ISY3001 E-Business Fundamentals Systems Assessment Answers

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ISY3001 Assessment Answers

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University details of  ISY3001 Assignments

Unit Code: ISY3001
Study level: Undergraduate

Location: Australia
University: Australian Institute of Higher Education

This ISY3001 Assessment Answers is associated with the Australian institute of the higher education in Australia for the study level of undergraduate. For answering the question, the student should follow the report format while focusing on answering the questions laid down in the questions. 

a.  Clearly state the e-commerce business model chosen. For each of the chosen website, one should report the business name and the homepage URL.
b.  For each of the chosen website, explain why the website belongs to that particular e-commerce business model. 
c.  For each of the chosen website, identify the principles goals of the website. 
d.  For each website, consider the attributes of website and assess them on differential scale – very Poor, Poor, Inapplicable, Good and very good, with the ratings from 1 to 5. 

Introduction of Assignment Answers

E-commerce business has been evolving day by day and it has grown at a faster rate after the pandemic. There are several e-commerce businesses models such as B2C, B2B, C2B, and C2C. This report deals with the B2B business models. It stresses on carrying out the businesses with other businesses. It often takes place with the interchange of accounting services. It has been identified that businesses collaborate with one another to interchange various services such as bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. Small businesses who do not have enough resources to develop their own accounting systems can make use of services provided by the accounting services providers. Nowadays, there is a large number of firms who are engaged in offering services directly to other businesses. It has been increasing at a faster rate in the overall Australian market. It mainly includes service providers such as social media marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing and content marketing which is popular in the Australian market. 

With the ISY3001 expansion of this type of business models all across the world, several countries including Australia have become reliable on this type of business model. The Australian market has experiences growth in the consultation services in the last decade. During the period of large scale industrial financial crisis, the consultation services industry has experienced a negligible fall in revenue generation as it remained as one of the few industries that was able to maintain its position in the event of financial crisis. The chosen entity for understanding the e-commerce business model is Deloitte. 

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Business Model of Deloitte ISY3001 Assessment

The company has adopted B2B business model for delivering accounting, auditing, taxation, risk management, financial counselling and consultancy services to the businesses. The company is able to merge the expertise from the small firms to the professional areas of the business. Under B2B business model, the company sells its product or services to another business. The B2B transactions generally have recurring purchases and higher order value but have a longer sales cycle. Nowadays, ISY3001 assignments the innovators in B2B models have place themselves replacing catalogs and order sheets with improved targeting and ecommerce storefronts in the niche markets. B2B selling in the online space is becoming more important. 

In the world that is upended by the covid-19, Deloitte has been focusing on improving the organization through deep understanding about the client needs, that build better service, deepen relationships, more digitally enabled customer journey. The company focus on six key actions that every organization should strives to put in place a futureproof B2B Model. The six steps that are adopted by the company are as follows:
• Addressing the complex decision-making units and shifting stakeholders.
•    Becoming fully customer-centric 
•    Keeping the pace with the changes and technology innovation.
•    Transforming the digital platforms for new businesses, operating and customer models,
•    Building new functions and market roles
•    Redefining the collaboration and breaking down the marketing silos. 

Goals of the Deloitte’s website and business ISY3001

Deloitte has been operating as an organization that are led by particular purpose. These purposes are incorporated into the website of the company as they help in achieving the goals of becoming the global leader in professional services. The company aims at making an impact that matters the most. The main goals of the company in respect with the promotion of ecommerce business include the following:

•   The company would lead the profession by challenging themselves for doing what matters the most, and delivering innovative ideas that reflects the unique capabilities. 

•  To inspire people for delivering the value, developing and mentoring the future leaders and colleagues for life. 

•  To make contributions to the society by upholding integrity, building confidence and trust and supporting the community.

•  To serve clients with distinction and quality, by making the attributable and measurable impact on the organization. 

Challenges faced by the Companies in E-Commerce Business ISY3001 

Though the e-commerce sector has grown exponentially in the last few years, however, it faces several challenges which include high cash on delivery, customer mindset, poor courier services, reachability and other policy related issues. Some of the challenges faced by the companies are discussed in brief below:

Poor logistic and supply chains
The success of e-commerce business lies on the ability of the companies to deliver the products to the customers. In order to provide efficient deliveries, the businesses must have robust supply chains and logistics network. The courier companies do not have nationwide approach to deliver their goods and services which acts as an hindrance in their success. 

High Competition
With the increase in competition, it becomes difficult for the businesses to remain differentiated in the market. Aggressive pricing strategies, free deliveries, heavy discounts and offers. 

E-commerce businesses requires the companies to offer a wide variety of payment which include credit and debit card, cash on delivery, internet banking among others. Around 60 to 70% of the payments are made using ISY3001 task answers as many customers fear sharing information online as they do not trust the website for secure payments.

It has been found that the ecommerce business has been evolving day by day. The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the customer behaviour pattern as the people were forced to avail goods and services through digital platforms. Even though the ecommerce business experiences certain challenges, the revenue generation from ecommerce sector has increased tremendously in recent years.

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