NRSG353 ACUTE CARE NURSING 2 Assessment Answers

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NRSG353 Assessment Answers

The location in relation to the module or coursework mentioned above can be said to be Australian Catholic University. The study level in relation to the module or coursework specified above can be said to be graduate level. The unit code in relation to the above stated module or coursework can be said to be NRSG353 Assessment Answers

The above said coursework or module relating to acute nursing care shall make provision of the opportunity in respect of the students to develop the skills and knowledge in connection to the nursing care of the persons who all experience acute medical health changes. Specific emphasis shall be upon the effect of the acute health change upon the individual as well as implementation of the evidence-based knowledge and data to give effect to plan, implement as well as assess the nursing care. The problem-solving skills, the clinical reasoning and the critical thinking will be developed with the help of inquiry-based learning through the utilization of the case studies concerning the national health priority.

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General Objectives 

Upon the completion and conclusion of the above said module or coursework, the specific student or learner is actually expected to: • Show knowledge, technical and clinical skills as well as the decision-making capabilities that are pertinent in relation to the management or governing of the critically ill patients • Show the awareness of the specific ethical principles that are pertinent in relation to the critically ill patients, which includes the end-of-life care as well as the issues regarding the withholding and the withdrawing life support.

Course Learning Outcomes NRSG353

1 Retrieves, critically assesses as well as applies the evidence in management of the patients with compound and multifaceted health care requirements who are actually ill in acute care setting
2 Demonstrates/ advocates the cultural competence in the clinical practice in any acute care scenario
3 Retrieves, critically assesses as well as applies the evidence-based suggestions in relation to the clinical practice in any acute care scenario.
4 Expresses the critical thinking skills with the help of reflection of the nursing practice in connection to quality in the health care in any acute care scenario
5 Evaluate the effectiveness and rationale of the interventions and NRSG353 assignment that are applied in relation to the seriously ill patients in acute care setting.
6 Reflects upon the present knowledge, attitudes and skills as well as plans continuing private development and then shows application of contribution in respect of the professional development of other individuals with the help of leadership.

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Specific Objectives

At the completion or conclusion of the above said coursework or module, the students or the learners shall be able to acquire the following competencies and shall operate effectively as: -

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Create and sustain skills, attitudes and knowledge that are adequate in relation to the acute nursing care.
 Apply the knowledge of socio-behavioral, fundamental and clinical biomedical sciences that are pertinent in relation to the acute nursing care.

The students or the learners are required to acquire adequate enough knowledge in this regard. They are as follows: 

Airway Management

• Principles of the airway management
• Indications for the intubation

Respiratory Critical Care

• Interpretation of the blood gases
NRSG353 solutions of the acid-base status
• Provision of the ventilator orders for maximum number of patients

Cardiac Critical Care

• The ACLS principles
• Recognition of the common rhythm conflicts
• Interpretation of the electrocardiogram or recognition of the significant life-threatening findings
• The classification of shock, which includes the following:
     The Hypovolemic shock
     The Distributive shock
     The Cardiogenic shock
     The Anaphylactic shock
     The Neurogenic shock
• Plan of the hemodynamic patterns particular to the distinct causes of the shock
• Appropriate utilization of the inotropes and the vasopressors

Sepsis as well as Critical Care

• Organ failure connected to sepsis

Renal Problems as well as Critical Care

• Renal failure as well as principles relating to dialysis/ultrafiltration
• Fluid as well as electrolyte disorders
• Myoglobinuria

Nutritional Support in the Critical Care

• Nutritional evaluation in ICU
• The Enteral nutrition

Gastrointestinal as well as Hepatic Critical Care

• The Stress gastritis
• The Gastrointestinal bleeding
• The Hepatic failure
• Perform an appropriate and a complete valuation of critically ill patient
 Produce a history, which would be pertinent, accurate and concise 
 Perform an emphasized physical study and examination that is accurate as well as relevant 
 Select medically suitable investigations in ethical and resource-effective manner
 Review as well as examine every assigned patient prior to the morning rounds
 Show effectual clinical problem solving as well as judgment in order to address the issues, which includes the interpretation of the existing data and the integration of the information in order to generate the problem lists as well as in order to outline management policies
• Utilize therapeutic interventions in an effective manner
 Implement a prioritized and an effective management plan or policy in relation to the critically ill patient
 Show appropriate, effective as well as timely application of the therapeutic interventions that are pertinent in relation to the acute nursing care
 Ensure that the adequate well-versed consent has been obtained for the therapies
• Demonstrate the appropriate and proficient utilization of the procedural skills
 Demonstrate appropriate, timely and effective performance of the diagnostic processes that are pertinent to the acute nursing care
 Demonstrate appropriate, timely and effective performance of the therapeutic procedures that are pertinent in relation to acute nursing care
 Ensure adequate well-versed consent is attained for the procedures
 Compile as well as maintain a complete and an electronic data base in connection to every process that is performed in the NRSG353 task answers of the acute nursing care

Develop rapport, trust as well as ethical therapeutic relations with families and patients 

 Establish and give effect positive therapeutic relations with the patients and the families of the patients that are characterized by the trust, the understanding, the honesty, the empathy and the respect
 Respect the patient confidentiality, autonomy and privacy
 Listen in an effective and a proper manner

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