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MAT243 Discrete Mathematical Structures

MAT 243 is a course which is available in the Arizona State University, this under graduate course is much helpful for the students of this university for understanding the sets, functions, elementary number theory, recursive algorithm’s, induction and mathematical reasoning. This course is very much different from calculus classes. The syllabus of this subject is very much dynamic and is subjected to changes every academic session. An advanced graphing calculator is much required for the students of this course for all the mathematical calculations. These calculators have QWERTY keyboards which is useful for the students to conduct symbolic algebra.

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Structural induction can be practised in the first place using this calculator as well. In this course, students shall need to prepare an academic status report which determines the pass or fail marks of the students. These reports are helpful for the students to understand the errors they are committing while solving the problems. In this MAT243 assessment answers, a quiz is conducted by the facilitator and it can be announced or a surprised one. Mid term tests are conducted in this course code as well which is much helpful for the students to enhance their skillset as well as improve their percentage of attendance. These tests are administered in the local classrooms and the class notes are useful in preparing for this test. However, the final exam of this course is much stricter as compared to the mid term exams. A maximum of 6 missed classes can be disastrous for the students and they might not be allowed to sit in the final exam due to low attendance. Students of this course needs to work according to the instructions which are provided by the dean of this college in order to get admit cards for the final exam.

Study materials for this course are provided from the university itself. Students of this course is required to register themselves to sit on both the mid term as well as the final exam. Students of this course must be aware of the concept of academic dishonesty as any kind of improper conduct can lead to loss of registration and other academic sanctions. Electronic devices such as iPOD, mobile and MP3 players are strictly prohibited inside the classrooms of this course. At the same time, multiple enrolment is also strictly prohibited in this course.

Unit Details

Location: West Campus, Polytechnic campus, Tempe campus, Down town-Phoenix campus

Study Level: Under graduate

Unit Code: MAT243

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Brief of MAT243 Assessments

In this course students are requested to write an individual report as well as take part in an online homework which is provided in the organizational network. Students of this course needs to show their understanding of recursion. Apart from these topics there are other topics which are covered in this course as well such as propositional logic, predicates, quantifiers, rules of inference, sequences and summation, modular arithmetic, integer representation and algorithms, linear recurrence relation. Permutation and combination are one of the most significant topics of discussion in this course. Predicates logic can also be defined as the extension of the propositional logic, it refers to the properties which is greater than

Propositional logic is defined as the logic of studying the ways of joining or modifying entire propositions, sentences as well as statements. The properties as well as the logical relationships can be studied in the first place using propositional logic.

This course code is useful for the students as it allows them to develop a creative mindset, the forward thinking platform is much useful for the students to identify the areas of versatility. There are numerous advanced digital technologies which are deployed in this university as well such as the cutting edge technologies. This course allows students to discover their strengths in such a manner so that they can address most of the probable challenges which might be coming in the later stages. Most of the interconnectedness of the world can be simplified by the students of this MAT243 assignment answers. Innovation and robust solution are the other positives associated to this course. This course also allows a student to understand the concept of applied learning. Interdisciplinary enquiry can be done by the students of this course. There are virtual as well as physical learning centres which can MAT243 task answers help students to pass the exams. Predicates are used alongside quantifiers. It is used to quantify to express the extent to which a predicate is true over a range of elements. There are two major types of quantification techniques which shall be taught in this subject such as universal quantification which MAT243 solutions helps in determining all the values of x in this domain and existential quantification which is required to form a proposition that is true only if p(x) is true for at least one of the values of x in the same domain.

There are different categories of rules for conditionals such as the deduction theorem, modus ponens, and modus tollens. At the same time, there are rules associated to conjunctions as well such as adjunction, and simplification. The rules of disjunctions are addition, case analysis, disjunctive syllogism, constructive dilemma. This subjects also allows in studying the rules for biconditionals such as biconditional introduction, biconditional elimination. There are rules associated to classical predicate calculus as well such as universal generalization, universal instantiation, existential generalization, and existential instantiation. At the same time, the rules of substructural logic revolve around the rule of contraction and the rule of weakening. Each of these basic operators are needed to be studied in in-depth modus in order to get a distinction grade in this course code.  

Set theory is defined as the type of theory which is much useful in determining the set of objects which are associated to the infinite sets. There are different categories of set theory such as finite set, infinite set, subset, powerset, null set and empty set.

Weightage of MAT243 Course Code in Semester

Students of this course is required to get a minimum of 50% grade to get the passing score in this subject.


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