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Explain MGMT353 Management And Organization Behaviour

The Unit MGMT353 management and organization behaviour deals with current management and organizational behaviour for research and practice. This course initiates a broad framework and skills for a series of concepts and includes organizational goals and responsibilities along with models, group behaviour, team skills and organizational change. The course deals with current management as well as organizational behaviour that includes group behaviour and organizational change.

On successful completion of the study, students will be able to:

  • Effectively generate team deliverables.
  • Identify the skills needed for progress in career.
  • Observe behaviour in organizations and determine the causes as well as consequences that might erupt.
  • Expose oneself to the human side of organizations.

Therefore, students are expected to read and prepare assignments based on class schedule. The class time is spent on materials from which success is dependent on student level participation. Due to the interdisciplinary nature in field, there is a possibility that educational methods need to be employed they include a variety of experiences that are recognized through the necessary skills and progress levels.

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Unit details of MGMT353: -

The Unit MGMT353 management and organization behaviour is a course that deals with current management and organizational behaviour and practice. This MGMT353 task answers initiates a broad framework and skills for managers for including case analysis and socio-technical systems for organizations. Students are required to prepare the assignments and gain success from the course after being dependent on student participation levels. The Unit applies to attempting business organizational behaviour and how it is shown to be applied in practice. In this Unit, organizational behaviour determines the study of human behaviour that is to be applied through interaction between people and organizations.


The location of MGMT353 management and organization behaviour is through providing a clear criterion through undergraduate levels at United Kingdom. It determines the levels of stakeholder engagement and trust building through strategic levels of communications that helps in shaping the organizational culture.

Study level: -

The study level there are more reasons for success business leaders need to determine the sources of causes. This course offers managing individuals for understanding change. The study level is applicable for making much in organizational lives and how they are applicable for making productive change in the business.

Unit code: -

MGMT353 management and organization behaviour

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Brief of the MGMT353 Assessment:

The MGMT353 assessment answers applies to how they provide a broad framework in identifying the skills and concepts for teams’ skills intensive of decision theory and leadership and motivation for providing different contexts. Upon solving these assignments, students will be able to offer behavioural skills needed for stakeholder engagement and include trust building through strategic communication. It is on these assignments that the classical theory is to be included for ensuring motivation and behaviour of individuals. This assessment applies to making effective decisions for determining the success levels and determining organizational culture. Reshaping the behavioural skills critical for engagement is underlain on trust building activity and shaping the organizational culture.

The aim of this study is to ensure acquaint with the student as a fundamental in its application process. This MGMT353 Solutions applies to understanding the intricacies of group as well as individual behaviour in order to apply to concept of team building and leadership and effectiveness for conflict resolutions in business organizations. Planning is an intellectual process that makes inclusion for determining the best course of action. The process of manufacturing business lies in the core aspect.

Through extensive levels of experiences, students are able to formulate and implement strategies for bringing change. This course initiates a framework for understanding the challenges and opportunities in implementing effective strategies for change. It is valuable for the investment analysis and leadership to be an effective contributor to the success of the organization and how they can formulate strategies in an effective manner. The MGMT353 assignment answers needs to be taken into grade for letting the domains interrelate. In this course, studying on the aspect of managing change.

The successful shortage of quotes determines the sources of success and how they are streamlined on organizational behaviour. These interactions are characterised by inclusion of personal life and how researchers carefully monitor the techniques to understand the dynamics within the organization. The level of friction is applicable for to study the factors that can have an effect on organizational behaviour. This course is applicable for managing organizational behaviour and how they are applicable for looking into the basics of communication. In order to understand the applicability for change, as a discipline.

The current management behaviour and research is applicable for applying to a broad framework in determining the skills of the managers from a variety of aspects. Due to its nature, it is often understood that applicability of behaviour applies to how they provide a broad framework in managing the skills for managers from distinguishable objectives. In this phenomenon, it is often ascertained that organizational behaviour determines the level of skills critical for stakeholder management and trust building activities. Offering these skills is essential for strategic communications and how they are applicable for making business decisions. The current practice of management is needed for behaviour and research. This course therefore provides a framework through which skills of the managers are determined from levels of career success. Offering behavioural skills is essential as it allows the managers to make accomplishment for organizational objectives.

What is the weightage of this MGMT353 Course Code in their Semester?

Since the course covers onto the issues related to real functioning items, 5% of grade is related to accomplishing team tool kit. The documents and assignments need to be completed from the team as there are limited assignments for group meetings that needs to be carried out outside the class. The success of this course is dependent on level of student participation and how they will be discussed in first class. Through a variant of experiences, it makes inclusion for case analysis and guest speakers in order to provide a better understanding of the socio-political system.

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