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MIS603 Assessment Answers

MIS603 assessment answers are associated with the Torrens University. It is a course of Masters of Business Information System. MIS603 assessment answers are entitles as micro services architecture. Students are required to provide a written assignment individually. MIS603 assignment answers will be consisting two thousand and five hundred words. The learning outcomes of MIS603 assessment answers are mentioned in the following section –

  • Synthesise and research for determining as well as understanding the micro-services. It also includes the procedure through which these micro-services contribute for the procedure of new and unique businesses.

  • Combining recommendation and strategies for a transformation to the contemporary computer and architecture for maintaining efficiencies as well as addressing the alteration within the requirements of the business.

  • Negotiation within the change management with proper highlighting of benefits addressing the complexities of a business needs.

  • Reflection on the ethical and moral issues within the transitioning within the new and unique technologies.

The context of MIS603 assignment answers are – after reviewing the initial study of computing as well as explanation of an understanding of an element, the software architecture, students are now asked to analyse a case. Students are also asked to provide advice to a company to make transitions within the architecture of microservices.

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Unit Details of MIS603 Assignment Answers

Students are provided a particular instruction to complete the MIS603 assignment answers. Prior to MIS603 assessment answers, students need to possess a firm knowledge about computing and complete survey related to software architecture. After understanding the history of computing, students will be selecting any organisation and examine the role of technology for the organisation. The management of learning system will provide a complete insight of the organisational management. It will also demonstrate the requirement of the company to implement or transit into the micro-services architecture. Hence, the students will be analysing the following aspects in their solution.


MIS603 assignment answers define the term microservices architecture as the matured as well as powerful pattern beneficial for an organisation. It includes a service-oriented pattern. It is the procedure that highlights the splitting of an application within a small services. These services are associated with a loose connection with each other. The term is also defined as the tiny and independent procedure helps in communication through electronic messages. It is also a shared application where the module or organisation require microservices. The commonly accepted benefit of microservice is maintaining a flexibility for the productivity of the producers.


MIS603 assessment answers are associated with the acknowledgement of suitable pattern including deployment of different services, cloud computing related infrastructures, beneficial flexibility and flexibility of communication. MIS603 assessment answers are also demonstrates the architectural design for developing and distributing different containers for applications used by organisations. The name of the application is operated through different independent services. The architecture also allows the business organisations to disrupt the applications. Microservices also include different foundations, services, and discoveries to the organisation. Finally, it also provides API gateway to the organisation and it is completely depended on the implementation of modern technologies.


Students need to recommend strategies to the business organisation for implementing microservices to the selected organisation. For example, if a student is utilising the recommendation as – company needs to invest on making containers. Then the students need to explain the definition and functionalities of containers as the microservice provider. Containers are actually the units of software that provide a package as well as their maintaining, dependencies, and consistent development of the company production. Containers are not mandatorily associated with the deployment of microservices. It is also not in need of using other microservice containers however, it strengthens the potentiality of an organisation to perform as a whole.


MIS603 assessment answers also include the understanding different motivating factors for business organisations to implement microservices within an organisation. It includes understanding the definition of the term itself, understanding the benefits of the procedure, factors to be avoided in the procedure of microservices, different service-oriented architecture of microservices, different patterns and case studies of microservices and examples of microservices. In this case students need to focus on the benefits of the microservices for an organisation including – it provides different solutions for the organisation related to different complex situations. It helps to avoid the complexities of monolithic architecture.


Finally, the course demands understanding the business from the owner’s perspective. It is the perspective through which, the business owners mitigates the demands of their consumers. Microservices allow a business to manage their frequent delivery or on-time delivery of businesses. It also enables business owners to get a proper feedback related to the investment and adjustment. Microservices also allow the business to gain proper revenue related to the cost centres. It enables business owners to easily manage the resources allocate or distribute the products according to the requirement of the consumers. Finally, business owners delight the consumers through the use of microservices.

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Brief of MIS603 Assessment

The entire MIS603 assessment answers will be assessed through the procedure of formative assessment. Students will be submitting individual report on the concept of microservices and its benefits for the organisations. Finally, the students will also mention their understanding of benefits and limitations of microservices and transition for a business organisation.


Finally, the report will reflect students’ capability to write following the academic style of report writing. Students are allowed to use the course materials only. However, for the company selection, students are allowed to research about companies and utilise the company information such official website in the resources.

What is The Weightage of MIS603 Course Code in Their Semester?

MIS603 solutions contain only ten percent of the entire semester. However, it contains a hundred score points. Students need to score at least eighty percent to be considered as passed or promoted to the next semester. The application course materials, implementation or following the proper format for report writing is very important for MIS603 task answers. Students will be assessed on their merit related to benefits of microservices. Finally, students need to follow the university rules for academic integrity. There is a huge penalty ascribed to the assignment in case of not following the academic integrity related rules.

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