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Explain MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability And Culture

  • The concept of the unit  

The course unit MGT230 ethics, sustainability and culture is associated with the university “Charles Sturt University” which will be introducing the theories. Models, several facts as well as the frameworks that will MGT230 task answers help the students to understand the three basic factors of an organization: ethics, sustainability and culture. Before starting with the unit learning it is important for the university to introduce the students about the topic of the learning unit, the brief about the topic and lastly the importance about the unit for the semester. In this way, the students will be developing the basic idea about the unit topic. This unit will be delivering the knowledge about ethics, sustainability and culture that are practiced in every layer of an organization.


In every size and type of organization, there is a huge practice of ethics, culture and suitability that helps the organization to reach and achieve the goals and objectives that have been desired by the entire management of the organization. The term ethics refers to something that is correct from morality and acceptable for the good cause. In addition, it can be said that it is a total of virtue, consequences, contexts and rightness that can take place in any layer of an organization. As for sustainability it mainly refers to a kind of business approach that Assignment help in the creation of the long-term values that are important to take into consideration for the benefits of the company. It comprises the operations of ecological, social or the economic environment in the entire business process. The entire concept of sustainability is built on several kinds of assumptions that can be helpful in developing the strategies and also foster company to achieve the desired goals and objectives of the company for the long-term purposes. Lastly, culture is one of the primary components for any kind of organization. It can be observed that the culture defines the way of people’s behavior in the organization. The organizational culture helps the organization to maintain the ethics, to make a better place where the employees can be able to share their beliefs, their thoughts. It also MGT230 assessment answers helps in establishing communication and making proper reinforcement for the methods, values or the perceptions which helps in creating the diversity across the organization.

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The unit course will be introducing the students about the course unit to gather deep knowledge about the three important factors that enable the scope for the better foundation of the organization, such as: ethics, sustainability and culture. The students will be able to use the same in future for the betterment in the organization of the real world and establish a better place for the employees with huge diversity.                             

  • The importance of the course unit   

It can be observed that three components: ethics, sustainability and culture are highly influenced by one another. On many occasions the ethical sustainability or the cultural sustainability helped in maintaining a proper workplace and fostering the process for long term future aspects to achieve the goals and objectives for the future scopes. From the external stakeholders such as the investors or the shareholders to the internal stakeholders such as employees or the managers themselves, the three components are very much important to create an ethical culture where the employees can be able to speak or act with proper honesty or integrity. Also, it fuels the sustainability of the organization. It is important to mention that the sustainability and the ethical culture space in the workplace MGT230 assignment answers helps the manager in the process of decision making and problem solving. It also helps with creative thinking and innovations. Thus, it can be observed that for the betterment of the organization or its operation, the mentioned three factors are important to foster the process.


Students will be gaining the skills and the techniques for the decision-making process or the establishment of the ethical cultural environment in the workplace with proper sustainability. It is important for the decision-making process or maintaining the reputation of the company which will be observed by the students later on in the assessment.           

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The details of the MGT230 Unit: Location, Level Of Study And Code Of The Unit

Unit details: In the unit course MGT230, the students are going to get the exposure of the ethics, there are major theories and models that are going to be introduced to the students. The entire course unit will be comprising the issues and complications, social responsibility or the ethical practices in the workplaces. The entire unit includes the studies about the organizational diversity and the social culture that are necessary for any kind of organization. Lastly the unit also introduces the diversity and ethics that can be found in Australian culture.                    

Location: Australia

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit Code: MGT230   

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MGT230 Assessment Brief

Assessment will be designed under a set of parameters which is expected to be completed with the scheduled timing. After the completion of the entire course unit, the students will be expected to demonstrate as well as deliver the learning from the entire unit. The following learning outcomes can be achieved at the end of the course unit.

  • To be able to learn and demonstrate the ethics and cultures about Australia.
  • To be able to apply the theories and techniques for the establishment of the ethical cultural workplace with organizational contexts.
  • To be able to solve every kind of ethical dilemma in real life.
  • To be able to make proper decisions and also solve problems that are present in the organizational layers.              
  • To be able to reflect their learning and use them in the future in a real-life organizational process being a business professional.  

What is the weightage of the MGT230 Course code in their semester?

The main weightage of the total unit course MGT230 is about 15 credit points. In this credit point, 30% will be allotted for the theoretical processes, 20% for the entire practical session based on the topic of this course unit. The remaining credit points are for the written examination which will be held at the end of the course unit. Apart from that, the students will be evaluated based on their performances, participation and their attentiveness towards the course unit.  

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