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MIS607 Assessment Answers

MIS 607 is course offered by the Torrens University of Australia. The course provides a full insight of Cyber security and its various trajectories to the students. The goal of the MIS607 Cybersecurity study is for you to gradually expand your knowledge of basic security principles and basics. Malicious software, sometimes known as malware, is undoubtedly one of the most serious types of computer security concerns. A technique of identifying and documenting a system's security risks is known as security threat modelling, or threat modelling. By looking at a system through the eyes of its possible adversaries, you may learn about its danger profile.

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Unit Details of MIS607 Assessment

Location-  Torrens University Australia

Study Level – Graduate program

Unit Code – MIS607

No of Units – 2

Brief of MIS607Assessment

Industry has used more next-generation inventions and research than ever before in the twenty-first century, and as technology progresses, corporate security roles must increase as well. Failure to stay current might result in a costly data breach, as numerous previous events have shown. With technological advancements, cybercrime has developed as a trial risk for any type of company or individual. As a result, it is critical that businesses invest in an advanced security system and keep it updated on a regular basis in order to protect their information and data, capital, and reputation. This allows for a greater automation of threat analysis and responses, as well as increased acceptability of security operations by at-risk enterprises.

Goal of MIS607 Assessment Assignments

The goal of the MIS607 Cybersecurity study is for you to gradually improve your knowledge of basic security principles and basics. Malicious software, sometimes known as malware, is undoubtedly one of the most serious types of dangers to computer systems. The practice of identifying and documenting a system's security threats is known as security threat modelling. Security threat modelling allows you to examine a system's threat profile through the perspective of possible adversaries. Software security procedures and safeguards are changing at a quicker rate than ever before. It is caused by rising connection and the growth of multidimensional software; yet, threat management is having significant challenges monitoring and controlling cyber-attacks as a result of this technological innovation. Furthermore, cyber-attacks are increasingly more targeted and premeditated in order to achieve greater profits. Due to increasing exposures and systematized assaults, a new strategy to mitigate, observe, and respond to risks is more important than ever.


Cyber-security is a subclass of data security that employs a variety of methods and technologies to secure any company' secret information from any sort of unauthorized digital assault or harm. Ransomware, phishing, data leaking, hacking, and internal threats are the most typical types of assaults. Businesses use trial-security threat mitigation tactics and procedures to prevent security and data breaches and decrease the extent of loss when any type of breach is anticipated to occur. Threat mitigation may be broken down into three stages: prevention, reduction, and mitigation. Risk mitigation - Trials and rules are being updated to protect company data and solicitations from being compromised. Detection of active security intimidation - Safety equipment and controls are useful in detecting active security intimidation. Adopting policies and new technology to reduce the impact of active security coercions and penetrations in the corporate network by isolating or enclosing the source of the risk. Specifically, in any scenario of threat mitigation, businesses must engage in and use preventative security practices, as well as Incident Response techniques. Phishing, often known as internet scamming, is when an online intruder pretends to be someone they know in order to get sensitive information, usually through emails or phone calls. Phishing is responsible for about 91 percent of data breaches, making this type of targeted cyber-attack a major danger vector for hackers.

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MIS607 Assessment Assignments

Furthermore, spear phishing is a highly targeted attempt to obtain information from anyone. Even with a phone but genuine-looking trial, phishing messages may be quite compelling. Although no operating system is completely safe from this danger, taking efforts like establishing a security culture inside the firm, utilizing spam filters, and keeping systems up-to-date with the latest security patches will help. Ransomware is a sort of virus that encrypts sensitive data before demanding money in exchange for revealing a secret code. It is mostly disseminated through a series of deceptive yet persuasive emails. Companies might train their employees to be aware of unsolicited and unexpected emails, install the latest version of anti-virus and malware protection software, and perform frequent data backups from unencrypted data. Though there has been a little decrease in ransomware failure cases when compared to other threats, the risk remains extremely real because today's assaults are particularly targeted. Every person who uses the internet is at risk of being hacked. Phishing, spam emails, ransomware, and fake websites are common ways for criminals to start a chain of events, but hackers may also be able to contact and gather data directly from an unprotected machine. In the data center, packet sniffing, Man in the Middle, and backdoors are potentially viable intrusion methods.


Firewalls, access security monitoring to protect sensitive information, measures for providing and removing any admittance, as well as user mindfulness and preparedness, are the main methods for staying safe from hackers. A data breach is an act where confidential material is moved from a computer or the central data structure and is disclosed publicly, either by purpose or mishap, and results in high financial losses and takes longer to make up for the loss according to. According to Gonzalez, 2018 data leakage can even remain unexposed even after months of the crime, and when the breach is detected, the process of recovery becomes too cumber some to control the damage. Nearly half of the trial-national businesses had experienced similar breaches, which were mostly caused by a third party and cost an estimated $10 million to fix. The main goal is to obtain credentials and passwords for information that can be sold. One of the most pressing issues in cyber-security is the insider threat, which is sometimes neglected yet has the capacity to do catastrophic damage to any network. The consequences of such threats are significant since the insider is aware of data locations, accessible information, and how to circumvent current security arrangements.

What is the Weightage of this MIS607 Course Code in Their Semester?

The total weightage of the course is 40 % and the total marks is 40.

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