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NURS6053 Assessment Answers

NURS6053 assessment answers for the unit subject is Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership in the Walden University, Minneapolis US. NURS6053 assessment answers are based on leadership and the way the practice is performed in terms of ensuring the organizational functions to run smoothly and performing one’s responsibility and roles. The profession of nursing helps the students to develop their detailed understanding in terms of providing effective healthcare to patients as well as contributes to the development of a positive healthy environment.


NURS6053 assignment answers contribute to the development of students’ knowledge and skills leading to the growth of future professional skills. NURS6053 solutions are supportive in terms of empowerment strategies and it reflects the practices of interprofessional practices leading to the understanding of the ways in which adapting the strategies contribute to the development of organization. The engagement and management contribute to the development of strategies that helps the leadership grow and it leads to the discussion of empowerment strategies.


NURS6053 assignment answers contribute to the way the students learn about leadership roles and it leads to the assumption that companies must develop under effective management. The concept of theoretical implementation in terms of real-world nursing practices and it contributes to the engagement of nurses and the way the leadership plays an important role in terms of healthcare as well as professional growth and development. Teaching the students about professionalism and leadership in the nursing field contributes to the professional practice and develop a positive outlook among the students.

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Unit Details of NURS6053 Assessment Answers

The unit is based on patient centred profession and it is significant in terms of teaching nursing to children so that it helps them understand the significance of the profession as well as interaction with the patients. NURS6053 solutions are based on the development of positive outlook and it also contributes to the welfare of the patients leading to the way leadership is effective in terms of development of organization and profession. As students, it is a way of interacting and understanding the needs of the hour for patients who are suffering that the course will help in acquisition of knowledge and skills leading to development and growth of the students.


Professionally the characteristics of the nurses are taught to the students in terms of the core values that is being taught in terms of leadership as well as strategies that contributed to the growth of the students. In NURS6053 assessment answers, the core value of nursing such as integrity, caring, honesty, empathy and others at taught to the students in relation to a maintaining professionalism as well as establishing the caring aspect of the profession. This is supported by leadership in terms of management and administration in the health industry there for it is important for the students to learn about the significance of the profession as well as the need for leadership in such a profession.

Location: Walden University, Minneapolis, United States

Study level: Undergraduate level

Unit code: NURS6053 Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership

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Briefs of NURS6053 Assessment Answers

In NURS6053 assessment answers, the first assessment is for the students to prepare a workplace environment assignment where they must review their resources and examine a specific health-based birthplace. Through this they must evaluate the work environment and write in the template that they can download from a church and Kevin site. The students then have to reflect on the output of the discussion as well as evaluate the civility and capacity of Deva please in relation to their performance and caring of the patient. The students are supposed to select one of the articles and review them which is the Second assignment.


Through NURS6053 assessment answers, the students are supposed to identify two things that will help them identify the results and accordingly conduct assessment of health and ability of a specific workplace. They must review literature in terms of describing theoretical and conceptual understanding the significant in this course. This will help the students understand the areas that they need to strengthen and also learn about important significance of the concept of leadership.


In NURS6053 assessment answers, the students must not use any running hand as well as they should be spacing between the sentences. The students must use heading formatting as well as preference formatting leading to submission of original work without any plagiarism. The students are asked to develop the content based on environment assessment and under this the report is not included. The report is another assessment where the students must express about their understanding of need purpose statement as well as in the course and its effectiveness for the students in the future implementation of their knowledge and skills.

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What is The Weightage of This NURS6053 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of NURS6053 task answers are for the unit is Interprofessional Organizational and Systems Leadership in this semester is 50%. The course is significant in terms of establishing systems leadership and interprofessional organisation for the students. It can be stated that through this course the students explore, examine and discuss conceptualisation of Systems leadership and inter-professional organisation management in nursing as well as it helps in application of these theories.


As students, it is important for them to understand the course, effectively implement their skills in it as well as adapt the skills for their future use. Not only that health care system is supported through leadership in nursing and management of effective into professional organisation that leads to adaptation of ever-changing world. In the nursing profession, the skills and the knowledge acquired teaches the students about the important aspects of a nursing candidate as well as the need for implementation of the same in the health care industry.


Not only that the assessments contribute to the students understanding of the scope of the unit and also its significance in their personal and professional learning. The future of the students must be supported in terms of effective pedagogical styles that must be implemented by the educators in NURS6053 assignment answers. This unit will contribute to an effective understanding of management and leadership in health and nursing industry.

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