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NUR443 Assessment Answers

Community Health Nursing is defined as the synthesis of nursing and public health practice applied for promoting as well as protecting the health of population. In addition to that, this (Community Health Nursing) combines all the basic elements for professional and clinical nursing with public health or even in community practice. Hence, this study of health assessment can help any student to gain potential advantages from the job market. In addition to that, health assessment and health promotion techniques are discussed in this NUR443 assessment answers, where the tutor will guide his student to understand the importance of assessment skills in clinics and discuss different ways to improve range of skills and abilities in the field of health assessment and health promotion.


In this semester, the professor will educate students about certain key areas involved in this field, which is leadership in health promotion, thereby preparing them to witness different challenges witnessed by doctors and nurses in the clinic. Alternatively, in order to improve quality of research, most Universities in the United States train students with the help of industry projects, concepts or tools along with case studies that will leverage development of skills, which is required to develop a strong brand reputation in the market of a nurse or doctor (particularly international and domestic market).


It has been observed by different experts that Community Health Nursing involve is solely responsible in terms of team management, evaluation and implementation of appropriate accounting frameworks, that might advance organizational (clinic) mission by attaining greater exposure. As a result, it might influence the result of the concerned clinic through their organizational performance. Both in short run and in long run, this will increase its overall customer traffic as well as donations apart from customer involvement. The NUR443 assignments also discusses and provides analysis about different strategies, which can help an individual. This includes:

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Brief of NUR443 Assessments Assignments

Earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing or Community Health Nursing - As roles & duties of a nurse leader is based on managing patients assigned under each team, hence, it is essential for the leader or nurse to earn a degree in this field to understand different clinical operations or teams to deliver quality health care services. Nurses are mostly responsible for communication, managing and influencing nurses or doctors to take good care of the patients. In addition to that, health assessment and health promotion refers to the process of influencing and improving point-of-care for each patient under individual care practices.


Selection of specific field in Community Health Nursing - It has been analysed by various experts that community health nursing field is enormous. Thus, it is essential for an individual to select any specific field in community health nursing. With respect to different health promotion theories, our team will assign experts for the NUR443 assessment who hold a degree in the field of community health nursing. In order to improve quality of NUR443 task answers, our experts will emphasize on in-depth analysis or critical analysis from different secondary sources, including journals, books, articles, government data among many others. NUR443 assessment answers will be assigned to any specific expert who have appropriate knowledge regarding community health nursing practice so that this solution (or NUR443 task answers) can be helpful for a student, which in turn might help them to achieve higher score in this semester.


This NUR443 solutions or community health nursing is provided by ECPI University, which is also known as East Coast Polytechnic Institute. It also provides the course of community health nursing in Virginia (United States) apart from leadership in nursing course. In addition to that, this assessment refers to a team effort, that will be applicable for all the campuses under this University. This assessment will cover all field such as controlling or influencing actions of the nurses in a hospital so that they can deliver quality health service to their range of patients. On the other hand, aspiring workers or employees from this (community health nursing) field should hold knowledge about different soft skills apart from clinical knowledge. This includes flexibility, personability as well as interpersonal communication, project management along with an appropriate understanding of patient’s requirements and needs.

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NUR443 Task Answers

Community health nursing is important because it creates a potential impact over clinical practice as well as on clinical care environment. In addition to that, health assessment and health promotion focus on providing quality patients care as well as on job satisfaction apart from retention of the frontline healthcare providers. In this semester, the student is also briefed about analysing conditions or factors, which might influence health risks for women across their life span. This also includes their life stage, eating disorders, medical or health conditions, violence, substance abuse among many others. The details of this course and assignment are discussed below.

Unit Details of NUR443 Assessment

University Name: East Coast Polytechnic Institute or ECPI

Unit Code: NUR443

Location: Virginia, United States


Analysing different journals and books, it can be analysed that community health nursing is an effective course for delivering quality health care to patients from different backgrounds. In order to excel in this field, a nurse should focus on different community health nursing activities and understand the duty of a nurse leader in modifying overall clinical operations across the region. Role of a nurse is to encompass wide range of responsibilities. Therefore, their primary focus should involve enhancement or growing assets.


Even though, community health nursing activities are to improve sales and increase revenue generation, however, in case of multinational hospitals, the nurse leader is required to focus on other activities, which might benefit any given clinic within a short period of time. Thus, NUR443 task answers can help students to achieve high scores, as our experts will provide meaningful insights about five major functions associated with community health nursing. Analysing the above discussion, it can thereby be deduced that gaining “community health nursing” certificate from ECPI is valuable.

What is the Weightage of this NUR443 Course Code in their Semester?

The weightage of NUR443 is 7%, hence students are required to revise the given study materials of Week 5 & 7. 

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