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NRS451VN Nursing Leadership and Management

Unit details: - This unit is focused on the leadership and management in the context of nursing. The Institute of Medicine has demanded to increase the importance on leadership in the nursing level. Nurses are used to demonstrate their role as a leader through the change in public policy. A leader does not always carry an official position or title. A true leader demonstrates leadership through the work and the decisions that a leader has to take for making a change, is for the good deeds of others. Nurses are considered as the most trusted professionals year after year. This assignment involves a thought regarding a public policy which is required to be altered in such a way that can relate to nursing, public sector or health care. Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be stated that students are required to focus on the main concept of this unit which is leadership. It has been known from the above discussion that nursing itself is a leadership – related job role where nurses are considered to be the most trustworthy professional. Therefore, students are required to find out how nurses demonstrate their role as leaders, they are also required to know how nurses have to change their role according to the change in the public policy.

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Therefore, it can be understood that change in public policy can either enhance nurses’ role as leaders or it can diminish their role and leaders. In this NRS451VN assignment, students are required to find out what change in the public policy is required in order to bring changes in the nursing job role. It is also required to be known that a change in public policy can occur when members of legislation, national nurses’ associations work together for introducing a new bill or/and for changing an old bill to a new law in the state or federal government. Therefore, students are required to have idea about how legislative changes are being made on federal or state level so that they can understand how to make changes in a public policy. They are also required to understand the relation between changes in public policy and the leadership quality of nurses. In this assignment, students are required to know how a change in public policy is related to leadership quality of nurses. They are also required to know why changes are necessary in order to bring the leadership quality in nurses. Apart from the aspect of public policy, there are others factors as well which are responsible for bringing out the leadership quality among nurses. Some of these factors are responsibility, work pressure, facility of incentives, appreciation, promotion etc. therefore, students are required to have a brief idea about these above – mentioned topics so that they can understand clearly that how these factors are responsible leadership among nurses.

Location: - The United States

Study level: - graduation

Unit code: - NRS451VN

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Brief of NRS451VN Assessment- 

In this NRS451VN assessment, students will be evaluated based on their understanding regarding nursing and leadership. They will be also assessed based on their analytical ability regarding the relation between nursing and leadership. In this assignment, students will be assessed based on their ability to analyse how nurses demonstrate their leadership role in their job. Further, students will be assessed based on their understanding regarding health care and public. They will be also assessed based on their knowledge regarding legislation, new law formation, existing law reformation, amendments of bill, impact of a bill on a public policy. In this assignment, students are required to provide examples of public policy which includes component of current legislation governing health care. they are also required to propose a change in health policy at the state or federal level that students can need to change. They are required explain why they need a change in federal or state policy in order to change the job role in the periphery of nursing. It is also required to be mentioned that the policy must not be a clinical care policy or an individual policy. The policy whose change is required must comprises of the aspects of public health, community health, legislative organisations, regulatory organisations, professional as well as nursing – oriented organisation. In addition to that, the policy which is talked about in this section must include the aspect the advanced nursing practice, hospital plan and health plan.


As a part of this assignment, students are required to include a specific section for the exact wording of the bill so that the change can be easily understood. Further, students are required to include the policy plan for the purpose of implementation for further development. They are required to discuss the legislative details so that the understanding regarding the aims of the policy can be easily understood. Apart from the policy change, students are required to study on the leadership. Issues to be handled in the nursing job role, the effective leadership style to be implemented – all these aspects are required to be included. Students will be assessed based on these aspects. For NRS451VN Assessment answers, students are required to develop their skills efficiently and gain their knowledge in details. In order to accomplish that, students are required to refer to their study materials, lecture notes, course materials, books. They can also opt for the internet medium where they can find a wide range of sources. From the NRS451VN Assignment answers, they have to find out that which sources are reliable, authentic and relevant. From those sources, students can get information in form of journal articles which they can refer for this unit. This research is known as secondary research. In order to conduct the same, students are required to know what secondary research and how secondary research is conducted so that they can utilise this method. From this method their understanding and range of knowledge will be wider. Students are also required knowledge along with skills for successfully complete this assessment.

Weightage of this NRS451VN Course Code in the Semester - medium

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