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Explain MKT313 Consumer Behavior

The students who successfully complete the unit MKT313 Consumer behaviour will be able to articulate ye meaning, structure and significances of the analyzing the customer behaviour as well as revising the need of the market. The unit examines the formulation of appropriate and effective customer marketing strategies which begins with a comprehensive and assurance of understanding the consumers.  This therefore includes the analyzing and reviewing the wants and needs of the customers, by inclusion of a process which can be satisfied and the environment in which the desired behaviour can occur. The course unit is all about formulation of consumer behaviour in appropriate technique with inclusion of suitable and effective marketing strategies which must begin with an accurate understanding of consumer. However, the university will encourage the students to secure an average percentage which will assist them to secure a great position in future academics and later in a business school. Special emphasis will be placed on the growth of interaction, education, computer technology, rational reasoning, and customer decision-making abilities.

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This course will investigate the role of scholarship in the emergence of multinational organisations as a vocational field. A degree within the customer behaviour will introduce them to the concept developed in economics, psychology and sociology and assist in relationships to consumer behaviour. Secondly the students will get an opportunity to learn about the involvement of the students either directly in the study and analyse the consumer behaviour. The University will develop within the student the skill and knowledge they require to what they can learn about within the marketing actions and their implications. The research method will be taught as the foundation for the acquisition of abilities in evaluating and using research findings in reviewing within the customer behaviour and their preference profession. The lectures will motivate and guide the learners to score more than average percentage so that they can qualify for the next semester.

MKT313 Unit details:

The aim of the unit MKT313 Consumer behaviour is to formulate the appropriate and effective marketing strategies which must begin with the comprehensive and accurate understanding of consumers. The unit learning will assist the students to learn about the needs and requirements of the customer, the process by which they can be satisfied and the environment in which this particular desired behaviour occurs. Some of the major topics that will covered within the unit learning will include the study of external and internal market environment, situational and social influence which will create a desire to extreme powerful in affecting behaviour which surrounds the purchases, post purchasing and brand loyalty. In the class discussion the case the lecturers will educate the students through various discussions, case studies, guest speakers, client-facing projects and blog writings. The students will take away of what just is important and integral to them in understanding the concepts of consumer behaviour as it will enable them to create and implement the successful marketing strategies. A good understanding of consumer behavior is basic to the development of marketing strategy. It will further focus on the primary purpose of this course is to provide students with a usable, managerial understanding of consumer behavior. It is helpful to read the assigned portions of the text prior to our reviewing it in class. Students are also encouraged to ask questions and make comments relevant to their class discussions. It is important that students make every effort to attend all class meetings. Only students who attend every class and make a strong effort to participate will earn full credit for attendance. The course emphasizes on exercises will be completed in class to accompany and reinforce the chapter lectures. These can include case studies and other exercises from the textbook, responses to videos shown in class, or any other activity that is relevant to the session’s topic. Each group will work together to meaningfully discuss the topic and to answer questions provided by the instructor. The entire class will then discuss conclusions and contributions of the exercise.

Location: University of Michigan

Study level: Undergraduate or bachelor's degree

Unit code: MKT313 Consumer behaviour

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Brief of MKT313 Assessment:

The aim of the unit MKT313 Consumer behaviour is to enable the students to develop skill and knowledge in the specific field. The students will have one final assignment in order to evaluate your understanding of some of the key concepts from the course. This is to be completed independently, and will count towards 10% of your exam 3 grade. It is the obligation of the students to take part adequately in all tasks stated for them, as well as to research all information supplied to them or compelled to be obtained by them, in order to enhance their chances of achieving the course goals and staying aware of course-related exercises and record keeping. Participation in online discussions platforms is element of the course's guided learning aspect. An important part of this course is applying what they have learnt in the course to real examples. Once groups are assigned, each group will select a team leader who will be responsible for submitting the case to me. The team leader should communicate any problems before the submission deadlines. Extra credit opportunities may arise throughout the course at the discretion of the instructor. It is not possible to makeup these extra credit opportunities. No individual extra credit will be provided.

Weightage of this MKT313 Course Code

As MKT313 Consumer behaviour is a full-time course it will actually demand from the students t secure an average of % in the unit. To pass all assessment tasks, learners must receive at least 50% of the weighted score points given for each task. 10% of the total weightage has been allocated for attendances and participation, similarly 15% each weightage has been allocated for in-class group exercise and group case assignment. The Weightage for exam 1 and exam 2 is 20% each and lastly the growth assignment allocates a total weightage of 20%. The students are encouraging to secure more than 50% so that they can enroll themselves in any business schools.

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