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NUR468 Assessment Answers

The NUR468 on Promoting Health Wellness which is offered by Southern Connecticut State University explores the professional collaborative practice to promote health and wellness of individuals, families, and groups in a variety of health care settings. The NUR468 assessment answers aims at creating consciousness among the students towards health, fitness and wellness and in developing and maintaining a healthy life style. The students will be able to develop competencies for professional collaborative practice .


The role of the nurse in facilitating effective professional communication will be analyzed. Students will be able to examine concepts, theories, and models of health promotion and wellness. They will be taught evidence-based strategies to promote health and wellness for a variety of chronic health conditions will be synthesized. They will be introduced to clinical application of tools for disease prevention and health promotion will be examined for use in practice. Along with such principles the students are also educated to identify different methods of stress management. This will aim to help the students recognize the importance of personal safety in the home, at work, and during recreation. 


The faculty emphasizes on discussing the use and abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco which deals with the contemporary issues. The students will be taught to discuss the causes, prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS and also help to identify common conditions and diseases which can occur during the aging process. The students will innately become an informed consumer regarding fraud and health care. A descriptive unit details along with basic information such as location, study level and unit code and a brief along with wightage of the assessment is provided.

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Factors of NUR468 Assessment Assignments

The NUR468 assignments on Promoting Health Wellness which is offered by Southern Connecticut State University helps the students to explore various health practices and assess if they are ethical or not.  They are taught to understand the dimensions of health and wellness, and related risk factors. The NUR468 solutions contents involve the academic engagement of cardiovascular diseases, components of physical fitness, self-help plan for lifestyle change, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility, nutrition, body composition, and eating disorders, stress management, personal safety, substance use and abuse, Sexuality, sexually transmitted diseases, and AIDS, common conditions and diseases, consumer education.


Such a structure can help the student to get a vivid idea about the course which can ultimately help them to apply these in the medical field. A part of the wellness includes the idea of focusing on physical wellness as well. this is the reason why the course also focuses on introducing the fundamental concepts of physical education, health and fitness and provide a general understanding on nutrition, first aid and stress management. They are made to familiarize the students regarding yoga and other activities for developing fitness and create awareness regarding hypo-kinetic diseases, and various measures of fitness and health assessment.

Unit Details of NUR468 Assessment Answers

Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Study level: Undergraduate in Promoting Heath Wellness

Unit code: NUR468

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Brief of NUR468 Assessment Assignments

The NUR468 task answers on Promoting Health Wellness will aid the students to identify the seven dimensions of health and wellness and describe their relationship to a positive lifestyle which will ultimately help them to establish the skill to discuss the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. They are also taught to assess current levels of health and wellness and develop a self-help plan for lifestyle change which can allow them to discuss the cause and effects of cardiovascular disease. The discussions which are held allow the students to identify the risk factors for heart disease and describe preventive measures and involve the discussion of differences between health and fitness. The phenomenal faculty aims to provide assistance which can help the students to define muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility in relation to meeting the various principles of training.


They will be academically trained to identify the recommended dietary guidelines for Americans and their implications for health and wellness and enable them to assess nutritional habits and their impact on a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the course the students will be able to define body composition and discuss the risk factors associated with obesity. The classes that are conducted are extremely interactive where the students are made to discuss factors which lead to eating disorders. Along with that they are also taught to define stress and describe its effects on the individual. The NUR468 task answers is structured to touch upon several contemporary issues which can help the students to develop the sense of understanding the society and the aspects of wellness which are extremely required.

What is the Weightage of this NUR468 Course Code in Their Semester?

The concrete structure of the course NUR468 on Promoting Health Wellness which provides a bachelor’s degree has several subjects and divisions with a separate credit system. This credit system allows the students to choose a minor subject with several options and a compulsory major paper is being provided which can help the student gain the credit score. The faculty usually suggests the students to make use of this opportunity to choose so that they are befitted from the structure of the course. Several papers and content on finance and marketing are provided as well which can assist the students to build their idea and concept on organizational structure and their management which can evidently impact the system of the economy.


By studying various courses that is provided by this department the students will have a wide horizon relevant to the optimum usage of resources with the help of efficient planning and control which are done by companies to increase their efficiency and develop the economy. They will be able to derive a picture of how companies and organizations usually work in the real life and the position of various individuals and groups of people whose decision, role and responsibilities are very important to the healthcare sector. After the completion of the course, the students will be able to contribute to the environment and the surrounding while making it extremely conscious and aware of the other contemporary issues.

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