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What is Law?

Law refers to the system of rules, which a society or the government develops for dealing with crime, the business agreements as well as the social relationships. One can also make use of law for referring to the individuals who work in this very system. In other words, it is the rule that is created and enforced for regulating human behaviour. Within the Indian constitution, each and every citizen has been provided with a list of rights and for this reason, there is likely to be infringement in rights too. The Indian legislation has introduced several laws for enforcing and protecting these rights for civilizing the society and maintaining peace and harmony within the individuals. If you are looking for Taxation Law Assignment Help, then Allessaywriter is the perfect place for you.

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What are the types of Law?

There are a total of four types of laws or legal system in India and they are described below:

  1. Criminal law- This law is enforced by the police. The cases such as rape, assault, robbery and murder are dealt under this type of law. For the offences that are committed against any individual but are seen as being against everybody, even though it does not, fall under the criminal law. For instance, if a house is burgled then the theft is against the very individual, but it again threatens all the house owners as they might have burgled their houses. Since the view is taken that everybody is threatened by the crime this law is dealt with the public services and bot by the private ones.
  2. Civil Law- This type of law looks at the actions, which are not crime. It deals with all kind of disputes in between individuals and organizations. It also covers range of areas like the child’s custody, divorce, education right, defamation, ownership issues, property disputes, the trade union membership etc. For instance, an individual by force took over someone else’s property without his or her permission and not vacating it or one company sue another over a trade dispute or car crash victims claims from the driver for loss or injury sustained in an accident.
  3. Common Law- This law is also known as the Judicial precedent or case law and is derived from the judicial decision of courts and similar tribunals. As the name suggests, it is common for all. The example set by higher courts is binding on cases tried in lower courts. Lower courts can also choose to overturn the precedent, but this rarely occurs. The example of a common law marriage is when two people have lived together for ten or more years. They have thus and legal rights to share their assets because of it.
  4. Statutory Law- Statute or Statutory Law is a law established by an act of the legislature that is signed by the executive or legislative body. For state law, the acts are passed by the state legislature and signed by the state governor. In rare circumstances, the executive, i.e., the governor or the president, may refuse to sign the bill or reject it and that is known as “veto”. A bill is proposed in the legislature and voted upon. For instance, a person is given a citation for the violation of the speed limit that he or she has broken a vehicle and traffic law.

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Which Law is best to study?

Criminal law is best to study. It is one of the core Law subjects and it offers exciting the opportunities for working in the areas of human rights, policy development, international law along with the development of a practical understanding of the existing issues of the juvenile justice, death penalty, the cyber law etc. As new avenues open up, the establishment of a career in law is no longer restricted in working in only the courts of law but have expanded into human rights, organizations, social and medical and in many multinational firms. Criminal law is a very comprehensive subject and it has the applications in a multitude of areas. This opens the door for the graduates for exploring different fields and industries where they could put their knowledge and skills for using. It covers a range of issues right from assault to the international fraud, the bank robbery, housebreaking, organized crime etc. This degree leads to other careers aside from becoming a lawyer, it sets up a person for pursuing satisfying careers as a police officer, social worker, probation officer, non-profit workers and a judge.

Why do we need Law?

Law in a society is not something that takes place from outside the borders of society. It is in reality a key concept of society. It represents the norms of the society and what is good, fair and equal according to the society. Every society has its own rules, but with the modification in the society’s norms, these rules change. In society, law is required for major reasons and they are mentioned below:

  1. For governing the behaviour of people in accordance with the society’s norms including regulatory laws, contract laws, personal laws and prohibition laws etc.
  2. For balancing the damage done by the victim against the person and society in general.
  3. For gathering and extracting profits from the masses by using the taxation laws.

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What is the purpose of Law?

In a society like United States, the law informs everyday life in a wide variety of ways and is reflected in many branches of law. For instance, contract law regulates agreements to exchange goods, services or anything else of value, so it included everything from buying a bus ticket to trading options on a derivatives market. Property law defines the rights of the people and duties toward the tangible property, including the real estate and their other possessions and intangible property like the shares of stock and bank accounts. Tort law provided for compensation when someone or their property is harmed, whether in an automobile accident or by defamation of character. Those are fields of civil law that deals with disputes between the individuals. Offenses against the state, federal and local community itself are the subject of criminal law that provides for the government for punishing the offender.

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