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MGT680 Assessment Answers

MGT680 assessment answers belong to the American Intercontinental University that deals with the notion of strategic management. To be more specific, MGT680 assessment answers deals with the procedure of developing and implementing global enterprise by integrating different business policies and strategies focusing on the applied course. The content of MGT680 assignment answers includes planning, executing or implementing, evaluating and managing the corporate assets, products and resources. The university acknowledged a procedure of advanced research to be integrated with MGT680 assessment answers. The following section will briefly define each component of the course and it will also mention the credit points each section carry for this particular semester.


Before moving directly to the course content, the rationale for including the course in this semester is – to enhance the student’s knowledge about the challenging as well as dynamic forces influencing the business world. It includes international competitions, the demands of the customers, declining market, altering demographics, and implementation of automation as well as innovation technology. Along with this, core purpose of MGT680 assessment answers are to understand the program and procedure aiming at improving the complete organisation and its particular individuals. Students will be introduced with the idea of learning organisation and understanding different skills.

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Unit Details of MGT680 Assignment Answers

MGT680 assignment answers define the term strategic management which is the procedure of evaluating, implementing and planning for organisational advantage and improvement. The procedure of evaluation is concerned with both the internal as well as external environment. Planning for the organisation include developing corporate models, competitive tactics, corporate directions and collaborative actions. Implementation of the phase include understanding the leadership for building proper structure for the organisation, development as well as management of culture, controlling the strategic procedure, and organising through the procedure of corporate governance. There are different organisations observing with two particular perspectives through the procedure of strategic management.


MGT680 assignment answers also speak about the notion of resource-based view – here the view suggests that an organisation is unique in nature. It needs to be oriented with the critical as well as competitiveness of the entire world. It is difficult for the organisation to substitute the competitor that can adopt and create a competitive advantage. Within this condition, the organisation need to remain prepared for maintaining the continuity over time. The components of an organisations internal resources are – machinery, premises, human capital, financial capital and the networks for distribution. Combination of these sources develop the capabilities of an organisation.


MGT680 solutions define the capabilities of an organisation are –

  • Development of innovative technology as well as products

  • Reduction of time within the marketplace

  • Developing effective distribution channels as well as retail outlets

  • Increasing the attention of the consumers through marketing as well as advertising

  • Management of the relationship of consumers through the procedure of long-term brand loyalty

Hence, the capabilities of an organisation need to convert into the notion of core competency which is difficult for intimating as well as leading towards a position related to competitive advantage. Complete internal analysis of the organisation need to evaluate as well as develop the continuation of creating competitive advantage for the organisation.


Apart from this, MGT680 assignment answers also include the procedure or tools to analyse the macro environment for an organisation. The macroenvironment includes different variables going beyond the control of an institution. It requires proper analysis to realign the business organisation within the business environment. An organisation can both negatively and positively impacted by the political, social, economic, and technological components. Along with this, there are ecological, legal, regulatory, ethical and demographical components having direct impact on the strategic management of a business organisation or institution.


Next, MGT680 task answers define the term business strategy – it is developed around the perspective of the consumers. It is aiming at developing leadership and developing differentiating policies and products. The business-level strategy also defines the segments for the consumers that needs to be addressed. It also include the satisfaction of the consumer needs. Along with this, corporate strategy defines the procedure how an organisation need to widen the operating scale from a single management to a complete portfolio management. This strategy helps the organisation to maintain a strategic positioning through the effective management of brands and products. MGT680 assignment answers also speak about the international strategies as a means of strategic management.

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Brief of MGT680 Assessment

According to the course content, international strategy includes management of business and products assigned to the various geographic countries and regions. International corporations also observed that there are almost three types of international strategies including global, national and transnational strategies. The national strategy is developed for the entire country in which the organisation operates. It is the sensitive procedure related to the national context that builds on the knowledge and understanding of the competitive market. It also defines the pricing, products and distribution strategies where campaigns are related to the country.


Students are expected to contain both the organisational change related knowledge and skills. Hence, they need to perform a series of activities including reading, team project, competency demonstration, techniques and skills workshops, attendance and participation. Reading – is the activity where the students will be reading different scholarly sources. Team project is the activity where the students will be research and present any of the following topics including – cultural change and team-based management within the organisation. Each of the team will be performing both the written and oral presentation for this semester. Finally, attendance carries a good mark for all the students.

What is The Weightage of MGT680 Course Code in Their Semester?

As stated in the aforementioned section, students need to participate in different activities and all the activities contain different weightage. The team project contains forty percent of the total hundred, the competency demonstration contains thirty percent, the change techniques and written analysis contain twenty percent and attendance and participation contain ten percent. Hence, negligence in any of the activity will negatively impact on their semester scores. Combining all the sections, all the students needs to score at least fifty percent. On-time presentation and maintaining academic integrity will also be preferred by the university and for their semester scores.

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