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Most Frequently Asked Questions By Students

Q.1: What is Heron's formula?

  • If a, b, and c are the length of a triangle's sides, then the total area is = Square root ofs(sa)(s - b)(s - c)

In geometry, we can find the area of a triangle if we know the length of all three sides.

This is Heron's formula which is also named Hero's formula.

Q.2: What is the area of the triangle formula?

  • The whole area of every triangle is half the entire rectangle area. So, if we take A as the area of a triangle, the formula is ® A = 12bh

Here, b is the base, and h is the triangle's height.

Q.3: How do you answer trigonometry?

Trigonometry is a unique field of mathematics.

You need to follow some simple tips to answer trigonometry questions –

  • You need to start from the complicated side

  • Always express every equation into Sine and Cosine.

  • Try to not miss any steps

  • Apply the formulas wisely

Q.4. What is linear equations and examples?

The definition of a linear equation is an equation where the variable's highest power is 1. Linear equations always result in a straight line. So, it is called a 'linear equation'.

For example, 42x + 32y = 60

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I have such a hard time beginning my assignments for fear of not doing a good job on them. This service gives me that push that I need to get my assi...

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