication technology that is implemented to develop the E-commerce learning experiences. E-commerce and its principles such as cost to serve, creating a diverse customer experience and service, more flexible and expandable customer reach and others reflects the way students get to learn the significance of e-commerce. The process of performing business through internet especially in terms of its importance in business (B2B) companies through the help of advanced technology is the integral part of the course work.


It also reflects that the way to effectively help the students to theoretical and practical acquire the knowledge of the IMAT5211 solutions is to give them assessments that are suitable in terms of creating responsive websites, providing quality services in the form of customized experiences as well as influences the sales with advancement and flexibility of transactions.

Location: De Montfort University, UK

Study level: The programs and course of E-commerce systems are offered on undergraduate level and the postgraduate level.

Unit code: IMAT5211 E-Commerce Systems

Briefs of IMAT5211 Answers

The course IMAT5211 represents the theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of the module so that the students can get enough opportunity to learn, understand and implement the infrastructure of e-commerce. In the assessment, the selling and buying of goods and services or transferring of date or fund as well as implementing knowledge through internet is explained in terms of the students’ acquisition of knowledge and implement the same in their skills. The assessment includes the students to prepare research questions and methodology which contributes to the students’ ideas and understanding of the coursework and also implement their own ideas. In this assessment, the students learn to recognize the significance of management and marketing in relation to E-commerce therefore, they are asked to provide a report which is relatable to the expected word count as well as integrates system design according to their understanding.

The primary implementation of the assessment in terms of the report which consists of SWOT analysis providing diverse services in relation to business organization and performance. The coursework is present in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs levels thus, it can be stated that the students in college and university will contribute to the development of academic knowledge of the students. The two levels will be different based on their assessment difficulty monitor as well as the background of the knowledge provided in college will contribute to the student’s understanding and implementation of university level skills implementation.

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Weightage of The IMAT5211 Course Code in This Semester

IMAT5211 Solutions contributes to 50% of the marks as the final outcome of the module through the assessment or the grading sheet. It is important to state that all work based on this course assessment must be individual based and completely original. This assignment has 20% of the coursework while 10% of module mark thus representing the theoretical understanding of the assessment. The assignment also has 80% of coursework as well as 40% of module mark that represents the practical understanding and realisation of the system design as well as the E-commerce systems knowledge implementation.

The course code is significant in terms of the quality of knowledge and skills developed among the students in terms of their future endeavour and the expertise of the students in E-commerce systems. The knowledge acquired in the coursework helps the students reflects the need for catering to the customers in terms of personalized experience through websites. Internet and advanced technology contribute to the way assessment is performed in reflection to the students becoming professional in terms of learning the E-commerce systems and their integration to their daily use.

The course code is significant considering in this semester, it contributes to a major part of the students’ performance and their implementation of knowledge acquired and skills developed. The course helps in developing a comprehensive understanding and knowledge in integrating the learning units which provides a detailed reflection of the academic services as well as exceptional clarity in terms of future use.

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