MUS-119 Music in World Cultures Assessment Answers

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MUS119 Assessment Answers

The MUS-119 assessment answers brings into concern a diverse area of music beginning with the classical, popular and folk music tradition which also comprises of all the major cultures across the world. The objective of the course is thereby dedicated towards looking closely at how music is defined along with the cultural and social roles it is meant to serve in the lives of the individuals like us. Students are expected to listen to music from other culture as a prerequisite of the course and thereby bring into discussion how music has reflected the differences in its reflection and how music is defined by another society and their role in their lives.

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The process has been adopted to demonstrate how diverse and global the music traditions of ours are. The concern of the course would thereby be dedicated at elucidating how music has played the role of ritual, a way of communication, accompaniment of work and expression of artistic nature. This course is offered by the Monroe Community College under the State University of New York. The course is offered during Fall, Spring.


University Details of MUS-119 Assignments

Location:- New York

Study level:- General Education

Unit code:- MUS-119


Brief of MUS-119 Assessment:

Under DUNY General Education it is reflected that SUNY-OWC-Other World Civilization (SOW2) and under MCC General Education it is MCC GLO-Global Understanding (MGLO), MCC-SSD- Social Science and Diversity (MSSD)


The learning outcomes of the MUS-119 assignments expect the student to define the elements of music from across the world while the students require to describe the popular culture from their own tradition along with a discussion or understanding of classical or folk music which might have influenced the cultures across the history. The students are expected to utilize their knowledge and understanding regarding the impact of music by differentiating between music as a form of entertainment and also as a vital element of the culture.


The students are also expected to classify a large number of ways through which once can define, interpret and define music and explain how closely it has been related to one’s culture as well as society in a historical manner. The students would also be required to explain how closely music is related to the culture of one individual as well as society. It would also be appreciated if the student can bring about a coherent discussion on the ways in which they listen or appreciate music and also identify the differences, unique contribution of music or creativity traditions from across the world both today as well as historically.The assessment under this course has also been made interesting by making the students require to form groups and identify by listening through ears the musical artist who is most influential from a cultural history of varied forms.

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MUS-119 Assessment Solutions

The concern of the assessment is dedicated towards judging the students on the basis of their temperaments and also elucidating how far it becomes possible for them to contextualize music in its current forms. The course expects the students to demonstrate a greater knowledge of culture and history has developed itself along the line of the music and also elucidate the areas that require the students to ponder over in order to make the changes reflect in the way they understand music. The concern of the course is not limited with the historical and sociological understanding of music in a socio and historic-political context, rather the concern would be understanding music just by the virtue of it.


In order to do so, music has been looked at from the perspectives of how the students can experience music and also appreciate the same through their auditory function. As a result, the concern of the course has been dedicated towards exposing the students towards a diverse area of concern in relation to music and also looked into the ways in which music transcends time and also at times becomes subject to the changing cultural and social phenomenon.


The MUS-119 solutions are not limited to the understanding of music just as a social phenomenon rather look beyond it from the sole concern of looking into music from its own rights. The course seeks to globalize music as an area of concern and thereby depict the same in a way that it influences the perceptions of the students as well as shape the same.

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What is the weightage of this MUS-119 Music in World Cultures in Their Semester?

The credit that has been ascribed to this course for the fall is 3. A diverse overview into the classical as well as other popular and folk genre of the music is concern, the MUS-119 task answers attempt to develop the insight into the process and deal with the ways in which the students understand varied concerns associated with the music and also learn to apply them to the world around them. Thus, as such a concern like this becomes inadvertent to be considered while music as a domain is taken into account. The concern of the paper is thereby dedicated to know how the students can analyze the music not only from the rhetorical or phonetic perspective of music but take music beyond its immediate area of concern and thereby look into music in the reflection of how it came to be influenced by the changing socio-political scenario surrounding the music and the reflection that it brought across.


The concern of the paper is towards analyzing how the students can look into music from varied context as well as implement their auditory skills in order to appreciate how the changes has been reflected in the ways of its development of a genre. The concern is to expose the students to a diverse musical arena and global area of concern. The paper would expose the students to explore and allow them to appreciate music in their own rights and inherent beauty that they hold between them and appreciate them accordingly. History and sociological lens are the two main tools that would assist the students in this paper.


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