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Explain NRS433V Introduction To Nursing

NRS433V is an introduction to nursing course offered by Grand Canyon University, USA. Introduction to Nursing is a nursing course that helps nursing students explore the various aspects of becoming a nurse. An ideal society would be one free of disease, accidents, genetic defects, and natural disasters. Although it is not possible to prevent any of the suffering that people experience in the world, it is possible to help people to remain healthy and restore good health. This site provides NRS433V task answers.

Medical science has come a long way in helping patients to live longer. As much as physicians are needed in the medical process, nurses are also important to patients. Nurses provide their patients with the doctor’s recommendations to improve their health. Nurses do not gain their exceptional level of skill over night; they work hard in nursing school learning the latest medical information to help their patients overcome their health issues. Students are provided with NRS433V assessment answers.

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Students learn about the history of how nursing came to be and how it has become one of the fastest growing careers in the healthcare field. Students also learn about the levels of nursing practice, the educational requirements, and the responsibilities. Nursing students also learn about the various types of nursing education. Introduction to nursing also outlines the different types of nursing careers and specialty areas. Here students can find NRS433V assignment answers.

A few of the course objectives for the Introduction to Nursing course may include:

  • Discuss the various phases of the nursing process
  • Discuss how critical thinking plays a role in nursing
  • Use service-learning to gain insight on communities
  • Analysed the variables of human adaptation
  • Discuss the role of patient’s in the delivery of health care
  • Define health
  • Discuss the factors that influence health care delivery
  • Describe the nature and development of the nursing profession
  • Explain the importance of nursing literature and research studies
  • Analyse the ethical and legal aspects of the nursing profession
  • Compare and contrast the levels of nursing practice and educational preparations
  • Explain how a nurse’s communication, behaviour, and values assist with adapting to becoming a professional nurse
  • Identify problems, formulate goals/outcomes, and develop plans of care for patients and their families using information from evidence-based practice in collaboration with patients, their families, and the interdisciplinary health care team.
  • Comply with mandatory reporting requirements of the Nursing Practice Act.

The Introduction to Nursing course helps nursing students prepare to become professional nurses. The course provides the framework for how each nurse will practice nursing. Nursing students are equipped with the tools needed to predict the responses of patients and the outcome of nursing practice. Nurses also understand how to utilize their analytical and critical thinking skills in order to help their patients. Nurses are prepared to evaluate a patient’s treatment to ensure that they are receiving the best care possible. This website provides NRS433V answers.

Many of the Introduction to Nursing courses require that students participate in professional learning. The hands-on experience that nursing students receive can help gain some insight into what nurses do so that they can integrate these professional learning experiences on their jobs when they become professional nurses. The information that students learn in this course can also help them to determine the particular area of nursing that they want to enter and the specialty area that they want to pursue. This site provides NRS433V solutions for students.

Nurses will also gain insight on the legalities involved in their line of work. Nurses use research studies to improve the services that they provide to patients. Professional journals keep nurses up to date with the latest advancements in the nursing profession. The course also helps nurses understand how their behaviour, communication, and values affect the outcome of patients.

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Unit details:-

Location:- USA

Study level: - undergraduate, vocational

Unit code:- NRS433V

Brief of NRS433V Assessment:

The assessments are conducted through the year. The assessments focus on essay writing, research writing and argumentative writing. Students will be assessed on their historiographical literacy, critical thinking, research skills, communication skills, writing and intellectual integration. Students will need to demonstrate knowledge of the sub-discipline of marketing, relationship marketing, segmentation, targeting, positioning, 4Ps and the current, overarching paradigms, theories, and ethics that define professional practice like seminar, portfolio essay, capstone project, essay for outside field. Teaching methods will place emphasis on drawing on and utilising your experiences, and will also include group work, guided reflection, individual study of course materials, and discussion of theories, ideas and concepts. The course has two types of assessments, formative and summative. The formative assessments are not formal tests of exams. The summative assessments have two parts, one reflective report having 70% of the total marks in the course and a group report having 30% of the total marks of the course. The students are encouraged to take part in weekly forum discussions and quizzes to develop the knowledge of the students. Assessments include essay writing, research, argument forming and many more.

Lecture; discussion, use of student interactive electronic instruction to develop test taking skills and to reinforce classroom instruction,

including ATI and

EVALUATION/GR ADING SCALE: The grading policy for the Associate Degree Nursing Program

is followed. No assignments or tests are optional. Components of student evaluation include the


Unit Exams (4): 60%

Daily Grade (ATI) 5%

Final Exam (Includes Unit 5): 35%

Total: 100%

Grading Scale

A 90-100

B 80-89

C 75-79

D 60-74.99

F 9 or below

A final grade of C or higher must be attained in order to pass RNSG 1309. Grades are carried to

two decimal places until the final grade that is rounded to the appropriate whole number. No grades will

be rounded up to 75 to pass. (Example: 74.99 = grade of D.)

What is the Weightage of this NRS433V Course Code in Their Semester?

This course code has the weightage of 100 marks in the semester. The students have to score at least 50% of the total marks.


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