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NUR1201 Assessment Answers

The particular NUR1201 Assessment Answers has been designed for optimizing the patient experience by partnering with families and individuals. In the beginning of nursing education it is very important for the students to have cleared knowledge regarding the patient centered care that is needed to be developed. It is an important collaborative practice that follows the strategic approach while managing the actual scenario. Information sharing respect dignity and collaborative decision-making are the major concepts associated with this particular area. The particular course has focused towards reflecting the knowledge as well as skill of the students by including professional nursing attributes and qualities. 


The NUR1201 has been offered. The particular course has been designed for reflecting the standard practices for registered nurses. The course has been designed for reflecting the role of individuals in order to establish the collaborative care services. It has also concentrated towards contributing in quality indicator in terms of measuring the performance as well as quality in Healthcare organizations. In the consideration of the current situation in Healthcare organizations in has been found that Healthcare organizations are sharing values with individuals in order to improve the patient care services.


The particular course has been designed for sharing the knowledge with students regarding three important aspects of patient care such as personalizing care, engaging individuals in the partners care and tailoring services for meetings individuals’ needs as well as expectations. In this assignment it is important responsibility of the students to participate appropriately in the activities those have been scheduled for them. The study materials will be provided by the University and required access for secondary data will be shared with individuals. The particular course has been designed for maximizing the chance for students to meeting the objectives of the course and informs the care related activities to the students. By arranging online discussion forums the University authorities has tried to direct the component to the students.


The NUR1201 solutions has been designed where students need to participate appropriately in all the activities those have been scheduled for the students. Students will get excess of all the materials and maximize their chance for meeting the objectives of the course. In this particular assignment students need to achieve at least 50% of the total weight age.

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Unit Details of NUR1201 Assessment Answers

The particular unit for this course has been designed with two assessments. Each of the assignment carries hundred percent of marks and 50% of weightage is being carried by each of the assignments. The course has been proposed with single unit and it has been specifically designed for health science and engineering students. The assignment will be examined based on the grades and students need to complete each of the assessment for getting hundred percent marks. While designing this particular NUR1201 task answers, the University of Southern Queensland has focused on providing patient service experiences to the students.


Along with several definition as well as care and partnering knowledge University authority has right to share the knowledge among students regarding the nursing care. This particular course has also been designed for dealing with the nursing challenges that can be faced by individuals in the professional field. In this particular course the students who are studying nursing can be able to learn about different theoretical aspects associated with patient care. The patient experience based surveys in this course has concentrated towards enhancing the knowledge of students to work elaborately in the care service. The study outcome can concentrate towards improving the professional abilities of the students to work in a Health Organization in future.


Location: - University of Southern Queensland

Study level: - Nursing 

Unit code: - NUR1201 partnering in care 

Explain Briefs of NUR1201 Assessment

Examining the assignment, it has been found that the course has been specifically designed for nursing students for enhancing their skill in patient care. The particular course has been designed by the University of the states for improving their participative approach in the Healthcare profession. The NUR1201 assignments work has been specifically designed for improving the partnering skill in care service. In this course the first section has focus towards reflecting a report that will be formulated by the students based on their learning journey. The common idea of this course is being dominated based on the knowledge gathered by the students. It has been specifically designed for making the students understand regarding patient experience and partnering approach in care services.


Sharing practice-based knowledge: NUR1201 Assessment answers has focused towards improving the quality of care in patient service. In the first section, students need to use the Gibbs reflective model for representing the reflection path based on the experience they have gathered throughout the learning process. The study has also focused towards sharing relevant theoretical knowledge with the students in order to represent their learning process and based on that further growth plan has also been shared.

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What is The Weightage of This NUR1201 Course Code in Their Semester?

Analyzing the weight age of the course it has been found that the course code is carrying two assignment requirements each of the assignments are carrying 50% of the weight age. In the first section the student needs to write a reflective report on 1050 word. In the other section of this task, the student needs to write task for 2000 words.


The NUR1201 work has been designed for examining the patient experience in patient centered care. In this particular course the students need to learn about different care definitions for improving their Health Care delivery process in future. The questions in this course work have been designed based on the examination of patient experience where different concepts of confidentiality respect dignity and collaborative decision making have been included. In this particular NUR1201 task answers examining different things associated with the patient care process the university authority has tried to facility at different barriers those can be faced in patient care. In this study focusing on identifying the Australian governances, the University has right to promote the professional as a less ethical care of patients among the students. It has also focused towards enabling the control of students on the care environment that can improve their professional growth.

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