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Explain NURS521 Ethics In Healthcare

NURS521 ethics in healthcare is a course that underlines the importance of ethics and proper governance in the health system. Nursing and health care ethics provides a proper view of the works of the nurses and properly takes a note of the different accomplishments of the scholars on this particular subject. Nursing and healthcare ethics is certainly one of the most important subject in the modern day business process as it supports the development of an effective hospitality important for success in the most organized manner. The NURS521 assignment thus seeks to provide clear explanation on the different areas related to health and hospitality in the current process. The course here specifically details out the particular responsibilities of a registered nurse in a hospital. Such a process Assignment help to get a developed picture of the areas of nurse assistance and the nursing advocacy that is practiced in the current healthcare environment.


The NURS521 task answers also deals with the issues that are faced in nurse care like the reason behind the failure of the nurses in adequately advocating themselves to develop and provide prelicensure education. Study on ethics in nursing care also emphasizes on the fact about the adoption of the word “patient” instead of “client”. The NURS521 Solutions presents the opportunity to reflect on the idea of such a practice to the students. The particular study also presents the best possible scope to the students to develop idea on nursing in a much detailed manner. Such a detailed idea involves the likes of the protection, promotion, and restoration of health of the patients. The total process involving the likes of the individuals, family, communities are included in the ethical code of conduct that has been present in this course. The discussion on ethics also encompasses the strong commitment from the part f the nurses to serve the patients with utmost care and responsibility. Such a commitment increases the social status of the nurses in the community. The NURS521 assessment answers has also included the discussion regarding the capabilities and responsibilities of the nurses and the companies that employ them.

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Discussion on such a case helps identify the major aspects of social structure and justice for the individuals. The nurses and the hospitals that employ them needs to adhere by some specific ethics and rules that are to be followed properly in order to ensure success in the most effective process. A proper and efficient code of ethics for the nursing profession is important to develop the different obligations and values needed for success in a professional process. Implementation and following the code of ethics is one of the most important task of the nurses. The purpose for the code of ethics for nurses has also been presented in this particular course. The major learning outcomes that students can get to learn from the successful completion of this course are as follows;

  • Develop an idea on nursing and healthcare values
  • Get a succinct statement of the obligations and duties of nurses in the healthcare system of the modern day
  • Develop a clear idea of the high level of commitment from the part of the nurses
  • Idea on the protection, promotion, and restoration of health of the patients.
  • Roles and responsibilities of the different professional organizations like that of the hospitals that employ the nurses
  • Getting a clear idea on the different parts of the Code of Ethics followed by the nurses and the healthcare professionals.
  • Aspects related to healthcare ethics and an idea on the values and ideals of healthcare profession
  • Nursing assistance and nursing advocacy, the methods to implement them and the impact they have on the development of the health infrastructure

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Enrolling to NURS521 ethics in healthcare is surely a great option for the students as the NURS521 assignment answers provides a detailed idea regarding all the different aspects of nursing ethics that are practiced in healthcare. Providing a clear idea regarding healthcare management makes it easier for the students to get a detailed knowledge of the subject. The University can provide different forms of support to the students enrolling the particular course which include providing private guidance, providing lecture notes as well as digital training. Such a process can thus provide the best options to the interested students to study the particular course related to nursing ethics and principles.

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The details of the NURS521 and the University have been presented below;


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Masters and Post-Graduate

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The weightage of the NURS521 ethics in healthcare are as follows;



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Discipline, Punctuality, VIVA





The deadline of the assignment is within two months of enrolling the course. Deadlines must be met properly. Proper communication regarding any form of issues must be communicated to the assessor of the NURS521. The University holds the right of decision making in any particular cases. Plagiarism or paraphrasing is a punishable offence and must not be practiced at any cost. Any forms of such thing can be detected in turintin. The assessor feedback will be provided within one month of submission of the course.

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