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INST715 Assignment Answers With Ph.D Experts


INST715 Assessment Answers

The University of Maryland is a public Land Grant Research University located in College Park, Maryland, established in 1856. This university is the flagship institution of the University of Maryland system. With over 41,000 students from all 50 states and 123 countries, and a global alumni network of over 388,000, it is also the largest university in both the state and Washington. Twelve schools and universities offer more than 200 programs, including 92 bachelor's programs, 107 master's programs, and 83 doctoral programs. UMD is a member of the American Colleges Association and participates in inter-university athletics as a member of the Big Ten Conference.


The University of Maryland's proximity to the state capital has created many research partnerships with the federal government. Faculty members receive research grants and institutional support from institutions such as the National Institutes of Health, NASA, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Security Agency, and the Department of Homeland Security. Classified as "R1: PhD-Very High Research Activities" and called "Public Ivy", it shows the quality of education comparable to the Private Ivy League. This educational institution is ranked among the top 100 universities domestically and internationally by several indicators, including the consistently ranked criminology and criminal justice departments.

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The University of Maryland offers the INST715 assessment answers for the students. The strategic role of knowledge in an organization or institution Ecology of information and knowledge. The structure and function of the knowledge management system and the role of the Internet and intranets. Knowledge as intellectual capital. The role of librarians and information professionals in the knowledge economy. Strategic issues and future trends. This course aims to help students become familiar with current knowledge management (KM) theories, practices, tools, and techniques and pursue careers in the information sector of commercial and non-profit organizations. In addition, students learn to determine infrastructure requirements for the management of an organization's intellectual capital. In particular, by the end of the course, students will be able to follow issues.

  • Students will be able to define knowledge management,learning organizations, intellectual capital and related terms, and how they can be used to support the organization's strategic goals. 

  • They will be able to demonstratean understanding of the history, concepts, and predecessors of knowledge management and understand some successful knowledge management systems.

  • Completion of the INST715assignments will allow the student to explain how KM can improve the effectiveness of individuals and organizations.

  • By using their knowledge and expertise, they can identify and select KM tools and techniques during the knowledge creation, acquisition, transfer, and management phases.

  • They will develop their ability to analyse and evaluate tangible and intangible knowledge resources tounderstand how to develop a culture of knowledge sharing, collaboration, and KM support. 

  • This course will educate the students to identify and evaluate the technicaltools available to implement the KM

  • Completion of the INST715 solutionswill allow the student to evaluate approaches to achieving the effectiveness of KM's efforts (indicators) to improve an organization's competitive advantage.

  • This course will assist the students in clarifyingvarious career options in this area.

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Brief of INST715 Assessment Answers

The INST715 task answers will be conducted completely online to develop students` analytical abilities in the area of KM and knowledge management systems. The content of the course is divided into various segments as indicated on the schedule to provide a balanced approach to the field. Each segment will serve as a link to the following segment. Assignments will be specified on the attached schedule. Students are encouraged to complete a KM case study paper that includes a written report submitted toward the end of the course. Case studies carefully integrate classroom reading, assignments, discussions, and student participation to provide students with a complete picture of the area of INST715 assignments The course focuses on reading, discussion and student participation. Students must actively participate in class discussions and complete the reading and assignments necessary to achieve the best results. Students are expected to participate in class discussions, ask questions, and share their experiences with other students. Certain percentage points may be deducted from your grades if you do not attend, except for reasons beyond my control.

INST715 Assessment Assignments

Two individual achievements are created, which together make up 30% of the total grade (15 points for each achievement). Each student must complete these assignments individually and must be submitted to the assignments folder by the due date to be counted as full credit. Individual assignments are designed to add value to individual case studies scheduled at the end of the course. The individual exam accounts for 40% of the overall grade. Case studies are comprehensive and help you apply what you have learned throughout the course. Students will conduct individual case studies in the field of KM. The case study serves as a hands-on learning experience to understand the various problems of KM. Students are required to submit project proposals in the second week. Students will submit a case study progress report in the 4th week. Suggestions should not exceed three pages. The professor will provide guidance, review discussions, midpoint corrections, and related support. Students agree to comply with the confidentiality/disclosure rules of the organization in which the KM Survey is conducted before submitting the report to the instructor. 

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What is the Weightage of This INST715 Course Code in Their Semester?

The total weight age of this course is 12 credit points. Each week, you need to read the assigned chapters, browse PowerPoint slides, post your understanding of KM, and interact with other posts to facilitate discussions. Completion of the INST715 Knowledge Management course will allow the student to learn about History, Concepts, Definitions and the Antecedents of KM, Information Management to Knowledge. They will be informed about Explicit Knowledge, Tacit Knowledge Infrastructure, Knowledge Management and Ethics. This course will guide the students to learn Explicit Knowledge, Tacit Knowledge and Infrastructure Knowledge Management and Ethics. This course will allow the students to understand knowledge management. In addition, students learn to determine infrastructure requirements for the management of an organization's intellectual capital.

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