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MGMT101 Assessment Answers

The course MGMT101 assessment answers Introduction to Management is an undergraduate level course offered by the Victoria University of Wellington. In this MGMT101 assessment answers, students will learn about the methods and techniques of management in modern times. MGMT101 assignment answers have been designed to meet the educational requirements and management skills of managers in leading companies, public, voluntary and business organisations.


Through MGMT101 assessment answers, students will develop leadership skills and gain confidence to lead a team. This course will help students develop their skills of analytical thinking, communication, critical decision making and creativity. MGMT101 solutions will develop a great career scope for the students who wish to become managers in top globally connected, technology driven business organizations. The duration of this course will be one trimester. Teaching methods in MGMT101 assignment answers will involve in class lectures and sharing informative content online through PowerPoint slides. Students will have the opportunity to interact personally with the lecturer to clear any doubts in concepts.

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Unit Details of MGMT101 Assignment Answers

The MGMT101 assignment answers will introduce students with the fundamental concepts of management. The study of management is inspired by the importance of making people work together in collaboration for the benefit of an organization or to achieve desired targets. This course will help students understand the roles, responsibilities and functionality of a manager in corporate organizations. Students will develop a deep knowledge of theories and conceptual frameworks associated with management. They will learn how to implement these acquired knowledge in practical management problems. Students will understand the values, ethical and the social responsibilities of a manager in business environment.


MGMT101 assessment answers will lay emphasis on development of communication skills both in oral and written contexts. Students will be able to develop professionally formatted reports, financial statements or other business related written documents. MGMT101 assignment answers will encourage leadership. Students will understand the characteristics required in development of true leader. Students will develop decision making skills in the field of business management. This course will help students develop their creativity. Students will understand the interrelationship between human resources, organizational behavior, operations management and industrial relations.

Study Level:  The level of study of this course is of undergraduate.

Unit Code:  The unit code for the course is MGMT101.

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Brief of MGMT101 Assessment Answers

All the assessment submissions by students for this course in this semester will be checked for academic integrity by an electronic search engine. Students will have to submit authentic work. Submission of copied assignment whether from another student or from the website will have a negative impact on the grades and scores of the assessment. There will be three main assessments in MGMT101 assessment answers for this semester.


The first assignment will be a people problem video which will be due on the fifth week of the course. This video will be of five minutes.MGMT101 assignment answers will carry 30 % of the total score in the assessment marks for this course in this semester. The first assignment will reflect upon the students’ ability to describe and apply key concepts, theoretical frameworks that are relevant to management problem. Assignment 2 will be a strategic case analysis. Students are expected to develop a case study report of 1500 words. The second assessment has to be submitted in the ninth week after the beginning of the course. This assignment will carry 30 % of the total score in the assessment marks for MGMT101 assessment answers in this semester. Th second assessment will evaluate students based on their ability to uunderstand the interrelations between the various disciplines within management.The third assessment is a comprehensive case analysis. Students are expected to develop the cases analysis report of 1500 words. This assessment will carry 30 % of the total marks in the assignment in the semester grades for this assessment.


This assignment will reflect on the student’s knowledge in business management in local, national, and global levels. It is compulsory that students take and submit all the assignments to pass in the course. Students must complete assignments abiding by the assigned word count. If the word count in an assignment exceeds in that case the content beyond the assigned word count will not be evaluated for marking.


The submissions of documents will be done only in the formats of Adobe acrobat files which pdf format files and Microsoft files such as word file, power point presentation file and excel. Students can apply for a one day late submission which does not require any evidence. However, this will have a negative marks in the marks scored. 5 % of the marks will deducted for each consecutive day of late submission beyond the deadline. Submission of assignments after 24 hours of deadline will require evidence and documents to support the student’s cause of late submission. Submissions of the assignments will not be allowed after seven days unless approval has been obtained from the instructor beforehand.

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What is The Weightage of This MGMT101 in Their Semester?

The weightage that the course MGMT101 task answers carries in this semester is based on the importance of management skills and decision decision making ability in the corporate sector. The evaluation of the students in MGMT101 solutions will be done through their performance in the assessment items and graded according to the marking criteria designed by the university. In order to pass through this semester students must obtain passing score in all the assessment items. Therefore, it is compulsory that students take all the assessments. The assignments will assess the theoretical concepts of the students and their ability to implement them to figure out solutions for management problems.


MGMT101 task answers carry a significant amount of weightage in the semester. This will make sure that students study the subject with serious mentality and put enough effort to acquire the knowledge from this course to score good marks in the assignments. By demonstrating excellent knowledge and practical skills students will be able to score high marks and obtain good grades in the subject. By scoring 70 % of the total marks in an assignment a student can obtain high distinction grades. This will have a positive influence in the overall academic performance of the students in the semester.

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