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ISOL533 Information Security and Risk Management

Unit Name: ISOL533 Information Security and Risk Management

ISRM (information security risk management) is the practice of discovering, assessing, and managing risks associated with a company's important data. It addresses the risks associated with those resources in place to ensure that the intended business objectives are realized. Risk can be managed in a variety of methods, which will be discussed within the consecutive sections of this course module. The students need to understand one important aspect and that is, one size does not fit all, so not all risk is negative; risks can also produce possibilities, yet almost all of the time the entire attention is on the threat. Risk management is a critical procedure for all businesses. This is especially evident in information systems, which are crucial to achieving organizational goals. A structured risk management plan is at the heart of risk management. The course module shows students how to evaluate an institution's information technology resources, how to assess the additional level of protection, and how to create expenditures for security initiatives.

The first stage of this course will let the students understand how it involves the strategies required for recognition, evaluation, and mitigation of potential risks. The students need to understand the fact the mitigation of risks will be important for them while they pursue their careers in technological fields. The intervention of cybersecurity paradigms has made the priority of information risk management more prominent and needful.

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Subsequent stages of this course will let the student learn the ability how to identify the vulnerabilities. The students will be able to highlight the deficiencies, loopholes, and weaknesses within an organization or the respective firm they will be working within shortly. The students will be able to pinpoint the valuable resources of an organization and how influential it will be if the organizational data, its confidentiality, availability, and integrity get exposed. The next module within this course will help the students understand one of the most significant steps of this ISRM process that is the identification of specific threats. The students will be able to differentiate between the types of attacks such that they can provide their company significant and valuable feedback for preparing relevant strategies. The entire course will assist all the participants in apprehending sufficient knowledge regarding several topics in information security, its importance, and risk management. The aspects that the relevant subjects of this course will cover are:

  • Introduction to Information Security and Risk management.

  • The layers of security.

  • The relevant threats and potential vulnerabilities associated with information security.

  • The theories related to data and data security.

  • Risk modeling techniques, impact, and how they are implemented within organizations.

  • Several techniques are associated with risk management.

  • Risk management elements and techniques are required for the evaluation and assessment of the potential risks.

ISOL533 Unit Details:

Location: United States, Kentucky

Study Level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: ISOL533

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Brief ISOL533 Assessment

The assessor will evaluate the students based on the assignment described above. The purpose of this assignment is to let them understand the importance of risk management and how to identify the relevant risks within an organization. This particular project will let the students fulfill their role of being an employee engaged with procedures of risk management within a particular commercial scenario.

Learning Outcome:

Upon completion of all the relevant topics and subjects within the course alongside this project, the students will be able to prevail an entire apprehension of risk management, the importance of such measures as well as the critical procedures necessary while establishing a formal risk management plan for the given organization or commercial firm.

The Case Scenario

You work as an IT cybersecurity trainee for Charnock Health, Inc. (Health Network), a hypothetical healthcare company based in Kentucky. Health Network employs around 600 people and earns $700 million in annual revenue. The corporation also has offices in Portland, Oregon, and Arlington, Texas, that support a wide range of corporate functions. Each corporate site is near a founder data centre, wherein third-party information centre hosting companies house and manage production systems. HNetExchange, HNetPay, and HNetConnect are the three primary products of Health Network. HNetExchange is the firm's primary source of financing. This service manages secure computerized healthcare data sent by its customers, such as big hospitals, and directed to recipient consumers, such as clinics.

Several of the company's HNetExchange clients utilize HNetPay to facilitate the administration of facilitating payments and invoices. HNetConnect is an informational website that allows Health Network clients to discover the correct level of assistance just at the right location by listing doctors, clinics, and other medical facilities.

Senior management at Health Network has decided that the group's current risk management strategy is outdated, and so a new risk management plan is required. Senior management is dedicated to and supportive of the initiative to build a new risk management plan due to the relevance of risk management to the company. The students will be tasked with creating this new strategy. The risk mitigation plan must address the recognized threats within the project scenario, along with any other relevant threats that might attack the organization.

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Weightage of the ISOL533 Course in the Semester

This course will provide beneficial knowledge to every student who seeks to have a professional career ahead regarding information security and its management of risks. The assessor will examine every student’s progress in this course through regular assessments that will be conducted every week and every lecture. The assessment questions, answers, assignment answers will be provided after the exams are concluded. This course consists of 30% marks out of the entire grade allocated for the semester. Class attendance, weekly assignments will cover a total of 10% out of the allotted marks of 30% for this course. Every student needs to complete the risk management report plan along with the recommendations of relevant mitigation strategies for potential hazards of the respective organization as will be provided within the case scenario. This report will be the final assignment of this course and will consist of 20% of the entire course marks. The solution of the report plan and task answers needs to be shared with the assessor in a word document file.

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