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NR449 Evidence Based Practice Assessment Answers


NR449 Assessment Answers

The NR449 assessment answers essay is defined as the type of essay that include hypothesis analysis for a piece of information gained from practical field. In addition to that, this type of essay also provides examination of any online survey and questionnaire or any other primary data base. Furthermore, this includes analysis of an idea, information, practices and public policy as well as devices where the author might use for narrating his side of the story. In this type of report, the professor encourages his student to analyse about different questions such as, “what are the tools or approach used for collecting these data?”, “what the aim behind developing this policy?”.


Hence, this might include explanation for all choices of the author as well as his point of view towards the topic concerned, for answering all the above-described questions. This NR449 assignments or community health nursing is provided by ECPI University, which is also known as East Coast Polytechnic Institute. It also provides the course of community health nursing in Virginia (United States) apart from leadership in nursing course.


Evidence-based practice essay is often explained as a special writing assignment where any student aims to complete in their college, school or university as reading followed by understanding as well as analysing the different texts tend to be inalienable aspect involved with the learning process. Evidence-based medicine is also used for newest research as well as clinical expertise in order to provide the best possible care for patients. With the help of this piece of literature, he might show and improve his overall writing skills.

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NR449 Assessment Report Writing

As there are no single set of paragraphs associated with their evidence-based practice report writing, hence it is assumed that it might benefit the reader. Furthermore, evidence-based practice writing is also dependent over the type of writing piece, which is a field where analysis provided based on perception or explanation in the research proposal. However, in case of hypothetical analysis, it can be assumed that analysis should have one major content, hence when one talk regarding the novel, then they might use other approach. Evidence-based practice writing might differ with respect to the context.

Writing an Appropriate NR449 Assignments

Similar to other assignments, this type of assignment requires certain preparations as well as careful meticulous work. On the other hand, having good plan can help to make it easier or fun for the reader. Some of the common plan identified for composing a evidence based practice or EBP writing are as follows:

Detailed focus over given topic- In this stage, the individual is responsible for reading the work properly or thoroughly thereby ensuring that the student understood his assignment or work completely. It will also help to understand perception or thoughts of the author, their plot or any given external factors. Hence, to make or compose good evidence-based paper, an individual should be able to gain a clear understanding regarding writer’s point of ideas presented in the report.

Some of the frequent questions an individual might ask are:

  • Why this author utilized certain approach?
  • In the text, which part can be considered as appropriate?
  • How an individual can implement this information into practice?

Collection of evidence- This is the second stage of evidence-based practice report, where the individual is responsible for collection of facts as well as figures or any other evidence for making a reasonable conclusion in their analysis. Hence, the writer should have enough evidence for being persuasive in his conclusions. It is followed by jotting down notes during collection of evidence or while reading. This might include brief information about the author and his background, which can help the writer to understand his intentions in this journal or book as well as his thoughts more easily.

Writing an outline- This is the third stage involved with evidence-based practice report writing, that might influence the author to write evidence-based practice report effectively (NR449 task answers). In this case, developing a outline can be considered as an important part in their writing process. Hence, the writer should be able to understand the start of evidence-based practice essay or introduction part as well as the conclusion or end section of the evidence-based practice essay. It is the important stage involved with evidence-based practice essay. Hence, the writer should be able to devote space for all important ideas associated with the author and also ensure that he do not miss anything.

Developing main thesis statement for evidence-based practice essay - This is the fourth stage involved with evidence-based practice essay (NR449 task answers), where an individual should be able to formulate a thesis as well as explain different arguments, which might have a great significance. In addition to that, this might show how connected the thesis are as well as concepts or theories where thoughts of this author in their book or novel. Thus, it is recommended to provide detailed analysis or explanation of author’s point of view backed with proper evidence. This will help the writer to develop a strong evidence-based practice essay and achieve higher score in their assignment.

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Unit Code of NR449 Assessment

Location: East Coast Polytechnic Institute, Virginia (United States)

Study level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Unit Code: NR449

Total marks required in this paper is 3000, where the students are required to revise and practice the lecture or study materials provided in Week 10 and Week 13. Study code of this paper is NRS449, which is important for every student to display skills learned.

What is the Weightage of this NR449 Course Code in Their Semester?

This course is provided by Chamberlain University, which is one of the popular universities in the United States. Hence, we will assign experts who holds a strong knowledge in this field to understand the assignment criteria and deliver a quality solution. However, the weightage of this course (NR449) is 50 percentage in this semester. East Coast Polytechnic Institute is a private for-profit healthcare & nursing school across the United States. Susan Groenwald is the president of this University.

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