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Explain NURS6675 Focused Soap Note For Anxiety, Ptsd And Ocd

The code NURS6675 is for the unit subject Focused Soap Note For Anxiety, PTSD and OCD in the Walden university, United States. The course is based on the integration of clinical experiences and it leads to the evaluation of learning resources that contributes to the development of insights in the students. The perception of clinical experiences is observed in this course and the way clinical discussion is integrated in terms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. The students learn about creating of Focused SOAP note and its integration in terms of perception in relation to collaborative practices involved of mental health and psychological integration. In this course that students learn about symptoms, impacts and causes due to which individuals suffer from anxiety, OCD and PTSD. It not only contributes to the students learning of the reasons due to which they are getting affected. It is also in the way it impacts individuals psychological state of mind this helps in awareness of individuals who practises nursing and it contributes to their knowledge and skills development. The code is integrating of successes and failures in terms of nursing care that is provided to individuals who are suffering from PTSD, anxiety and OCD. The different types of diseases such as Hepatic disease, Pulmonary infection, Congestive heart failure and pulmonary embolus. These diseases are evaluated in terms of nursing care and the way they contribute to the way reports based on students’ evaluation of causes and reasons due to which it is important to support all diseases.

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NURS6675 Unit Details:

The unit is detailed in terms of learning about the foundation of nursing and the care of the patients in terms of ensuring that adequate service is given to the people who are sick. The course is a detailed understanding and evaluation of scope of practice in the form of nursing and its integration with the non-pharmacologic therapies. The different types of treatment in the form of nursing care and support given to patients are being taught in this NURS6675 task answers in details effectively supporting the regulations and the theoretical requirements. Ensuring the knowledge and skills in students through effective implementation of learning materials as well as well-established practical integration. The articles and journals that are involved in verity of the theoretical and practical evaluation of knowledge and integration of learning through nursing. The investment of knowledge and detailed information sharing contributes to the students knowing of the ways in which effective implementation of the skills through nursing can be performed. The way in which patients’ trauma and their illness is experienced, evaluated and its integration with obsessive-compulsive, anxiety, stressor-related disorders and others thus, the students are taught the same. The integration of assessment in terms of trauma, obsessive and compulsive and differential of symptomology are evaluated through diagnosis. Effective implementation through course details and differential integration of psychological traumas experienced by individuals are evaluated in this course and it leads to the students learning to develop SOAP Note. The details of the patient and their integration reflects on the students understanding of critical-thinking process and the differential diagnosis thus, the students learn through involvement in the course. The way necessity of the patients are evaluated, the students learn about the significance of psychiatric assessment and integration of functions in the form of the psychological treatment.


Walden University, United States

Study level:

Postgraduate level

Unit code:

NURS6675 Focused Soap Note For Anxiety, PTSD and OCD

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Briefs of NURS6675 Assessment

The NURS6675 Assignment answers is based on the development of the differential diagnosis by the students and they learn about the significance and implementation of focused plan to diagnose the traumatic experiences of individuals. As students, patients must be evaluated in terms of evidence based approaches and it contributes to the growth of knowledge and skills in the students effectively contributing to the development of the assessment. The process of diagnosis of a patient in terms of representing the different conditions leading to which the way knowledge about trauma related disorders can be evaluated by the students. In this course, the second assessment is based on the knowledge and the skills are more detailed in terms of the members of the nursing staffs and the way it incorporate the theoretical and the practical knowledge. Not only that, it contributes to the growth and the welfare of the patients therefore, the students learn through psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic approaches. The students are asked to define the approaches contributes to the growth and development of knowledge in the students effectively contributing to the way diagnosis is performed of the patients and their mental issues.

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Weightage of the NURS6675 course code in this semester:

The weightage of the code NURS6675 is for the unit subject Focused Soap Note For Anxiety, PTSD and OCD in this semester is 50%. The NURS6675 Assessment answers helps in the students understanding of the subject and also in their professional practises that can be implemented in the future helping them develop and grow. Not only that the course contributes to educational, professional and skill-based growth and development in the students. When compared to the students’ performance in the future, it is significant to say that investing in this course has contributed to their knowledge, skills as well as implementation of the theoretical aspects into a pragmatic understanding and realistic approach. All the answers that the students must submit in the assessment should be their original work. All students must not plagiarise their work in any way because it will not only impact their assessment marks but also might impact their performance in the course. It is important to learn that the students must acquire a minimum of 50% of the course marking to acquire passing grade and use this qualification for their future development not only that the students must also be taught about the significance of this course and its implementation in their future development. The course seems important in terms of the student’s investment of their time, ability as well as involvement.

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