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INFO321 Assessment Answers

The INST701 assessment answers Introduction to Research Methods is an upper level undergraduate course offered by the American Public University. This course is designed to meet the academic requirements of a database management professional in corporate sector. The need to manage huge databases has increased in the present times. With the advancements in of information technology large volumes of data are being produced by the human world. Large business and public organizations have to acquire large amounts of data and store them. Management of such huge amounts of data requires skills that this course endeavour s to provide.


The duration of this course is eight weeks. Through this course students will learn to evaluate the evolution of databases as a tool for managing information. The INST701 assignments will lay emphasis on assessment of the important components of a database management system. Students will learn how to investigate the integrity, availability and security related issues related to relational databases. At the end of this course students will be able to implement the acquired knowledge of database design and development in designing and developing a database management system. This course will encourage team building and team effort. Students will learn how to work together in unity to achieve targets.

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Fundamental Concepts of INFO321 Assignments

The units in this INFO321 will introduce students with the fundamental concepts of database management. Students will learn about the various methods and problems associated with database and its management. They will develop a thorough knowledge and conceptualizations associated with the development of business application. The INST701 will focus on preparing students to extract relevant and meaningful information. Students will learn how to examine databases and demonstrate appropriate querying functions to extract information. Students will be able to analyze database requirements. They will learn how to develop working application that will be used in business application. Students will develop a solid foundation in database management system and the concepts associated with the same. To attend this course as a pee-requisite, students are expected to have completed all basic courses in this subject and career planning courses. Students will learn how to develop database management proposals independently. The instructor will help students clear their doubts regarding any concept in the subject and support with the learning activities throughout the course.

Unit Details of  INFO321 Assessment Answers

Location:  The location of the university is United States

Study Level: The level of study of this course is postgraduate

Unit Code: The unit code for the course is INFO321

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Brief of INFO321 Assessment Answers

In this semester there will be a total of seven assignments that the students have to complete. 31 % of the total weight age in the final grade for this course in the semester will borrowed from the assignments. The assignments will evaluate the students based on their knowledge and ability to implement them to solve problems. The assignments will be majorly problems from the study materials. Students will have to apply the theoretical concepts to solve the problems. INFO321 task answers Students will have to respond to eight weekly forum postings. The answers provided should comprise of three to four paragraphs. The paragraphs should include a sentence that highlights the question. Students have to compose their paragraphs within 250 to 300 words.


Valuable feedback must be provided by students in response to other students’ answer posts in the forum. The forum postings will contribute 24 % of the final grade for this course in the semester. There will be a term project which will contribute 17 % of the final grades for this course. The term project has been divided into two assessments. At first students have to submit a project proposal. The proposal will be regarding a database design. Students have to select a data storage problem based on their own interest. They have to identify and describe the various pieces of information that can be stored in the database. The proposal will carry 5 % marks. The final term project will carry 12 % marks. Students have to take two quizzes. The time duration for each quiz will be two hours. Each quiz will carry 5 % of the total weight age in the final grades. In total the two quizzes will contribute to 10 % of the final grades in the semester.


INFO321 solutions The quizzes will comprise of multiple choice questions. Each question will be provided with four options of answers. Students must select the correct option to score. Selection of more than one option in one question will be awarded zero marks. The quiz will be open book test. Students may take help of their books, lecture notes to find answers to the question and complete the test. In the sixth week there will be a case study. the case study will contribute to 18 % of the final grade in the semester. In the case study students are required to perform a functional dependency analysis and create an MS Access prototype database.

Weightage of the INFO321 Database Management Systems

The weightage that the course INFO321 Database Management Systems carries in this semester is based on the importance of the knowledge regarding managing huge databases in corporate professions. The evaluation of the students will be done based on the assessment items, tests, papers, forums and quizzes. Students must score the passing marks to meet the passing criteria and pass the subject. The minimum passing criteria in all the assessments is to obtain 60 % of the total weightage in the assessment. Late submission of assignments will have negative impact on the grades. It is compulsory to take all the assignments of the course INFO321 in this semester. They must be able to show their expertise over the theoretical knowledge and ability to implement them into real life practise. The weightage that this course is allotted is to make sure that students put the sufficient effort in studying this subject and make the perform their level best in the assessments of this course. By performing well in the assessments and obtaining good grades students will be able to improve their academic performance in the semester.

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