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NUR09721 Management of Chronic Disease Assessment Answers


Unit Details of NUR09721 Assessments

Unit Code: NUR09721



Credit: 03

Brief of NUR09721 Assessments Assignments

Students will track and evaluate contemporary technological, social and economic trends and then apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios. Students will develop innovative thinking skills and will be working at the leading edge in the communication and media field. Implementing the practice of evidential based outcomes and approaches will help in better understanding and developing of key practices that would have significant delivery of services. Students will track and evaluate contemporary technological, social and economic trends and then apply this knowledge to real-world scenarios.

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LO1: Analysis of action and physiological response to different types of medicines

P1. Different use of the therapeutic drug

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously evolving with its contribution towards improving the overall health status of the community or population. Medicines or pharmaceutical drugs need to meet the major requirement, such as quality, along with efficacy and safety. Therefore, it is essential to understand and manage the multiple factors and aspects of medication or pharmaceutical management. The management of medicines or pharmaceutical drugs is linked with therapeutic use.


Therapeutic use of medication is a crucial term that reflects the rational use of drugs towards treating any conditions along with benefiting the overall health status of the individual. The overall therapeutic use of any kind or type of drug would address the improvement in the health status or restore the health outcome. The Motrin, also known as Ibuprofen, is an adequate pharmaceutical drug that is used against any pain. The pain includes arthritis, menstrual cramp or any fever and other kinds of pain. The drug could be used with any other kind of medication or prescription. It is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), and any individual can use it. However, it is important to understand that people with a health condition such as any cardiovascular disease, as well as peptic ulcers, should use the drug with appropriate administration to avoid any adverse events or health complications. Besides, the drug is an alternative option against opioid painkillers. There are few side effects of the identified drug. It is always essential to understand and educate the potential side effects. Some of the limitations or drawbacks could be nausea, itching, bloody stools, dark urine, as well as dizziness.


Another drug is Lipitor (brand name); the therapeutic use of this drug is towards the health condition of high cholesterol. It is also known as Atorvastatin assists in reducing the bad cholesterol as well as fats. The drug is used along with an adequate diet for raising the HDL or good cholesterol in the blood. The lifestyle change or modification is essential, along with the identified drug for an effective outcome. Physical activities or any exercise with the low-cholesterol diet would assist in better outcomes of the drug. The drug has therapeutic use towards reducing the risks of heart failure or heart attack as well as stroke. It would also prevent the cholesterol that generally builds up in arteries, which may lead to clogging of the arteries. This drug is often prescribed with other medications for an adequate outcome. The side effects are rare; however, it is important to know the essential adverse consequences. The muscle problem was a warning, along with any liver problem warning. Diabetes warning is another essential element that could be categorized within the side effects. Any signs or symptoms of side effects should be informed immediately to the physician.


Another pharmaceutical drug could be Ondansetron. The therapeutic use of this drug is towards treating nausea as well as vomiting. The brand name is Zofran and assists in getting rid of nausea. However, it is important to note that nausea caused by chemotherapy or any radiation therapy is considered. The drug is prescribed before the treatment procedures of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Thus, it assists in reducing or preventing any nausea that may occur after the treatment or surgery. It is generally taken orally; however, the other form of dosage could be in the form of injection. The major side effects associated with it are dizziness, fever or any weakness. Some of the other side effects that would need major attention from physicians could be anxiety, irritability, or dry mouth and trouble or feeling of discomfort. However, if the side effect does not go away, it is crucial to inform healthcare professionals.

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NUR09721 Physiological actions of different types of drugs

As per the opinion it is important to understand that the action of the drug and its effect are two different aspects. The physiological action of drugs is stated to be biochemical processes that the chemical produces a response in the body of the living organism. A mechanism of action includes a specific molecular target to which the drugs bind that may comprise of a receptor or an enzyme. The receptors have special affinities for the drug based on the chemical structure and formulation, as well as specific action that occurs. The drugs do not attach to a receptor and produce a therapeutic effect by merely interacting with chemical or physical properties within the body.


A common example of a drug that works in such a manner is laxatives or antacids. In addition to this, there is an important aspect that needs to be known in these aspects is the functional or anatomical changes that take place at a cellular level. This occurs due to the exposure of the living organism to the chemical substance. The physiological effect of different drugs is different in nature. There are some known as well as unknown mechanisms of action of drugs that are currently being researched upon. The most common example of a drug with known action is aspirin; It can be seen that there is irreversible inhibition of enzyme cyclooxygenase with aspirin. Thus, the consideration helps the policymakers to mitigate the issue or plan according to avoid such issues in the healthcare sector.

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