NURS6053N Inter-professional Organizational Assessment Answers

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NURS6053N Assessment Answers

In the framework of this NURS6053N assessment answers, students are provided with the scope of exercising leadership through which they can seem to ensure that their organization is able to adapt as well as flourish in the ever-altering world of healthcare. On that basis, students are led to explore the impact of system changes being implemented in the framework of healthcare that is further inciting alteration in the profession of nursing. With that being stated, the course provides the considerate scope to its students in exploring the consequent impact of changes in the healthcare and thereupon examine as well as discuss relevant theories that are associated with the subject of management and leadership while being led to learn about strategies of empowerment.


It further provides for aid for nurses accounted with master’s degree to assume and thereupon succeed in the role of leadership wherein the students are led to engage in the course assignments that tends to focus on the practices of the real world and thereupon delve in theoretical notions as well as practical application of nursing. In further consideration, students enrolled in this course develop the skills of leadership for transforming nursing as well as let organizations be adapted in response to the turbulent environment of the healthcare. To that extent, it provides ability in developing and thereupon applying competencies of leadership that tends to be based with theories to further create culture in an organization while it is required in attaining quality patient outcomes. The course of the unit also endows the ability for students to be able to explore evidence based strategies that can further seem to help in creating a healthy environment which in turn empowers nurses and thereupon seem to build collaborative inter-professional teams.      

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NURS6053N Assessment Assignments

The NURS6053N assignments of the unit bears it learning outcome as one wherein it seems able to explain how issues of healthcare can see to impact the relevant organizations. It further aim to evaluate the promotion of ethical practices within policies as well as practices of an organization. On that basis, it requires analyzing the effectiveness as well as the impact of leadership skills on the practices of an organization and thereupon see to assess leadership traits as well as behaviors in consideration of the development of philosophies relevant with that of personal leadership. In the context of the unit, students seem to be able to analyze the theories based on evidence that can contribute towards promoting health, effective teams as well as that of collaboration. To that extent, they are required to apply the learned strategies for an organization to be able to lead with policies as well as change in practices. The course being conducted over a period of 11 weeks tends to assign credit hours to its students wherein students are required to attain the stated objectives.


Hence, credit scores are being awarded to students on the basis of their number as well as that of the type of assignments while in the general aspect, each credit of a semester tends to be equal to that of forty two hours of the overall effort being exerted by the student. In addition, each hour of credit equals to twenty eight hours of the overall student work wherein the requirement of time tends to represent a near about average constituting the work of a post graduate alongside the minimum expectations of the course of the graduate. The number as well as the kind of activities being estimated in fulfilling the requirement of time tends to vary in terms of level of degree as well as the style of learning being incorporated by each student. As such, students seems to gain familiarity with the method of delivery as well as the course of the content while at the same time develop skills of leadership for transforming nursing and thereupon see to adapt in organizations in response to the turbulence of the environment in that of healthcare.      

Unit Details of NURS6053N Assessments

Location: Walden University, Minnesota

Study Level: Undergraduate course or Bachelor’s degree

Unit Code: NURS6053N

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Brief of NURS6053N Assessment Assignments

The foremost aspect of the NURS6053N solutions are that of course assignments wherein there is exchange of ideas among that of colleague’s while being engaged in scholarly inquiry with it being a key aspect of learning as well as a requisite activity in the course. It is expected to participate in each week by seeing to post a response to a prompt or question while at the same time it is expected to respond to the posting of other students.


However, to count in participation, it is required for responses to need to be thoughtful wherein one must refer to the weekly readings alongside bear track of the relevant issues being highlighted in the news, provide information being obtained from other sources and thereupon see to express ideas. Furthermore, there are assignments that provides one with the opportunity to apply skills as well as knowledge that has been gained through learning resources as well as practicum experience. The NURS6053N task answers assignments do require to completely as well as accurately demonstrate critical thinking through assimilation as well as synthesis of ideas while using consequent sources upon comparing different points of view.        

What is the weightage of this NURS6053N course code in their semester?

As much as the course grades will be based on participation of the students as well as completion of assignments, it will see to letter grades wherein participation in discussion will weigh 100 points for each while it accounts for 35 percent of the overall grade. The assignment will account for 65 percent of the overall grade. It is required for every students to secure more than half in each of the activities while requiring to make one posting in the initial point of the discussion along with two response postings to that of colleagues. The assignments are required to be submitted within the given deadline schedule in order to attain the maximum percentile score and gain eligibility for the consequent evaluation of the assessment. The minimum expectation of passing is thus 50 percent for each students.     

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