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MBA522 Assessment Answers

The MBA522 assessment answers are for the unit subject Organizational behaviour and Leadership in the Park University in US. The MBA522 assessment answers are effective in terms of optimal effectiveness in organisation and the way challenges are faced and resolved. Leadership is one of the most important aspect of an organisation and it is being taught in this course to the students in terms of leveraging internal competencies as well as fostering a work culture that encourages innovation. The different types of leaderships and their styles are taught to the students in terms of establishing organisational culture, resolving problems as well as establishing entities of companies where a certain level of motivation is observed in the workforce.


In terms of leadership, the significant aspect of conflict resolution is taught to the students in terms of managing performances of individuals, integration of teams as well as encouraging diverse work groups. Forming certain approaches that are tactical as well as inclusive of professionalism is a way of making students accountable of their performance as well as future professionalism in terms of organisational development. The students are taught about adaptability in companies where it comes to expectations as well as dynamics which are changing based on decision-making and problem-solving techniques. Strategies are taught to the students in this course leading to understanding the global and domestic market as well as the leaders contributing to the development of organisations facing competition in the industry and managing their performance that stands up to the expectations of the industry.

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Unit Details of MBA522 Assignment Answers

The unit is inclusive of problem-solving strategies, evaluation of workplace stress, influence of motivation, development of entity in terms of conflict resolution, developing organisational culture and others aspects in relevance to leadership styles. When evaluating this unit is based on entrepreneurial spirit, the students understanding of work groups and team in terms of diverse requirement, roles and responsibilities and establishing effective communication is the most important approach.


All students must learn that when developing an organisation, the leaders of the organisation must share a common vision that not only encourages the workforce but also attracts the domestic and the global market for further collaboration and partnership. The concept of change management, power in politics, organisational success, mitigating risks and facing challenges are all important part of organisational behaviour and the students are taught about ethical implications of problem-solving and decision-making. These aspects not only foster innovation but also instilled students with ideas that are innovative and different.


The students develop an entity that contributes to their understanding of organisational behaviour as well as learning about their own personalities in terms of leadership. Exploring characteristics of students in terms of the way they carry on communication express themselves as well as implement tactical approaches reflects on their learning of implementing changes, facing competition as well as establishing excellent communication. Change management and organisational behaviour and implementation of leadership or some of the most important theories that are taught to the students accordingly they learn about future professionalism in the organisational development.

Location: Park University, United States

Study level: Undergraduate level

Unit code: MBA522 Organizational behaviour and Leadership

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Briefs of MBA522 Assessment

The first assessment that is given to the students is a case study based on organisational change and structure of General Electric (GE). The case study not only evaluates the responses of the students in terms of its proficiency, distinguished aspects, analysis, evaluation and synthesis of cognitive processing but also evaluate their understanding of the issues. When evaluating the performance of the students in terms of this MBA522 assignment answers, it needs to be observed that do they understand the need for leaders and the responsibility of leadership in an organisation. It is also important to evaluate the students understanding of decision making as well as problem-solving when it comes to internal and external aspects impacting an organisation. You can also look for MBA assignment help at Allessaywriter.


The significance of stakeholders as well as the organisations marketplace in terms of mitigating risks or other aspects of this case study that must be evaluated in terms of the students adoption of the continual transformation. In another assessment, the students were asked to write a report on leadership perspective in a certain organisation.The academic response that they must develop should be in terms of influence opposition in the market, likelihood of the organisation is achieving successful objectives as well as attainment of goals. Not only that the operations and the visions of organisation has also observed when availability of certain attributes is reflected in an organisation. The students learn about the risks that organisations have to face when it comes to market consuming complimentary as well as launching their own products and services for the customers. These evaluations not only contributes to the students learning of the organisational behaviour but also the necessity of a leadership in an organisation so that the success and business development is observed.

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What is The Weightage of This MBA522 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of MBA522 task answers are for the unit subject Organizational behaviour and Leadership in this semester is 70%. The course demands all students to submit original work and accordingly they must not perform any errors or fraud in terms of plagiarism or other unethical activity. Through MBA522 solutions, they would learn about the significance of organisational behaviour as well as integrating resources that helps them understand operations of an organisation as well as the way it can be developed through formal Academy composition.


The students also learn through the scores about the significance of MBA522 assessment answers in terms of their personal and professional development in the future. Not only that being an effective leader is not about a position to acquire but also about making followers satisfied without forcing them to be comfortable in their own position.As a leader, it is one’s responsibility to contribute to the growth and development of an organisation as well as the workforce that is involved in it. The students learn about this in terms of likelihood and successful integration of the organisational behaviour as well as the strategic management of leadership through MBA522 assignment answers.

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