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Explain MGT360 Leadership Development Plan

The importance of the course is the fact that it trains students in the process of leadership development plan in the ambit of any organization through the help of a cross functional approach strategy as well as tactical operations. These are certain key integrated processes which is very important which can be leveraged in any organization through the leadership capabilities of the employees in any organization that will help in the organization to gain visibility as well as they will be able to achieve transformation across different levels in an organization, which can be maximized and this will thus benefit the organization as well as the employees as well.  The MGT360 task answers thus is also very important in rendering the students with the opportunity of studying different kinds of factors and theories which is associated with the study of leadership.  It is a very effective course as well because it helps the students to integrate the skills and other concepts they have learnt in the professional field as well. The course thus along with rendering students with the knowledge of leadership also unpacks for them the importance of competitiveness of business as well as industries and the different kinds of societies which are in relation with the organization and which the leader should keep a tab on in order to enhance the scope of the organization as well as this is something which will also MGT360 Solutions help the career progression of the students as well. Having said that the primary focus of the course lies on the interaction of human beings with the management as well as with the employees and other stakeholders as well as with government polices as well. All of which is helpful in the ensuring that a student can become a good leader.

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Unit details:

This unit is very carefully designed in order to ensure that the students can chart their leadership development plan which is beneficial both of them as well as for any organization. It is very important to also note the fact that while the unit gives the students the different kinds of theoretical exposure, it is also very important to note that the students are also given the opportunity to apply this knowledge in the practical field as well. The unit thus gives the students the opportunity to learn about the different kinds of self-awareness tips as well as they are educated about different kinds of goal setting practices as well. Moreover, the unit is layered with different kinds of training programs which will help in the development of the leadership skills in the students as well.  Along with this the unit is also very important which will give the students different kinds of knowledge about the different kinds of stakeholders who are associated with the organization hereby it is very important that the students learn to deal and tackle them as well.

Location: California State University, Northridge, United States of America

Study Level: Master’s or Post graduate degree

Course Code: MGT360

Brief of the MGT360 Assessment:

The MGT360 assessment answers are designed in a way which is aimed ensure that the students are able to reflect on the knowledge base of the subject as well as are able to reflect on their performance as well. Thus, through the different kinds of assessments the students are required to ensure that they can identify and deliberate on the different kinds of models and theories that is associated with the study of organizational leadership which can be applied in the operations of an organization. Along with this it is also very important to note the fact that the students are able to identify the factors which lead to the success of leadership in the professional set up. Having said that it is very important to note the fact that one of the main aspects of the course as well as the assignments is the fact that the students are able to respond to the different kinds of industry related problems, the solution giving aspect of the leaders is what the course wishes to accomplish.

 Along with this through the different kinds of assignments it is very important that the students can actually help in working on and establish the importance of stakeholder behavior.  With this it is also very important that through the assignments it is very important that the students are able to unpack the different kinds of management approaches as well as the different kinds of orientation that occurs in different sectors like in industries as well as in market places. And finally, it is very important that the students through the different kinds of assignments are able to identify the key external trends like that of technology, as well as economic, legal as well as political and others who are collectively very important in business setup that needs leadership skills in order to mitigate through the same.

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Weightage of the code MGT360 Assignment:

With regards to the weightage of the course (MGT360 assignment answers) it is very important to note the fact that the exams are divided into two categories, the individual category as well as the research paper topics, which they students have to participate in every week. Not only is it important for them to participate in this course, but it is also important that the students in able to complete the course are able to pass in all these assignments. The individual exams have five points each and for this they have to write and pass in four papers and for the second category it is important that the students participate and submit four papers again which carries ten points each and finally they have to submit a summary activity which carries forty points in total.  Having said that it is also very important to note the fact that the student puts a lot of stress on the importance of academic integrity which the students have to take care of abide by in order to ensure that they able to successfully finish off this course as well.

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