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MGT600 Assessment Answers

Self-awareness creates opportunity for further development and personal success. This analysis is described to determine the introductory concept and how well it is utilized for relating own experiences and future planning. Reflecting on reading based on online materials adheres to how they can be applied and utilized for future purpose. Depending on the capability and knowledge from people’s experience levels the capabilities and knowledge garners on the experience levels based on the main functions.

MGT600 assessment unit presents opportunities to discuss in class or online discussions and identify the key principles as well as concepts to understand why they are significant and how well they can be applied. Thinking carefully about the reading practices helps to ensure that concepts are well explained and identified proactively. Assessing the learning rubrics and how they can be applied in classroom discussions. Management of people is indicated to be an effective approach for identification of the organizational goals.

Unit Details of MGT600 Assignment Answers

The basis of MGT600 assignment answers lies in an ability to come across challenging group assignments designed to reflect on the reality of the workplace. As a result, this MGT600 assessment encourages students to develop their knowledge in the key aspects of developing, attracting and retaining employees for team development and change management. In order to address the objectives inclusion of how this literature is applicable for organizations is achieved in a same or similar manner. MGT600 solutions allow students to encourage their knowledge in the key aspects of producing a desirable outcome.

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Study Level: -The multiple study levels are considered to be significant parts for higher success levels in gaining practical knowledge on human behaviour. The objective of study levels lies in an ability to study human behaviour at graduate and master’s level.

Unit Code: MGT600

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Explain Brief of MGT600 Assessment

The main purpose of MGT600 task answers is to make a clear understanding of the management people and teams and how effective communication is used to manage people in organizational context. The unit also aims to critically reflect on the roles as well as functions that managers play in context of changing environment. Along with that justification of model of management for being cognizant to organizational culture is to guide on future practice levels for the individuals. One of the significant aspects lies in prospering against all odds and laying emphasis for good handling of its employees.


Answer 1: Communication is determined as a process in passing information and ideas. As such, it is described as a process through which information is exchanged by means of speaking or writing. Organizational communication ensures even interaction takes place between the employees as well as organizational members. One of the significant aspects of organizational management is in consideration of culture and diversity. Nokia Company as an international company with branches all over the world. The company aimed to prosper against all odds and ensure effective handling of people for maintenance and improvement in employee environment.


Answer 2: Top level managers are responsible for controlling and overseeing the entire organization and act as intermediaries between top level and lower-level management. The functions that managers perform are in planning, leading, organizing as well as controlling. By utilizing these functions managers are able to make use of efficiency and effectiveness for employees, processes and projects as a whole. As such these functions relate to organizing on the basis of the plan and leading others to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan.


People managers require coaching employees by provision of necessary training, information and support to adapt to change. In activities of coaching people managers need to address the barrier points by inhibiting points of change. At the fundamental level, management needs to address into the body of practices for becoming a successful manager and setting general functions by management discipline. In a global marketplace, change is enhancing rapidly and flexibility and adaptability are critical to success in managerial process. From this perspective, managerial process is defined as an indication towards ethical dilemmas.


Answer 3: Organizational change management is a framework for utilizing the effect that new businesses have on the organizational structure and culture changes within an enterprise. The systematic approach to OCM is beneficial when this change makes a requirement for people to acquire new behaviours and skills. The management model indicates the choices that the company makes in order to adhere to defining the work management. OCM therefore addresses onto the structure or cultural changes to address onto the people side in change management.


AKDAR model is a people centred approach to facilitate change at individual level and utilizes employees’ experiences to manage change and limit resistance levels. This process provides a guide for developing changes and navigating transformation process in order to ensure acceptable changes are made and put into practice. As such this strategy breaks how people processes are utilized to accept changes in process of grief.      AKDAR comes from a synonym of achieving successful change within an organization. The model being developed is studied through patterns of change for gaining knowledge, ability and reinforcement.


Laureate International Universities understands the significance of education and makes a constant change in have a positive effect on communities by serving graduate and specialized degree programs. The quality of academic and enhanced outcome is at a centre for technology led innovation and collaborative partnerships with industry leaders that are significant to current as well as future demands of the industry.

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Weightage of MGT600 Course Code in Their Semester

The weightage of MGT600 assessment answers lies in consideration of learning resources provided in respective modules for understanding the topic. Therefore, identifying the key principles and knowing what is significant is applicable for considering the learning resources in respective modules to broadly apply to relevant topics. Identifying the key concepts and principles applies to how they are essential for broadly applying to relevant topics and how they can be well applicable. Provision of reflective report covers on content based on experience levels for future purpose.

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