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NUR6052 Essentials Of Evidence Based Practice

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Location: Walden University

Study level: post graduate

Unit code: NUR6052

Weightage: Nurses base practice on sound and tested evidence to ensure the safety, high quality, and cost effectiveness of patient care. This course unit on NUR6052: essentials of evidence-based practice provides students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the development and relationship of nursing theory, research, and practice. Through a variety of online actions and activities as well as coursework, students can easily explore the role of nursing theory in both research and practice. They examine research literature to differentiate and critique different research designs, including quantitative, qualitative, as well as integrated and mixed method models; appraise statistical data; and analyze evidence. Acquired knowledge assists students to critically examine and evaluate research in order to make decisions about use of findings to enhance practice.  Formulating a question that targets the objective goal of your research is a challenging however an imperative task.

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The question also plays a crucial role in all other aspects of the research, including the determination of the research design and theoretical perspective that is to be applied, which information will be collected, and which tools will be utilized for analysis. It is therefore imperative to take the time to make sure that the research question responds and addresses what students actually want to study. Doing so will increase the likelihood of students for gaining meaningful outcomes. In this first component of the Course Project, students formulate questions to respond and address a particular nursing issue or problem. Students could also use the PICOT model patient and population, intervention and issue, comparison, and outcome outlined in the Learning Resources in order to design their respective questions. In order to complete this course NUR6052 task answers unit on NUR6052: essentials of evidence-based practice, students will be responsible for writing a 3 to 4 page paper that incorporates the following: A summary of the region or area of interest, an identification of the problem that students have selected, and an explanation of the significance of this issue or problem for nursing practice. The five imperative questions that students have generated and a description of how they analyzed them for feasibility. The preliminary PICOT question and a description of each PICOT variable relevant to the question formulated by the students. At least ten potential or possible keywords that could be used while conducting a literature search for their respective PICOT question and a logic or rationale for the selections at the same time.

The unit module on NUR6052 Solutions: essentials of evidence-based practice incorporates various assessments and tasks that would enable the students in identifying and gathering required knowledge and skills in order to stay relevant and effective in the long run. The collection of evidence is an activity that occurs with an endgame in mind. For example, law enforcement professionals collect evidence in order to assist and support a decision to charge those accused of criminal activity. In the same way, evidence based healthcare practitioners collect evidence in order to assist and support decisions in pursuit of specific healthcare outcomes. In this Assignment, students would recognize an issue, problem or opportunity for change within your healthcare organization and propose an idea for a change in practice supported by an EBP approach.

 In order to prepare for this NUR6052 Assignment Answers unit module students require to prepare and reflect on the four peer reviewed articles the students critically appraised in Module 4, related to their clinical topic of interest and PICOT. Students are also required to reflect on their existing or current healthcare organization and think about potential opportunities for evidence based change, using their topic of interest and PICOT as the basis for their individual reflection and accordingly consider the best method of disseminating the outcomes of their presentation to a selected audience. Students are also required to suggest an evidence based practice change and briefly describe their selected healthcare organization involving the culture and readiness for change.  For this course unit, students have to opt for several alternative in order to keep different elements anonymous. Students must also be able to describe the existing issues and circumstances that require change and that has a better scope involved. However, students must also identify the risks linked with the change accordingly.

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It is imperative for students to describe their plan for knowledge transfer of this change, involving knowledge creation, dissemination, as well as organizational adoption and execution. Students will also be able to identify and explain how they must disseminate the results of your project to an audience. Students can also provide a rationale for why they selected this specific or particular dissemination strategy. This course module would also enable students in describing the measurable results they hope to attain with the execution of this evidence based change. The current or existing practice of medicine is largely moving toward applying an evidence based approach. therefore, evidence based medicine is the integration of best research evidence using several systematic reviews of the medical literature and then translating it into practice by selecting treatment alternatives and options for specific or particular cases based on the best research. Clinicians rely on the availability of evidence and accordingly take decisions to provide best treatment to their patients. Clinical management of neurologically compromised patients is challenging and varied; for this reason, treating physicians. Topics include neurophysiology: ICP or CPP thresholds; neuropharmacology: intravenous or inhalational anesthetics; and neuromonitoring: ICP monitoring. Evidence based practice has now become an integral part of neuroscience, and this course will help residents and trainees obtain skills and knowledge to apply it to their practice. Including neuroanesthesiologists are always in search of best available evidence for patient management and care. These skills and competencies would allow students to make necessary changes when and where required and accordingly make the changes accordingly. This could help them in creating a better future perspective and career growth and would help and assist the students in creating and developing themselves professionally and personally.

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