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Explain MUSC1100 Music Appreciation

With an intent of introducing music history, music literature as well as critical listening skills, the course intends to provide ability for its students to be able to recognize various elements, composers as well as styles of historical period of music. Upon completing, the student will be able to identify as well as discuss various genres as well as application of music and thereupon demonstrate knowledge in relation with historical and cultural context of different periods and styles of musical. Furthermore, it is the considerate objective of the course to analyze as well as make critical judgments in relation to music listening experiences with utilization of appropriate concepts as well as terms. Through introduction of music literature and history, student will seem able to develop skills of listening and at the same time gain cultural understanding of music from around the world. The course has seen to include popular art music from Western as well as Non-Western cultures with it being helping students for preparing in terms of global economy. As such, with its considerate design, MUSC 1100 answers sees to offer a comprehensive overview of the history surrounding both Western and non-Western music with live and recorded musical examples seeming to supplement its chronological sequence of insight in MUSC1100 solutions. While the course seems to take into consideration the role of music as well as that of musician of both past and future in that of a society, it emphasizes in presenting a survey of music history with a considerate focus on developing skills of thinking as well as write critically about music in MUSC1100 assessment answers. On that basis, students will seem able to learn as well as listen in a focused way and relate what they seem to hear about issues of musical as well as that of general culture. In addition, student will be able to attain certain technical vocabulary that will enable them in describing or advocating for music they seem to encounter and thereupon see to apply those vocabulary throughout the course of the semester while fulfilling MUSC1100 task answers.       

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Unit details

The three credit course includes reading and listening assignments while requiring to attain class discussion along with video presentations scheduled quizzes as well as concert attendance. Upon successfully completing the framework of the course with MUSC 1100 assignment answers, the students will be able to understand the basic musical terms as well as definitions. On the basis of these skillsets being endowed through the track of the course, the student will be able to describe as well as evaluate music orally as well as through writing. In addition, upon the completion of the unit, the student will gain proficiency over various styles of music while learning how to distinguish them in a critical format. Following the completion of the course, the student will seem to understand various stylistic periods in the context of music history while including important composers as well as representative works of standard music literature on the basis of their cultural and historical context. On that basis, the course entail unit exams that comprises 25 % of the overall grade, written quizzes comprising 15%, listening exams with 20%, concert attendance and reports attaining 15%. On that basis, every student being enrolled in the course is much expected to study as well as understand the materials being provided in the textbook as well as be responsible for any material that has been presented in the class.    


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Brief of MUSC1100 Assessment

The course entails participation of the student in discussions being conducted around class while requiring to listen to music examples being assigned to them while it also sees to maintain regular habits of listening outside the classroom as well. With that being stated, the considerate objective of the course is to develop skills of listening for the student enrolled in MUSC 1100 while emphasize on their ability of distinguishing various styles of music. To that extent, the course requires its students to attend the concerts that has been assigned by the university and develop vocabularies to be able to describe music as well as evaluate the concepts surrounding various literatures of music. The considerate emphasis of such activities is to endow skills of critical thinking and thereupon relate the significant impact of such music literatures on that of the society. The framework of the course entails theories such as Elementary Theory that delves in aspects such as scales, intervals, keys, terminology as well as transposition of instruments along with analysis of rudimentary score. While studying the elements of music in the track of the course, the students are led to gain historical insight of music on studying the art of music being cultivated through Western art, American vernacular as well as non-Western style of music. In consideration of the subjects being entailed in the framework of the course, it is expected that students will be able to interpret the attributed elements of music while being able to determine the styles, composers along with major historical periods of music. In addition, the criteria sees to being able to identify as well as discuss the varying genres of music. Thereupon, it sees to demonstrate knowledge as well as associate cultural and historical context of music through different styles adapted in different periods.   

Weightage of MUSC1100

While students will be graded on the basis of their performance as well as capability, it is expected that students are being able to express their proficiency in the relevant literatures of music by attaining higher grade. It includes demonstrating the ability of processing as well as comprehending complex set of ideas and further see to convey the notions in the desired manner. As such, students will be graded on the basis of their performance they seem to showcase in unit exams, written exams, listening exams, final exam with each representing varying grade percentage in the overall percentage of the course.

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