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NURS325 Integrated Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology

The course INST701 Introduction to Research Methods is a postgraduate level course offered by the American Military University. Students who are enrolled in the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program can apply for this course. This course will focus on the relationships between pharmacological interventions and pathophysiology of an individual or a population. Students will learn about the various theoretical concepts associated with genetics and genomics and culture. They will learn about the values and ethics associated with the methods in patient centred care. The duration of this course will be eight weeks. By the end of this course students will develop a deep understanding of the methods and technologies associated with the healthcare industry.

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NURS325 Unit Details 

This course will introduce the concepts of physiology and pharmacology and their implementation in the healthcare sector. Students will learn to aanalyse the scientific aspects of pharmaceutical methods and strategies for preventions and their relations with various pathophysiological conditions. They will learn to make use of multidisciplinary perspectives of caring and understand the complex interrelationships between pharmacologic interventions and the response from human across the lifespan while laying significant emphasis towards changing demographics. This course brings the opportunity to explore the association of genetics and genocis and their influence on the science of pharmacology.

They will learn about the values and ethics associated with works in fields of pathophysiology and clinical pharmacology. They will learn how to use an ethical framework to evaluate ethnic or ancestral, religious, cultural, legal, fiscal and social implications as they are associated with pharmacologic interventions.

Learners will develop an expertise in formulating an evidence-based plan of care that integrates the dynamic association between comorbidities and pharmacologic interactions across the life-span. Students will be able to identify and understand the effects of professional collaboration required to prioritise and promote safety for patients to produce quality health outcomes at the individual and population level. Students will learn about the roles and responsibilities associated with the profession of a nurse in financial, regulatory and legislative policies that affect the pharmacotherapy in health care environment. In this course students will learn how to identify and analyse issues and trends in application of information management and other technological support systems and their impact on the pharmacologic intervention and strategies of prevention at the individual and population level. 


The location of the university is United States.

Study Level: 

The level of study of this course is postgraduate.

Unit Code: 

The unit code for the course is NURS325.

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Brief of NURS325 Assessment

 There are three major assessments for the course NURS325 Integrated Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology in this semester. One of the assessment activities of this course is a discussion based activity. Students are expected to take part in the discussion every week. Students have to post their own replies in the week within the scheduled day. Students have to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge in the discussions The discussion activities will promote productive interaction between students. The reply posts by students should not contain plagiarised content from the internet. The initial discussion posts by students should reflect their theoretical knowledge acquired through this course. The discussions posted by other students can be accessed from the discussion section of the course. Students must also reply to the queries posted by instructors and peers. If a student fails to submit their post on the scheduled day, then they will be subjected to 10 % deduction in marks upto three days of late submission.

Two quizzes will be conducted in this course duration. The quizzes will contain multiple choice questions. Each question will be provided with more than one option of answers to select from. Students will have to select the correct option based on the correct answer. They cannot select more than one option in a question. Selection of more than one option will not be awarded any marks. The first quiz will cover the course contents covered from week 1 to week 3. The second quiz will cover the course contents covered from week 4 to week 8.

There will be two written assessments in this semester. The assignment requirements will be informed to the students through the Assignment area in MyClassroom. The time allotted for the submission of each assignment will be one week. This assignment will reflect upon the acquired knowledge of the students and their ideas on implementing the knowledge into real life practise. Students will have to demonstrate their ability to formulate an evidence-based strategy of care that includes the relationship between pharmacologic and comorbidities interactions across the human life-span.

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Weightage of the NURS325 Integrated Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology

The weightage that the course NURS325 Integrated Pathophysiology and Clinical Pharmacology carries in this semester is based on the importance of the knowledge of medicines and physiology in healthcare industry. The evaluation of the students will be done based on the assessment items, tests and quizzes. Students must score the passing marks to meet the passing criteria and pass the subject. The minimum passing criteria in all the assessments is to obtain 60 % of the total weightage in the assessment. Late submission of assignments will have negative impact on the grades. The maximum marks attainable if a student submits the assignment three days after the deadline is 70 % of the actual marks. If the submission is delayed by more than three days after the submission deadline the maximum attainable marks will be cut down to 60 % of the actual total marks. It is compulsory to take all the assignments of the course NURS325 in this semester. They must be able to show their expertise over the theoretical knowledge and ability to implement them into real life practise. The weightage that this course is allotted is to make sure that students put the sufficient effort in studying this subject and make the perform their level best in the assessments of this course. By performing well in the assessments and obtaining good grades students will be able to improve their academic performance in the semester.

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