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MGT655 is referred to range of skills as well as knowledge that is required for establishing different standards associated with the design or production of organizational documents or to manage design or production with the help of appropriate business strategies. In addition to that, the course covers, different methods used for marketing or advertisements associated with the business, which can be helpful for the students to gain significant advantage from the job market. Furthermore, this unit also applied to the individuals who are employed at a range of work environments as it requires well-developed skills for using range of software packages that are often provided by the organization to analyse documents.


The MGT655 assessment answers covers different skills and abilities where the students are taught to use set of theories and frameworks, which is used to establish, implement as well as document consistent standards associated with document design in an organization. The course named MGT655 is provided by Grand Canyon University, which is located at Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. Hence, the study level of this course is an undergraduate education. The unit code is found to be MGT655, which is a marketing course, that emphasizes on development of marketing plan in a business so that the brand might be able to gain a significant advantage both in short term as well as in the long term.

It has been observed that this course covers different areas of marketing. It also includes all documents whether it is sent from the firm or for those present in the organization for personnel use. It is studied by various experts that development of a marketing plan can help a business in gaining significant advantage either in long term or in the short term.

Grand Canyon University or GCU is a private for-profit Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona. Based on student enrolment, Grand Canyon University was the largest Christian University across the world in 2018. In addition to that, the concerned university is comprised of more than 20,000 attending students on campus as well as 70,000 online. Suffering financial & other difficulties in the early part of the 21st century, the school trustees authorized its sale in January 2004 to California-based Significant Education LLC, making it the first non-profit Christian college in the United States.


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Some of the advantages identified by developing marketing are discussed below:

  • Proper identification of the target market as well as if the product or service can be benefitted from this business development strategy.
  • Identification of different strategies that can help a brand to attract range of customers from various regions among their potential customer market.
  • Encouraging their existing customers in order to continue purchase for their product as well as service.
  • Setting goals or time frames for different marketing activities.
  • Mapping out strategies for reaching the target audience, which also include messages, channels as well as tools that one might use in long term.
  • Through this marketing plan, an individual will be able to evaluate their marketing activities, which in turn will help them to identify any underlying threats or opportunities present in the market, thereby enhancing the ability of an organization to retain a strong customer base in the external marketplace.
  • Providing appropriate marketing budget as well as to observe return on their investment.

Hence, we will assign this assessment to experts who have a background in marketing management or hold knowledge or skills in different marketing strategies. This will increase the chance to deliver quality solution. From this course, the student will develop skills in analysis of the market, where primary mode of market research will be conducted that can enhance the chance of gaining competitive advantage. Hence, it is important to analyse market competition of any given firm by identifying their brand reputation as well as the customer reviews. Implementation of SWOT framework can help to identify different business so that it can improve business reputation.

Brief of MGT655 Assessment Assignments

In this MGT655 solutions, the students will also be taught about setting goals as well as objectives in a business, which can benefit them to establish their business or start-up. Developing clear goals and business objectives or brand positioning might influence them to think what the individual might aim to achieve. Hence, in this assessment, our expert will use range of keywords associated with marketing management especially marketing plan. Outlining different marketing strategies is also discussed in the course, which will be highlighted in this assignment. As a brand or marketer is focussed on their business development, hence, it is assumed that outlining marketing strategies can enhance the ability of an individual to be specific, relevant, time bound goals that can assist to increase the chance of organizational success in order to achieve those goals.


On the other hand, the student will be able to identify significant strategies associated with business that might enable them to implement marketing activities for achieving higher organizational success. In addition to that, this approach to the business will also help them to improve their career growth. As the weightage of this assessment is 25 percent hence, it is observed that if the student can focus on improving their skills and abilities, then they will be able to develop financial budget in a business. In the assignment, our experts will focus on delivering quality solution, which in turn will help to achieve higher score in this semester.

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Unit Code of MGT655 Assessment Assignments

Location: Phoenix, Arizona (United States)

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: MGT655

In addition to that, development of marketing plan in a business will also help them to keep the business up to date, which in turn can enhance the chance of gaining a competitive edge from the external marketplace. Therefore, it is important for the business to develop marketing plan for evaluating a set of marketing activities.

What is the weightage of this MGT655 course code in their semester?

Weightage of MGT655 is observed to be 55 percentage in this semester, which accounts to be of higher importance. Hence, our experts will focus on in-depth analysis, which might help them in minimising the errors and deliver customized MGT655 solution.

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