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MRKT20052 Assessment Answers

In recent years, when everything is relying on the digital platform, the marketing management is also going towards digital communication to meet the needs of the target customers and have a strong relation with the customers on the digital platform. The term digital communication marketing management MRKT20052 assessment answers refer to the techniques related to the communication and the marketing which can be used on the online or the digital media platform. Many of the organizations use this digital communication for their marketing management in order to promote their production, services or even the entire institution. This digital marketing sometimes can also be referred as web marketing.   


In marketing management, digital communication includes all kinds of components that make a connection with the target customers which can be new or the existing one in the marketplace. Here the components are: branding, direct marketing, advertising, PR activities, presentations for the sales, presence on the online platform or the appearance to gain the trust from the customers end. 

In today’s era, digital has successfully transformed every single platform which includes the prime stage of the businesses to our daily lives. For the organizations who are engaged with production and selling products for the target customers based on demand of the target customers. The digital platforms have been a boon to them to reach each of the individuals from the target customer’s base. These kinds of organizations need a platform for the promotion of their products. The digitization helped them to keep the pace in the online promotion and selling products as well as influencing new innovative ideas for increase of the company profit as well through the marketing management. This digital aspect helps in the establishment of the communication sections where the companies are able to reach the target customers through help of the online communication platform and the received feedback on the same platform is helpful for them to work on the implementation and the innovation of the same.

Which University This MRKT20052 Assessment is associated with?

MRKT20052 Assessment is associated with the university “CQ university Australia”. The course unit will be talking about the importance of digital communication in marketing management where the students will be learning about the different aspects and types of the digital communication process through the process of monitor, delivery and the measurement of the entire parameter. In this way the students will be taught about the digital campaigns and the other aspects of the marketing in the digital space. They will be able to apply theories and the practical work based on the learning outcome which might help them in developing an idea and clear concept about the digital communication in the marketing management. 

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Unit Details of MRKT20052 Assignment Answers

MRKT20052 assignment answers elaborate about the skills and the techniques that can be used in online marketing and the types of the digital communication process for the betterment of the marketing strategies of any kind of companies. MRKT20052 assessment will be teaching the students about the documentation of the process as well so that students are able to work on the standard and proper documentation process for the entire unit by meeting the expectation of the course unit. The course unit requires the students to have a vast knowledge about the online platforms, various technological knowledge and usage on social media networks. In this way they will be able to understand the unit more easily and process with their practical sessions as well. At the end of the unit, the documentation of the entire unit will be helpful for the to do research on the topic and work on tier terminal assessments and assignments.       

Location: Australia

Unit code: MRKT20052

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Briefs of MRKT20052 Assessment

MRKT20052 assessment will be based on the learning outcome of the entire course code, MRKT20052 where the topic will be explaining about digital communication in the marketing management. The entire design of MRKT20052 solution will be helpful for the students to reinforce their knowledge and extend their senses to gather more information about the chosen topic for the course unit. They will be taught to work on their competencies in management studies, especially in the marketing management field for the understanding of digital communication. Everything will be done and delivered under a certain set of parameters which might help them in the achievement of the learning outcome of the entire course unit under scheduled time and period. Thus the unit will be helpful for the students to have a close examination to the roles and importance of the marketing in an organization.


The clear concept of the marketing management will be helpful for the students to adapt the new learning objectives as well as the impact of the digital communication in it. They will learn about the evaluation of the tools and techniques and the reason behind each of their usage in the marketing and establishing communication among the target customers like a professional digital marketer. At the end of MRKT20052 assessment answers, students will be taught about the increase rate of the attention of the social media and the digital media in the marketing management as well as the correct way of the use through the session of practical where they will applying the tools and techniques in the marketing management.

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What is The Weightage of This MRKT20052 Course Code in Their Semester?

The entire weightage of MRKT20052 task answers unit has 6 credit points which will be delivered under the faculties of “CQ university Australia‘‘. A total of 150 hours has been allotted for the entire completion of the course which included theoretical and practical sources as well. As for the marking of the entire course unit, the presentation of the unit will be carrying 20% of the total unit. The report and documentation will be carrying 40% of the total gradation criteria. The examination will be carrying 40% of the total marks. Apart from the marking, the assignments will be allotted to the students which will be worth 90% of the other gradation scale and the rest 10% will be marked for the performances.

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