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Explaination of MKTG630 Applied Managerial Marketing

The course is all about managerial decision making with respect to applied business marketing. The course aims to develop marketing acumen among students especially with respect to applied business decision making and assessing marketing approach of students. There are major challenges in the present business dynamics of the world. Students of the course are empower in a different manner of the course with special emphasis on application of marketing techniques and marketing knowledge with prior guidance and business support. Emphasis of the course is hence given on application of various concepts of business with proper tools, decision-making guidelines especially with respect to strategies and business application with respect to gaining competitive edge in marketing management. Marketing management is to apply different concepts and strategies in business decision making for gaining profitability and shaping positive edge in business dynamics.

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There are other areas of business dynamics such as orienting, shaping, redirecting, and tailoring different approaches to get enter a market and then to sustain in cut-throat competition in the market that are perceived by the fast movers or even first movers. Both economics and marketing competitive strategies are used in the course with vehement efforts on developing concepts and business operations management. In value chain analysis such as bolstering new tactics and techniques for driving the business in desired direction is also a major goal of present businesses. However, this approach is not always fruitful when different means of business are summed up in a particular direction which is commensurate to putting all the eggs in the same basket. Hence, competitive marketing has no defined or right approach per say, rather it has context-based strategy making and orientation of business. Inclusion of competitive techniques such as tailoring new approaches and techniques, incorporation of SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, analysis of the competition in the chosen market, and vertical integration of a lot of business factors. The course is hence designed in such a way that include both qualitative and quantitative approach of business analytics and marketing management. These will collectively enhance scopes for students’ learning domain and will in turn bolster business. Various experimentation techniques and tactics of business application will be used in the MKTG630 task answers for ethnographic observation and elevation of competitive intelligence and environmental scanning. Additionally, the course will cover aspects of brand audit and management of marketing analysis with respect to various challenges in contemporary global business. To sum up, the course will cover various aspects of marketing strategy, coordination, skill development, brand management, application of various strategies, coordination among various business aspects, and implementation planning. Vendor, process, and project management will be concomitant element of the course as well. Finally, the course will have a brief overview of feedback and control systems, reporting, measurement, and core concepts of international marketing management.

Unit details

Location: - Colorado Springs, Colorado, the United State of America

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - MKTG630

Name of the University: - Colorado technical University, Colorado Springs, The United State of America

Detailed Address: 435 N Chestnut St, Colorado Springs, CO 80907, United States

Brief of MKTG630 Assessment

The MKTG630 assignment answers is based on the ability of students to capture basics of marketing and applied marketing management. Major emphasis will be laid on assessing capacities of students to understand critical approach in competitive marketing. The course has given marked emphasis in gaining competitive advantage over the contenders or alike businesses competing for the same market segment. MKTG630 solutions of how students have developed various intricate concepts of marketing will be made and this is how the students will be enjoying edge over other alike professionals when they will join various organizations. There is however a prerequisite of having deep understanding of the basics of business administration. There will be provisions for managing various business and marketing related issues that are quite common in the present context. Hence, assessment of the course will be centred on prior understanding and profound knowledge of leveraging business even in the middle of tough and unmanageable competition. Practical strategy and marketing decision making will be the core of the course which will deliver practical and pragmatic solution to major issues in business. The context of the MKTG630 assessment answers is further extended in the direction of mitigating, preventing, and terminating loopholes of marketing. Practicality and reliability are the vital elements of the course that will be evaluated on the basis of a lot of case studies. However, in doing so, the course thoroughly looks after relevance and reliability of the case studies so that students can imagine themselves in such a situation.  These practices will be fruitful in successful business marketing and managerial acumen development among students.

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What Is The Weightage Of This MKTG630 Course Code In Their Semester?

The course MKTG630 has weightage of 4 credit points in this semester with proper evaluation parameters. The course is assessed as per the details mentioned in the aforesaid section and all detailing related to assessments will be done on the basis of internal and examination-based assessment frameworks. There will be core weightage on understanding of basics concepts and proper management of business cases with detailed interdisciplinary approach. Economics and applied finance will have some confluence with the parameters of the course due to increasing weightage of financial knowledge associated with handling business administration. However, there will be major emphasis on applied concepts of managerial marketing and business decision-making. Approaches, tools, parameters, frameworks, and other areas and means of evaluation will be extremely student-friendly. There is also marked weightage on case studies so that no student can escape critical thinking and applied management of the theories and concepts with proper statistical market trends. Implication of all the trends will be prioritized so that weightage is not deviated from the core area or core objective of the course which is to develop and assess marketing acumen among the students.

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